Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tories run true to type - Get Britain out of the EC !

As expected the vote betrays the British people . But with a 'merchant banker' like the toff David Cameron running a 'three line whip', what do you expect ?

We should get Britain out of these international enmeshments before we get dragged down with the collapsing Euro currency.

If only we had a party to get behind.

Those MPs that voted with Cameron are traitors.


Anonymous said...

if only we had a party to rally round.

try the national front.

Anonymous said...

Was just thinking, wouldn't it be good if some organisation could secure 100,000 signatures in a petition asking parliament to debate the Holohoax!

Anonymous said...

There are positives and negatives but i think more positives will come out this vote that we saw on monday.The negative is that Griffin made sure the BNP was on its knees for when the time was coming and a lot of people would wake up to the modern day cult of politics and go look elsewhere away from the LIB/LAB/CON.When you see the recent comments in national tabloids online and folk saying " Its BNP for me from now on " You feel like replying dont bother Griffin is in with the rest of the shit from Westiminster.

The positive side of things is that there were 483 MPs who have betrayed our people and our country who were put in that position of trust by their constituents who gave them their VOTE ! Now they have betrayed those voters by not allowing them a vote on this European nightmare and many of those voters will not forget that they have been used and sold down the river.Its probably too late to start a new political entity but its a shame the BNP was broken down from within as it would have filled a large vaccum of the electorate which i think will now swing to UKIP.But anyway folks its time to make a stand because the 483 spineless rats mentioned above are and should be in for a very rough ride in the forseeable future.

Bon Voyage.

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