Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a load of rubbish indeed

The below is taken from a new statement by Eddy Butler and titled 'What a load of rubbish' as a result of the EDP & SEARCHLIGHT expose contained in the last thread here on NWN and elsewhere on the web.

The question is it seems that Mr.Butler has been working in the BNP to change it, but WHY has he been doing this ?

Surely if he wanted the BNP to be like the Tory party we would all just join the Tories ? They are much better at being tories than we are, or could ever be.

The below quotes make it perfectly clear that Mr.Butler is not a genuine nationalist. It also makes it clear that he and Nick Griffin were working away in the BNP to allow non-whites to join the BNP before the BNP were supposedly 'forced' to accept non-whites. What a coincidence ?

He and his sort, including Nick Griffin, have brought the BNP to the position it is in now - on the verge of extinction.

BNP founder John Tyndall will be turning in his grave !


I was the first senior figure in the BNP to say that the compulsory repatriation policy should be scrapped and replaced with a voluntary policy.

In the mid 1990s I was involved in setting up the Bloomsbury Forum which acted as a bridge between the traditional far right and more moderate elements on the then fringes of the Conservative Party.

Around 2000 I publicly stated that the BNP should drop its ‘whites only’ policy and should admit ethnic foreigners – for which I was criticised by the ‘old skule’ fraternity.

In late 2000 I helped form the Freedom Party which was established as a more moderate and mainstream alternative to the BNP.

I have always been regarded, and indeed sneered at, by the ‘hard liners’ as a ‘liberal’.


Anonymous said...

Butler was one of those who wanted and did kick John Tyndall out of the BNP.

Very reminiscent of a cuckoos behaviuor ?

Anonymous said...

Martin Wingfield was also in favour of non whites in the BNP before we were supposedly forced to accept them.

Yet another traitor at the top of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Butler twice, at "Reform" meetings he always talked crap!

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