Saturday, September 10, 2011

BNP Threatened with Winding-Up Order

The British National Party faces an urgent winding up order should Nick Griffin and Simon Darby fail to lodge £45,000 with the appeal court within 14 days.
An urgent application heard this week in the Court of Appeal before Lord Justice Rix, brought by Messrs Griffin and Darby against the order of execution which led to the seizure of a vehicle last week.

The court ruled that the BNP leader must deposit the full amount under question (£45,000) within 14 days.

The court ordered that the £20,000 previously lodged by Mr Darby with the “solicitor’s” firm Charles Henry and Co be paid into the court within three days.

The outstanding balance of £25,000 must be paid into the court within 14 days, the court order continued.

Only once this was complete, would the court consider granting Mr Griffin leave to appeal. It is important to note that this relates only to leave to appeal, and not the appeal itself. What the court’s decision means is that it seeks from Mr Griffin an assurance that if it does grant an appeal, and such appeal fails, that the money will be available to pay the creditors.

Failure to produce the £45,000 will, BNP Ideas has been reliably informed, result in an immediate application to wind up the party, amongst other steps.

This would result in the party being placed into administration. No-one would be allowed to operate in its name or use any of its assets under those circumstances, and it would effectively cease to exist as a functioning organisation.

The registered officers of the party (those whose names appear on the Electoral Commission’s register—the chairman, Mr Griffin, and the national nominating officer and treasurer—both the latter offices held by Clive Jefferson) and Mr Darby would then face proceedings on personal property and possessions to meet outstanding debts.

This is an extremely serious predicament, especially for party manager Adam Walker, who has been given only a short time to come up with a further £21,000 for a court judgement against himself in favour of an ex-party employee, Mark Collett.

Rumours have already been circulating to the effect that Mr Walker and non-party controller Pat Harrington have demanded that any spare cash be turned over to pay off the £21,000 debt.

Today’s development makes it unlikely that this amount will now be paid from party funds, as even if it had the money spare (which it does not), the “more urgent” debt incurred by the latest court action will take precedence. Mr Walker has therefore, good reason to be concerned.

The “£45,000 case” is but the first of a number of actions which Mr Griffin and the BNP face in the coming weeks and months. Further orders include an additional action for £25,000 plus costs in favour of Michaela Mackenzie; £67,000 in favour of Royal Mail; at least £120,000 for additional court costs related to the “£45,000 case”; amongst numerous others.

The shocking state of affairs — which could well bring about the end of the BNP as a political party should Mr Griffin not produce the £45,000 to lodge with the court—has been caused exclusively by the leadership’s incompetence and nothing else.

NWN: Agent Griffin is still following the plan as laid down by Scotland Yards Cmdr Grieve in February 1999 and reported in the press. If the above story is true this would totally destroy John Tyndalls party and Nick Griffin wll then receive his lovely bonus from the Government coffers.


Anonymous said...

Griffin could easily pay off the debts but he views his money as his, and BNP money and Trafalgar club money has also his money.

But, BNP debts are the memberships debt, so more 'begging letters' will be on their way.

Anonymous said...

I hope state asset fatty Griffinstein is proud of himself.He has done his kosher masters bidding-he has destroyed the BNP.I hope he rots in hell and has to face the terror of bloated Martin Reynolds crapping in his mouth for all eternity,the fat traitor one eyed blob.

Vic Dakins temper

Anonymous said...

every member should resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

Well you warned them for long enough NWN,

You were right and a lot of the knowalls were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Butler is saying that he is proud to have helped destroy the BNP.
But when did he turn? It was sometime ago as ex-members of Epping Forest will tell you.
I think it was after he wasn't given a job as a researcher for the GLA.He took this hard.
His destruction of Epping Forest Branch was probably first on his list, followed by Eastern region and then the party.

Anonymous said...

if this money does not appear and the bnp go bust. it would be interesting to find out what darby will do or go?

Anonymous said...

Once the party is gone, Griffin is out of business so if he really is in it for the money, he will pay the debt off and recoup the loss out of donations.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Once the party is gone, Griffin is out of business so if he really is in it for the money, he will pay the debt off and recoup the loss out of donations.

11 September 2011 13:30

Fair comment.

However if Griffin is a state agent his job was to destroy the BNP. (I think Griffin is state.)

The dosh would have been incidental.

I think they got 'caught out' with the 2001 race riots that propelled the BNP to centre stage.

They were going to close down the BNP earlier, but had to play a longer game when the BNP got much bigger.

Since 2001 Griffin has been using all the money donated to the BNP on anything but campaigning !

Even peoples 'Wills' have been frittered by Griffin the bastard.


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