Saturday, September 17, 2011

English Democrat Party and SEARCHLIGHT


Dear fellow NC Members

It is with regret that I tender my resignation from The English Democrats.

I can no longer see the party making the breakthrough that the country needs whilst certain people continue to drag our reputation in to the gutter and the Chairman is unwilling or unable to stop this from happening.

Many of our members in London have worked hard to rebuild the party from the ashes of the last General Election, and any advances we are making are being offset by the constant need for damage limitation because of the stream of ill thought out rhetoric on blog and Facebook sites.

It is also a source of worry that the elite at the top of the party seem to see it as their own tool that they can do as they like with without thought of the damage they do to our reputation and in some cases in flagrant violation of National Council decisions.

I will list some of my reasons for leaving below, and leave you to make up your own minds –

Sinn Fein – The email from Steve Uncles is constantly regurgitated and is not only distasteful but used by the opponents of our party to put off a section of the electorate that should be part of our natural vote.
The party put out a statement, but this was watered down from the original to the version that surfaced. More importantly, not only has Steve Uncles not apologised for a lack judgement over sending the email (Which could have killed the whole thing stone dead), he keeps revisiting it on his ‘English Passport’ site, including a statement that modern English Nationalism is not compatible with Irish unionism. It is not our remit, as an English party, to keep revisiting the issues of Northern Ireland, and is causing an image problem that is completely unnecessary.
He has also put up a petition on the Government website asking for people to sign a petition to get Northern Ireland kicked out of the UK – This is traceable back to him, and as a party member reflects badly on the movement.
It has also been noted by myself that whenever this subject is brought up with Robin Tilbrook, he gets annoyed about ‘disloyalty’ regarding the leaking of the email rather than the contents of the email itself.

Eddy Butler – It was agreed at the last NC meeting that Eddy Butler would have to come before the Council to have his membership ratified due to his former high profile membership of the National Front and the BNP. This is consistent with article 3.2 (e) of the party constitution.
On 10th September, one of my members in London was emailed by Robin Tilbrook to say -

Yes we are on the up. We also have the man who was the driving force behind the BNP's period of electoral success coming over to us. I mean Eddy Butler.

I asked to see this email to make sure there was no misunderstanding, as those of you at the last NC will know that this is in complete contravention of the agreed course of action over his membership. Indeed, Eddy Butler is only getting a hearing because Robin threatened to resign if we did not listen to his reasons for wanting to join.

Since then, Eddy Butler has posted items on his Facebook page that are in contradiction of our party manifesto, and has made numerous calls to people on his blog site to come across to the EDP as it is their ‘new home’. You can view how much he rates his new ‘home’ from his blog site, link attached Eddy Butler

All about the BNP, nothing to do with the EDP.

I also have the screen capture from Steve Uncle’s Facebook site that is doing the rounds to say that he has been working with Eddy Butler for the last 2 years to wreck the BNP, and that UKIP are next – Whilst I find this probably to be the delusional ranting of the ‘Political Brain’ from Dartford, this is again in the public domain and does us no good.

It is also noted that Eddy Butler had run several ‘teasers’ about which party he was going to go to, and then announced it on his blog site 48 hours after Andrew Brons had lost the BNP leadership challenge to Nick Griffin. His own blog states that his first choice would be to reform the BNP, but after that going to a party with a ‘similar’ manifesto that is ripe for change would be the No 2 option rather than forming a new party.

I will give you some links to make up your own minds

Eddy Butler: THE FUTURE


Steve Uncle’s Removal from the NC – Within 2 weeks of his ‘resignation’ (Which was only tendered by the chairman when 12 out of 12 voted through a no confidence motion), Steve Uncles was on the BBC as a ‘spokesman’ for the party. Robin advised me that this was because he was the only person in the area available to do the job.
Neither London Chairman Roger Cooper or myself, as Vice-Chairman, were called and told that there was a need to get someone down there. Indeed, Frank Roseman lives in Westminster but was not contacted by the Chairman, despite being a far better public speaker than Steve Uncles. Constantly using a discredited member who has an awful internet footprint as a ‘spokesman’ is not, in my opinion, what the NC wanted when he was removed from his position, and paints us in a bad light.

The South East Area Elections – We were advised at the last NC that Sean Varnham had not sent in his statement to go out with the ballot forms for the SE area election. This was incorrect.

It also needs to be noted that Sean was not sent the full party list for Sussex until well after the ballot papers had gone out, and even then they had no telephone numbers or email addresses for him to contact and canvass for his candidacy. Steve Uncles, as a former SE area chairman, had all this information and therefore an unfair advantage (Although he still threw his toys out of the pram about me sending out an email to Kent and Surrey in support of Sean, despite those areas coming under the purview of London during the GLA campaign).

