Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fracking ?

Errrrm, NO !

This Government is only in it for the 'backhanders'. Just like the last Labour Government.

Until the British people realise that the so called 3 main parties represent the banking cartels, then we lose.

We have just learned that the NHS privatisation will benefit many of the current Tory Government. No surprises there.

We are being 'asset stripped'
just like Russia, and the same ethnic group will be the beneficiaries.

The same ethnic group are the one's who must NOT be blamed !


GWR said...

So in 10 years time, your home collapses due to subsidence.

The fracking companies will immediately rush to give you compensation ?


No chance.

Our island nation is far too small to cope with stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

What has privatisation of the NHS got to do with fracking?

If government ministers are handing out fracking licences for back handers, why not publish their names?

And the evidence you have for making such accusations.

Subsidence due to extraction of gas by fracking?

The size of UK does not affect whether subsidence occurs. What would affect subsidence is the depth of the gas and the amount extracted within a given area.

A pathetic article followed by an irrelevant post. Do try, at least once.

Anonymous said...

>We are being 'asset stripped'.<

It's the same practice that the Rothschild dominated 'British Empire', and other Empires did in the nineteenth century, and it's called raubwirtschaft:

>Raubwirtschaft is a form of economy where the goal is to plunder the wealth and resources of a country or geographical area. Raubwirtschaft is synonymous of colonialism, where there is no intention of developing the colony economically more than strictly needed for exploitation purposes. The term is also used in a non-geographical sense, somewhat similar to the term "rapine."<

- AAB (

Anonymous said...

Catholic bishop in charge of cleaning up Vatican finances 'got stuck in a lift with a rent boy and lived with his gay lover in Uruguay'

Read more:

NWN Admin said...

A pathetic article followed by an irrelevant post. Do try, at least once.

20 July 2013 13:03


Now the IP address of the above poster rings a bell !

A longterm friend of this forum they are indeed.

NWN Admin said...

In fact, the above 'anonymous' poster trying to play 'the wide boy' again, was on Griffins payroll.

It's no wonder he doesn't understand economics and the linkage with other disciplines.

It's no surprise also he was a leading member of the appalling CUNTs group/duo in Sheffield.

Anonymous said...

Fucks sake he is only a bus driver.

He has hung around the nationalist scene like a dog turd.

No one has gone near him, but we all know he is there.

Anonymous said...

cunt @ 13:03, fuck off if you don't want your worst nightmare on your case.

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