Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Diane Hannam. Funeral costs.

On Sunday the 2nd of October, David Hannam, longstanding BNP regional and national treasurer, died an untimely death aged just 30.
He had been in the party since he was seventeen.

Today his body is being committed to the ground amid tragic circumstances - this is neither the time nor the place to point the finger, or to apportion blame for his premature death, or the disgusting behavior of his long time employer and former boss.
However, I am mindful of what the Bible says about such things: "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from . . . the widow." Today I ask YOU personally as a nationalist and a patriot to read the words of David's young widow below:

"Now I have stood back, watched the Panorama programme and to be honest EVERYTHING that was said is the truth. I lived with David for 10 years of my life. I have seen him at his highs and lows, he tried so hard to get the party on the straight and narrow financially."
"After what he was left with was overwhelming and very stressful, and on taking the role of treasurer was nothing but a sham that he had to sort out, David had done his best for the party in every way to get them out of the s*** he even put £7,000 from our own account to help them out and I have proof of this."
"For what Nick Griffin has said on Twitter hours after David died I will never forgive him. David even went to prison for the cause. Nick still owes him thousands of pounds for work that he did for him, he was promised this and that from Nick and never got a penny, he was just like a toy and when he had finished with him he discarded him."
"When I rang Nick for help with funeral costs he refused! Saying 'he had no money', even though he owed David thousands of pounds. To not contribute to his funeral after all what was owed to David is disgraceful...after all Mr. Griffin earns £10,000 a month."
"I asked him and I have the text to prove it and simply said he was skint. May he live with this and the lives that he has ruined along the way. He, Nick Griffin MEP, is one heartless man and I hope he gets everything that is coming to him. Diane x"

I was not a close friend of David Hannam, but I was his colleague and fellow patriot.
He was indeed a 'brother in arms' and deeply committed to our cause and served the BNP for many years.

His bereaved widow has now the added stress of his funeral expenses to cope with.
As you have read in her statement above, those who should have done the decent thing have refused to do so.
They have left the grieving widow of a nationalist brother in a disgraceful financial state.
If our movement and cause is to truly mean anything of value to this country, we must be judged on our compassion, decency and humanity towards our fellow man especially those from our own ranks.
Are we to look the other way as this gross injustice passes? Or will we 'do the right thing'?
Talk is cheap and God knows over the last few weeks, there has been enough talk in nationalist circles.
Now we need to put good old-fashioned common British decency before our own self-interest and help Mr Hannam's widow in her time of need. Those who should have helped, refused.
We will not do the same.
We are men and women of integrity and compassion.

If you wish to do the decent thing and help out in a practical way towards the funeral costs for David Hannam you can send a cheque or postal order made out to "Diane Hannam" to South Farm, South Cliffe, Market Weighton , East Yorkshire, YO43 4UX.
Alternatively please click on the following link to take you to a special temporary donation page created just for this appeal:

Alternatively, you could make a direct bank payment to help Diane Hannam cover the costs of the funeral: account 21254774, sort code 40-32-06.

100% of all donations will go directly to Diane Hannam. Britain First has agreed to pay all bank charges connected to these transactions.

Yours sincerely
Jim Dowson
Admin Manager


Anonymous said...

I think if the BNP ever became active in my town centre again (not that they would as we all stood down a while back)I think i would probably have a go at them worse than some screaming banshee red ! Just for the fact that are supporting the biggest nationalist t*$$er and scumbag of all time namely Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is devoid of human emotion isn't he ?

Anonymous said...

From Butlers blog, the man "loves" the SCUM BBC!!!

"I met with the program maker Darragh MacIntyre."

"I found him a very easy going, and affable bloke, as was his producer."

Gri££in Out!!!

Anonymous said...

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