Sunday, July 28, 2013

BNP Membership Drops by 68% in Three Years

Membership of the British National Party has plunged to a real figure of 4,097 year-end 2012—down from 12,632 at year end 2009, a decline of 68 percent according to figures contained in the party’s statement of accounts for 2012 released today on the Electoral Commission’s website.
The party’s statement of accounts states that the total membership at year-end 2012 was 4,872, broken down as follows:
Old Age Pensioner/Unwaged/Student 1,991
Standard membership 1,182
Family membership 141
Family Plus membership 133
Overseas membership 34
Gold overseas membership 16
Platinum overseas membership 4
Life membership 689
Gold Life membership 86
Platinum membership 83
It is important to bear in mind that none of the “Life” memberships are actually current, but leftovers from the time that the party offered life-long membership in exchange for a one-off payment. They are not new or current—in that they generate funds—and many life members are known not even to be active supporters of the party any more, but are unable to get their details removed from the database.
In other words, the “real” membership actually stands at 4,097 (the 4,872 less the 775 “life” members). These 4,097 members are ones who actually pay membership fees.
The fees are as follows:
Old Age Pensioner/Unwaged/Student rates are £2.50 per month;
Standard membership runs at £4.60 per month;
Family membership runs at £5.85 per month;
Gold membership runs at £8.75;
Overseas membership runs at £8.75;
Platinum Gold membership runs at £10.41 per month; and
Platinum Overseas membership runs at £12.98 per month.
The declining membership represents the continuing collapse of the party, once the most successful British nationalist organization ever. Membership in the 2011 period stood at 7,651, and in 2010 at 10,256.
The 2012 financial statements state that membership fees have subsequently declined from £227,813 in 2011 to £147,307 in 2012.
The collapsing membership figures have been accompanied by an equally dramatic decline in electability, with the most recent set of election results being some of the poorest in British nationalist history.
In the 2013 local elections, the BNP stood just 104 candidates and averaged 5.5 percent of the vote. At its height, just a few years ago, it stood well over 1,000 candidates in a single election.
Election results of in excess of 25 percent were common, and a result of less than 15 percent was regarded as poor.
The party now has just two councillors left—only because their seats were not up for re-election. It has also lost its Greater London Assembly seat, while one of its two Members of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons, was forced out of the party in 2012.
The reasons for the BNP’s decline are multi-faceted but all ultimately have one origin: the behaviour of party leader Nick Griffin.
The public perception of Griffin’s political ability was indelibly destroyed by his buffoonish appearance on the BBC TV show, Question Time. More than any other single action, that staggeringly poor performance exposed Griffin as unable to maintain himself in big league politics.
That program of Question Time was the most watched in British TV history and could have propelled the BNP into the mainstream. Instead, it made the party out to be led by a rank, bumbling amateur and wiped out any latent sympathy which had been building up.
At the same time, Griffin inexplicably started purging anyone of ability from the party and either not replacing them, or if they were replaced, by individuals of extremely dubious background and ability.
The end result was that the party was quickly reduced to fringe level once again, despite the maturation of several bequests, which now appear to be the BNP’s main source of income and the only reason why it shows accounting figures to be in the black.
The reasons for the BNP’s decline has been discussed at length elsewhere: here the most important lesson to be learned is that it is vital for a successful nationalist movement to develop a leadership team, rather than relying on just one individual alone for everything. For when that one individual is good, all is well, but when that one individual is bad, things go very badly wrong.


Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh the way Darby still blabs on on his blog as if everthing is still rosy on planet BNP ?

Henry said...

If the 2012 membership of 4097 continues to fall at the same rate (68% in three years) then in 2015 the membership will stand around 1400.

I think the African church just opened by me has more members than that!

And at the current rate of birth/import I'm certain it will have more members by 2015.

Well done Noahide Griffin...The Freemasonic Twat.

Anonymous said...

Take into account over the years that branchs have held kangaroo courts to get rid of someone they don't like. usually because thay have spoke out against Gri££in.Don't matter if they where councillors they got rid of them.This was considerd the norm! The person had no right to appeal so much for freedom of speach in the BNP.No wonder the membership has gone down.

GWR said...

I despair that others thought this would be any diferent.

Shit, even Richard Edmonds thought otherwise. I have no idea why he did.

Is Edmonds on marijuana anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin has achieved what he wanted - a nice pension from Europe, I guess that is his payoff from his masters!

It will also help towards the retainers he will have to maintain for Lecomber etc.

martin gambles said...

I believe you have to be elected twice to qualify for a pension.
I have it on good authority that old one eye is going to be standing in a safe seat for the Hungarian nationalist party jorvik, he is hoodwinking them to let him stand as you can stand in any country.
This will ensure a healthy pension.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42

I stand corrected, I wasn't sure on the 2 term rule but thanks for confirming and also that the fat twat is going to be handed an easy one by the Magyars.

But it confirms my earlier statement about his working towards his EU pension.

martin gambles said...

yes it does confirm it, we will have to see which hand glass eye plays but i have heard he has been cosying up with Jorvik.If he gets elected i dont think we will see him in the UK again, i think he will be living in Croatia on the land that treacherous sadie graham helped him purchase, she may even be his neighbour!

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...