It is also of interest to note that the closing date for voting was 9th September, and the date of the count was changed to the AGM after the votes were in– Where are the ballot papers between these times? They are being sent to the Norwich PO Box number, so what methods are in place to stop gerrymandering? I believe very few, as Steve Uncles has posted on his blog site that irrespective of the vote ‘I will be back on the NC after the AGM’.

A Dog serving two masters – It is to be noted with regards to the previous posting about Eddy Butler that he is still in the paid employ of the MEP for Yorkshire, Andrew Brons, yet wishes to join the EDP.
Chris Beverly, our new Leeds Chairman and recently appointed Facebook admin, is also on the payroll of the EU as an assistant to Andrew Brons. Whilst I have not met Mr Beverley, and I understand from Mike Cassidy that he is a decent guy, what happens when the Euro elections come around and he has to choose between party and job? He has not resigned from his post as he needs to make a living – Yet he will make that living by OPPOSING the EDP in the next Euro Elections. Such a conflict of interest would not be allowed in any company, it is the equivalent to a Barclays Bank manager working for Lloyds as a paid advisor and with access to company confidential documents. You are either an English patriot or a BNP employee, there is no middle ground on this one.

Contact with UKIP – Robin advised us at an NC meeting last year that he had been offered the Deputy Leadership of UKIP during the negotiations regarding the Alliance for Democracy if he stood down all the EDP candidates at the 2010 General Election. He advised us that he declined, and that UKIP had stood candidates against ours when they had seen our list of candidates as a spoiler tactic.
We were told that UKIP are completely untrustworthy, and a motion was passed that no further meetings should be had with their party without it being run past the NC first.
Robin then announced at the last NC that he and Derek Hilling had met with UKIP in July to discuss possible mergers. This was done without the knowledge or permission of the NC, in breach of a previous motion which was brought about by Robin’s revelations. It would appear that NC motions, even when brought about by the chairman, have no validity when applied to him.

Steve Uncles – Need I say more? Removed from the NC, he still attacks party members on line with impunity and brings the movement in to disrepute. In the last month he has made attacks upon Stephen Morris, Michael Cassidy, Derek Hilling and myself on his blog site (In contravention of the Communications policy document that has been ratified by the NC). He has also referred to a suicide victim as a ‘fascist’ and had launched numerous tirades about UKIP under the logo ‘U-Tit’. He constantly brings the party in to disrepute, and despite the attempts of the NC can do what he likes with the protection of the chairman.
Indeed, I had a row with Robin by email last night because I posted a joke about Steve’s personality being used as a contraceptive on my personal Facebook page, and got read the riot act – Yet Uncles can constantly slander all and sundry without the slightest hint of being reigned in on public blogs and websites. Hypocrisy and double standards.

Searchlight – Robin has admitted to me that he talks with Nick Lowles, and I had a row with him a while ago where he took what Lowles had said about members of the EDL as gossip and had spread them (Notably that senior members are Irish Republicans and are standing behind the flag of St George to line their own pockets – I have met these people and know them to be concerned about the state of OUR country, not another). He was then surprised in midweek that Lowles posted a tissue of lies about our candidate for the upcoming Barnsley election being an ex-BNP officer, when it is in fact Kevin Riddiough who is standing. When I pointed this out to Robin, he advised me that he was ‘disappointed’ as Lowles was supposed to run any story about the EDP past him first. What kind of judgement does this show? He would rather converse with and trust a Marxist agitator ahead of his own members who have met and spoken with members of numerous street groups.

I now await the usual flurry of on line activity from the Dartford Warbler about me being a ‘quitter’, ‘deranged’ or a ‘Brit-Nat plant’ – This is par for the course, and neither myself or our country has time to spend on this childish vindictiveness when our way of life is at stake.

I would like to thank the decent members of the EDP (Of whom there are many) for standing with me over the last 18 months and trying to sort out our local areas and some of our national issues. There are many decent and hardworking members of the party who deserve better from some of those at the top who remind me of a sketch from The Life of Brian (Judean People’s Front, anybody?)

Special thanks go to Stephen Morris, Mark Lancaster, Martin Butler and Sean Varnham who have been a sounding board for ideas and campaigns, and a special mention should go to Ben Weald and Roger Cooper in London who are a credit to the movement.

No doubt with your new BNP recruits you will achieve limited successes before realising that there is a glass ceiling that can only be broken by engaging with all of the decent members of our society – But then, I have come to believe that there are those at the top level who would be happy with 5% of the vote, a couple of MEP’s to keep the money coming in and bragging rights about being leaders of the ‘biggest English Nationalist Party’ at their respective gentlemen’s clubs. Enjoy it before our country and our way of life goes down the pan – In the meantime I will be with like minded patriots from all parties trying to bring up the issues and making a difference both locally and on the streets of London.

