Monday, September 26, 2011

Padiham Mayor avoids suspension over racial slur - NWN says it's a cop out !

Mayor of Padiham Cllr Bob Clark pictured at the Town Hall.

PADIHAM Mayor Bob Clark has avoided suspension from duty over a racial slur he made against a Burnley call centre worker.

Coun. Clark was hauled before the Standards Committee after he was caught on tape making the remark against a Calico Homes employee during a telephone conversation.

The popular community figure admitted he was “totally ashamed” of his behaviour, which the Burnley town hall hearing was told left complainant Mr Hafiz Rehman feeling shocked and confused.

Coun. Clark, who has an “exemplary” record for charity and community work in his hometown, was found to have breached the Code of Conduct for Members on two counts – failing to treat other with respect and bringing his office into disrepute.

However, he was not found to have caused the local authority to breach the Equality Act 2010.

The Standards Committee panel took the decision to censure Coun. Clark as well as sending the serving Mayor of Padiham on diversity training


Below is how we reported this story in July 2011;

Padihams Labour mayor in racism row - NWN exclusive

It seems that Padihams Labour Mayor Bobby Clark has got himself into a severe spot of trouble after a racist outburst late last year. Surprisingly this hasn't been reported by the local news, maybe it's because Cllr Clark 'pens' some articles for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph group (LET). The LET are aware of this 'race' row.

All this internal row blew up last Winter. During the very 'cold snap' late last year, one of Cllr. Clarks mates got himself locked out of his home. He telephoned CALICO HOUSING who manage 4,500 homes around the Burnley area to be told; "yes they could open his home, but it would cost £60 +."

For one reason or another this guy said he could not afford that amount after pleading that he would freeze to death during the very severe cold at the time. This wasn't acceptable to Calico.

So off the guy goes to old labourite Mayor Bobby Clark and explains his plight.

Bobby gets on the phone to Calico and explains the situation and says he will make sure the£60 bill is paid .

Unfortunately for Bobby he forgets to switch the other guys mobile phone off and says " he was a bloody paki !" while handing the phone back to it's owner. Of course, the gentleman at Calico who was/is a young 19 year old Asian male, makes a complaint for stress and all the rest of it.

The thing is, this row has been going on all this year and if it had been the current Deputy Mayor John Cave who had uttered those words, we can only imagine the 'mass medias' response. It would have been banner headlines on every major newspaper and TV network.The sheer hypocrisy of the media is overwhelming.

Many of the old thick labourites like Mr. Clark are racist, usually even more so than BNP members. But yet they vote for, work for, and positively favour immigration and immigrants, ahead of indigenous British people.

Why should Padiham Mayor Clark be exempt from what would have happened if it had been Padihams Deputy mayor who had uttered racist language ? After all, it is the actions of fools like Labour Mayor Clark that have brought in these obscene laws that can destroy a person for life if the 'mass media' decide to target a person.


NWN: What a cop out by the 'Establishment'. Bobby has been an establishment stooge for most of his life . The main story also shows the double standards of the state. What would have happened if it had been the Deputy Mayor who had uttered the phrase "he was a bloody paki !" ?

The deputy Mayor is none other than BNP member John Cave.

The 'establishment' and 'mass media' would have hounded Mr Cave to within an inch of his life and more. So why has 'Our Bobby' been given an easy ride ?

Maybe it's because, if Cllr.Bobby Clark had been given what punishment any other mere mortal would have received. They would have had to appoint the Deputy Mayor to take the office of full Mayor, and we cannot have that .

Plus, this would have made the Establishment look like the fools that they are.

It's a cop out pure and simple.


Anonymous said...

It shows the double standards of the mass media as well.

As you reported NWN the media knew about this story but failed to report it as Bobby Clark is 'one of them'.

Jez North said...

Most LIEbour and CONservative politicians are all "racist" in nature except they won't admit it.

Good news!
Eddie Stampton (Barbie C) has been banned from VNN!

Dirty fudgepacker.

Anonymous said...

anon at 19:00
ALL LIEbour and CONservative politicians are anti-White "racist" in nature that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


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Fact: Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Obama's father), born Apr 4, 1936, was nine when WW2 ended; his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, born Jan 2, 1935, was ten

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thats one way of keeping BNPs John Cave out of the mayoral office.

Yes NWN its a cop out.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the other nationalist forums haven't mentioned this story especially since the DAILY MAIL have this story on their website.

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