Thursday, July 25, 2013

UK Jewish Genealogy Society: Kate Middletone Jewish? Nonsense!

 BBC court correspondent Michael Cole had looked at the family tree of the duchess’s mother and was pretty confident in his assertion. “Carole Middleton is the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison, both Jews. The parents of Dorothy were Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Temple, both Jews. Elizabeth was descended from the Myers, a distinguished 19th-century Jewish family.”
He concluded: “The Duchess of Cambridge is a Jew on her matriarchal side, and therefore her baby will be a Jew.” But now a leading genealogist has poured cold water on suggestions that a Jewish king or queen will ascend to the throne in the not too distant future.
“It’s nonsense,” said Doreen Berger, the chairman of the Jewish Genealogy Society (JGS). “I have been researching Kate Middleton’s ancestry since it looked like she was getting engaged to Prince William. “I’ve looked back as far as it’s possible to look back and she doesn’t have a Jewish link at all — it’s just not true. I’m 100 per cent sure.”
She added that Mr Cole was “confused. The names — Myers and Goldsmiths — are shared by non-Jews as well as Jews. Carole Middleton’s ancestors were a coal miner and a carpenter and they were not from Jewish areas.”

NWN: Wonder if the little lad will have his willy mutilated by a Rabbi, as seems to be the norm, of  late, to male 'members' of the current Royal family ?


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British modern 'bread and circus'

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Politically Incorrect Jewish News - 7/26/13.

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This is gorgeous!

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