Best Regards

Cliff Dixon

NWN: Looks like the EDP are running a 'behind the scenes' operation. The above is a resignation letter from one of the top EDP Officials who seemed to know quite a lot. No doubt the above information in the letter is to create confusion and de-commission any would- be nationalist movement taking shape. Eddy Butler is a rather strange 'nationalist' anyway, but we at NWN would like to know what Butler has to say on all this. There are one or two others who have defected, that might want to know what the hell sort of 'sting' has occurred here.

No doubt more will be revealed about the above in the very near future.


ES said...

I've been saying BUTTler is a wrong-un for years. As usual, nobody listened. Having said that, English Nationalism is the way forward, just not with the EDs.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter if you support Griffin or not, or if you support the ED,s NF or anyone else for that matter. One thing is certain that Searchlight are working away to prevent any nationalist party succeeding.The BNP has under gone a massive assault,now its the ED,s turn. They think that if the BNP goes down then some members will go to the ED,s. Isnt it strange that Butler is always involved.Call me paranoid but i get the distinct impression that he has co operated in all these plots. He may be doing this for his own personal reasons, hes the messiah after all or he is working for anti nationalist forces.Either way he is a disruptive influence with every group he has dealings with

Anonymous said...

ES,sorry to disagree but i dont think English Nationalism has any appeal at all.No one cares about an English Parliament,why cut off our Scot,Welsh and Irish countrymen, thats what the enemies of nationalism want, divide and conquer

Lancashire Patriot said...

"ES,sorry to disagree but i dont think English Nationalism has any appeal at all.No one cares about an English Parliament,why cut off our Scot,Welsh and Irish countrymen, thats what the enemies of nationalism want, divide and conquer"

Sorry mate, but why should English racial nationalism cut off the Scots, Welsh (and Ulsterman) - the Irish are already cut off in their own country (Eire)??? Does "British nationalism" cut off our comrades in Europe? No I don't think so - so why should English nationalism either. And sorry again, but a lot of English people do care about an English Parliament - they are pissed off by being run by the scum at Westminster. Lets have our own Parliament in Lancaster. But ES is right - the ED's are NOT the answer.

NWN Admin said...

Eddy S; we here at NWN have kept a wary eye on Eddy Butler for many a year.

Not saying he is a Searchlight operative, but he is a multi culti supporter.

Anonymous said...

I think Butler is as dodgy as hell.Reading his blog he seems to be so smug, i cant on earth see why, hes talentless and has achieved sod all except jump from one party to another.I reckon he just wants to be a leader,any party will do.He will soon screw up the ED,s when he realises they are going no where fast. It is reported that he thinks he will pick up at least a thousand ex members of the BNP if it goes down, i reckon it would more like a few hundred at the most.He will then move on to UKIP and repeat his folly,watch this serial disrupter very carefully NWN,he is more of a danger to Nationalism than any red

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Higherman Joey Owen was right about Searchlight agents.

Anonymous said...

Butlers blog is now like reading Lancaster untiy ! Theres the clue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Perhaps Higherman Joey Owen was right about Searchlight agents.

18 September 2011 15:25


Owens talks to Searchlights Nick Lowells as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any fine achievements in the BNP that were down to Eddy Butler.Only retards think he was good at his job.
He is a wrong un.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Boinking in the Box Seats.

Anonymous said...

Jez North said...

The e-mail by Cliff Dixon shows precisely why democracy has failed and always will fail. "Democracy" is merely a rubber stamp for the self-serving corrupt elite to renew their lucrative positions. Small parties like this, the BNP, the NF, and UKIP with their ridiculous amount of infighting for entities with so few members are a complete waste of time.

Not to mention the disgusting number of times the ill-educated buffoon Cliff Dixon refers to himself as "myself." "So and so and myself did this", "so and so gave it to myself". Seriously, myself is a reflexive pronoun and should only be used reflexively and intensively; look it up! At least the main parties' leaders get that right most of the time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The BBC BNP programme has been put off yet again.

Anonymous said...

"People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome." - George Orwell

ES said...

So BUTTler is Jez North? Another reason he will get it next time I bump into him and there are no Police around (unlike in Luton)

Anonymous said...

The ------- Elephant In The Room.

Anonymous said...

London Philharmonic Suspends Musicians for anti-Israel Remarks.

Jez North said...

Stampton, you are a faggot. Your username is Barbie on VNN ffs and you have been photographed with faggots in the EDL and now they don't eve want you!

Haha! Not to mention the number of times you offer to meet up with people in public toilets! I als remember you strictly saying you were female on VNN in a shit attempt at disguising your obvious identity on there.

When nationalism takes over, you will be the first faggot to be arrested and re-educated.


NWN Admin said...

Hey come on fellers !

We allow 99% of posts on here even if we don't agree with them.

Please don't get us involved in your arguments.

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