Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Where's Nick Griffin?" - BNP faithful

Picture the scene.

It was last Monday evening in the Lane Ends pub in Burnley,North East Lancashire. The evening had been advertised as a 'premiere' of the BNP expose on 'Nick Griffin and the BNP' in the PANORAMA BBC 1 TV programme and shown on that night.

The weather was awfully windswept and raining.

The dwindling few were there including Chris Vanns. Even the infamous Kitchens from West Yorkshire attended.

A buffet was on . It was billed as a major BNP event.

Well they watched the programme and they waited...........and waited..................and waited.

Where was the main person for the event, Nick Griffin ?

Surely Nick Griffin MEP for the North West of England where the event was held would be there as this had been billed as a major event to co-incide with the PANORAMA expose ?

Nick Griffin wasn't stuck in traffic or been waylaid by a domestic emergency. Griffin was actually in Aberdeen over 300 miles away from Burnley.

Why was he there ?

No-one seems to know.

Why did he not tell the BNP faithful he couldn't make this 'Grand BNP event' advertised in Burnley?

It doesn't surprise us at NWN of the actions of Nick Griffin. He is a selfish and callous man with no thoughts or feelings for anyone but his prissy self. We hope even some of the 'thickos' that still support the Nick Griffin fan club that the BNP has become, might 'wake up' from their slumber and join another nationalist group.


They bought some ham... said...

Maybe he was looking for a fine restaurant in Aberdeen that sells salt marsh Aberdeen Angus beef ?

Or maybe looking for a tartan cummerbund in a 46" waist ?

Anonymous said...

The image 'Moving forward Together',and the story.

I like that one NWN.

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of Basil Brush in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin was in Aberdeen because Scotland's last remaining donor lives in the area.

The porkers biggest fan said...

His latest begging letter is out.

He reads off the news and then begs now.

He is even too bloody lazy to do a bit of work in his begging letters nowadays.

Anonymous said...

So he knew probably a few days beforehand that he would not be there ?

It takes about 7 hours to drive to Aberdeen from Welshpool. He had to past Burnley to get there.

I bet he knew what was in the program beforehand. He knew his handlers would not desert him.

That is why they went easy on him,just like they went easy on him in the race trial.

They need Griffin to hamper the nationalist movement in the UK.

Griffin is a traitor !

ex-bnp member said...

Just a single look at this creatures ugly fat face makes me want to throw up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

White officers accuse Metropolitan Police of racism.

Anonymous said...

He was enjoying a trip to Aberdeenshire where he rifled the pockets of the entire meeting (9 of them in total), but one bloke has dosh - hence the reason for the trip unless he is into shagging sheep.

I think they were going to make some sandwiches! said...

Just seen the post. He was in Aberdeen because he is anywhere other than in his own "region" doing what he should be doing. The people that voted for him and Brons have been let down badly.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...