Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Padihams Labour mayor in racism row - NWN exclusive

It seems that Padihams Labour Mayor Bobby Clark has got himself into a severe spot of trouble after a racist outburst late last year. Surprisingly this hasn't been reported by the local news, maybe it's because Cllr Clark 'pens' some articles for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph group (LET). The LET are aware of this 'race' row.

All this internal row blew up last Winter. During the very 'cold snap' late last year, one of Cllr. Clarks mates got himself locked out of his home. He telephoned CALICO HOUSING who manage 4,500 homes around the Burnley area to be told; "yes they could open his home, but it would cost £60 +."

For one reason or another this guy said he could not afford that amount after pleading that he would freeze to death during the very severe cold at the time. This wasn't acceptable to Calico.

So off the guy goes to old labourite Mayor Bobby Clark and explains his plight.

Bobby gets on the phone to Calico and explains the situation and says he will make sure the£60 bill is paid .

Unfortunately for Bobby he forgets to switch the other guys mobile phone off and says " he was a bloody paki !" while handing the phone back to it's owner. Of course, the gentleman at Calico who was/is a young 19 year old Asian male, makes a complaint for stress and all the rest of it.

The thing is, this row has been going on all this year and if it had been the current Deputy Mayor John Cave who had uttered those words, we can only imagine the 'mass medias' response. It would have been banner headlines on every major newspaper and TV network.The sheer hypocrisy of the media is overwhelming.

Many of the old thick labourites like Mr. Clark are racist, usually even more so than BNP members. But yet they vote for, work for, and positively favour immigration and immigrants, ahead of indigenous British people.

Why should Padiham Mayor Clark be exempt from what would have happened if it had been Padihams Deputy mayor who had uttered racist language ? After all, it is the actions of fools like Labour Mayor Clark that have brought in these obscene laws that can destroy a person for life if the 'mass media' decide to target a person.


Tripemuncher said...

Old Bobby is the type of person that the late great Dr. Pierce would have said needed "setting about" with a piece of three by two. You cannot educate pork boys. Hope the Standards Board thrash this "racist buffoon".

Anonymous said...

Funny enought i was working for an ex Independent Parlimentary Candidate in South East Essex this year.
He's a millionaire a few times over and has alot of influence in the area.
The things he was coming out with would make Alf Garnett look tame.
His views were National Socialist although i don't think he knew it.

Anonymous said...

Of course these laws were meant to browbeat dissidents opposed to the Multi-racial planners experiment - not for those idiots like Bobby Clark who actually support multi racialism but without the brains to realise.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Clarks doesnt support multi racialism he supports Labour as did his Dad before him and his Dad before that, and his dad before that.

GriffinWatch said...


Accounts late again.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Off Topic interesting.


Anonymous said...

I think all nationalists should shout about this case from the rooftops.

Labour hipocrites.

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NWN Admin said...

Anonymous said...
I think all nationalists should shout about this case from the rooftops.

Labour hipocrites.

29 July 2011 16:34

Well you would think so Anon.

The only problem is this story comes from us at NWN, and too many in the BNP have been brought up to 'slag us off' because Griffin told them to.

Only recently one Mike Lester of Manchester, who seems to hate Griffins BNP 'now', still had time to slag off one of our Admin here at NWN on another forum.

Why ?

Well because he had been taught to hate us by Griffin and his team.

They, including Lester, were Griffinites.

They are not now. (I hope.)

So why the hatred ?

We can only put it down to low inteligence.

Another who has recently changed his tune is Dave Shapcott of Burnley.

Shapcott said all sorts of very unkind things about us in the past on different fora.

It has taken him 10 years to realise. But no doubt he will still harbour unkind views against us in public.

NorthWestNationalists(NWN) is the oldest ant-Griffin website bar none !

We have campaigned against the crook Nick Griffin since 2001.

So anyway, that is why many so called nationalists will not support our campaigns.

I suppose it's because we have made them look fools for supporting Griffin ?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...