Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PANORAMA great success says Nick Griffin

In a spam e-mail posted yesterday Mr Griffin said the BBC TV programme had;

"backfired spectacularly on the BBC".

"The Panorama attack on us has had the exact opposite effect than that the BBC had hoped for. Instead of harming us and demoralising our people, it has brought out the classic Dunkirk spirit in our supporters and people all over the world who have donated to our cause and joined us as members both here in the UK and abroad."

We here at NWN are reminded of the spoof YOUTUBEs of a clip from the film DOWNFALL where Hitler in his final days 'relies' on the non existant armies of General Steiner in the 'Battle for Berlin' in 1945.

Griffin chooses the word 'Dunkirk' as well in his missive, which is very apt, as Dunkirk was a huge defeat for the UK.

The BBC seemed to hold back on him, which we as nationalists have never had before. This in itself will have the conspiracy theorists nodding or shaking their heads. They could have really 'gone to town' if they wanted to. All they have to do is track 'his' bank accounts. Seemingly huge amounts of money that should have gone into electioneering has simply disappeared. Well it hasn't really disappeared, it's just gone from view and Mr Griffin knows where.

They got Al Capone on the money and not for the gangland murders and extortion rackets of Chicago in the 1920s.

Life must be truly awful in the Welshpool bunker.


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I am going to send Nick all my money.

I know the BNP only spends a very small percentage of its funds on elections but I am sure Nick is doing something good with the rest of the money.

Maybe he has a secret plan ?

Anonymous said...

Most of the councillors who left the BNP following a series of utterly false allegations against Nick Griffin are returning after secret meetings. The BNP will now soon be back to over 100 councillors with new people from other parties joining every week.

One councillor said privately: "I was utterly misled. Nick has explained that all the accounts were found to be beyond reproach by auditors. Stories about complaints and fines by the EC were total fabrications. I'm disgusted by the lengths those who have made things up went to. It's now clear that all of them were in the pay of Searchlight. Thank goodness too that Nick was able to discover the plot to murder him in time".

Meanwhile record amounts of cash are flowing in. There was a huge increase in telephone enquiries following Panorama. Nearly all seeking membership. The BNP is now moving forwards again on all fronts!

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If you want to know the identity of the real rulers of your society, merely ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize.

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Just as Churchill didn't want Hitler assassinated, the Beeb will not want Grabber Griff ousted as he serves their purpose exceedingly well.

Anonymous said...

I cant make up my mind who Griffin resembles more-a Sontaron from Dr who, the Kinder chocolate egg man from that sinister tv ad from the 1980s, or Humpty Dumpty?

Inspector Blakey
"i `ate you Griffin!"

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...