Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Has it come to this !

Recording of General Members’ Meeting on Radio Red, White and Blue

Radio Red, White and Blue has published a recording which covers the first two hours of the British National Parties General Members Meeting held on Sunday the 26th of June 2011.
The only editing applied to this partial recording of events as supplied to Radio RWB was to cut out long periods of silence where no debate is taking place.

In a major and unexpected reversal for Nick Griffin, the core proposals which he, Pat Harrington and Clive Jefferson invented, were dropped at the General Members’ Meeting and replaced with all the essential parts of the constitution as adopted at the December 2010 conference.

The astonishing turn of events came right at the end of a stormy GMM held in Wigan, at which Mr Griffin initially tried to force through his original proposals.

There were audible gasps of shock when the meeting was told that the proposals, as sent out to members in the mail, had in fact been drawn up the day before by Mr Griffin, highly unpopular non-party member Pat Harrington and Clive Jefferson.

In response to repeated criticisms as to why the correct consultation procedure had not been followed—as had been promised in writing and in person by Mr Griffin at the December 2010 conference—Mr Griffin shifted position twice.

First he told the meeting that there had been consultation (something what was patently false and which raised gales of laughter from the audience) and then said that the reason why the proposals had not been put online for review (also as promised in writing) was because people would “accuse the party of censoring comments and presenting a biased view.”

This blatant lie collapsed when the meeting was told the real reason why the proposals had not gone online was because they had only been drawn up by Messrs. Griffin, Harrington and Jefferson literally the day they were sent out.

In his closing speech, not covered in this recording, Mr Griffin admitted that he had erred, and promised never to do it again.

The only part of the decisions taken at the GMM which have subsequently been implemented, has been the four-year term of the leadership. The National Executive, which in theory would have the right to remove the chairman from office, has not been properly constituted.

The Radio Red, White and Blue recording may be found by clicking here.

Direct download:

NWN: If one needed the evidence to see or rather hear to what depths the BNP has been reduced to via it's dreadful leader Nick Griffin, then please have a listen to the shambles that this meeting undoubtedly was. All this wasn't arrived at by accident. The BNP used to be a united and determined party BEFORE Griffin, and it could be again.


Keine Ruhe said...

Griffin could still be persuaded to leave, as long as he was to get BNP support for his Euro election in 2014. At the moment he has more or less no chance of getting elcted back.

However Griffin is too neurotic to be reasonable, and perhaps he has to stay in control so nobody gets a good look at the accounts.

Anonymous said...

Keine Ruhe.
Even if Griffin agreed to stand down he would expect a big fat juciy payoff from the members (whats left of them)

Anonymous said...

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminals.

Anonymous said...


TN said...

"However Griffin is too neurotic to be reasonable, and perhaps he has to stay in control so nobody gets a good look at the accounts."

Griffin has proved that the accounts are fraudulent by having Sniffy Jefferson and a bunch of other idiots in place at Wigton ready to move all the dodgy paperwork out of the place in the event that Andrew Brons won. Anyone who had nothing to hide wouldn't have even considered such an action.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has at least 2 escape routes.

Stay in charge of the BNP for ever...

or the BNP down so it has to be wound up.

He seems to be trying to do both.

If the BNP is wound up because it cannot pay its debts, then all its assets will be liquidated to pay to the creditors.

It is unlikely that the liquidator would look to see what was looted from the BNP before the current debts were incurred.

So all Griffin has to do is make sure he does not loot anything recently, say since 2009.

All debts incurred before 2009 are then paid. Creditors happy.

All debts incurred since 2009 cannot be paid in full, causing unhappy creditors to ask the court to wind up the BNP.

The liquidator then probably looks at what happened to BNP assets and income since 2009, sees little wrong, so collects what he can and distributes to the creditors.

Anonymous said...

Those BNP members who take a real interest and therefore are likely to attend general meetings are probably those that voted for Brons.

Griffin can win a majority amongst the total membership, because most sit at home and take no active part.

But in a general meeting where a majority is required from those that take the trouble to attend...Griffin loses big.

Inactive members provide an income stream and support a manipulator like Griffin.

Active members run campaigns and take an every day interest.

Those active members need to run a campaign amongst the inactive members, not amongst the general public.

A campaign by word of mouth, seeing as Griffin controls VoF and the web site.

Not all inactive members will be known, as Griffin controls the membership list. But enough of them will be known and if a good proportion can be converted, then Griffin can be forced out.

Not easy, but possible.

Gannow lad said...

Why do some people bull up Eddy Butler being the so called 'BNP election guru' ?

We in the North West made the most impact without Butler. We paved the way for the surge of the BNP before Griffin buggered it all up.

Steve Smith of Burnley blew Butler away.

Keine Ruhe said...

What I have in mind is that Griffin, in theory, could be persuaded to stand down as Party Leader in return for an accounts amnesty and an assurance that the Party would support his election back to Brussels.
This is of course just a theoretical possibility. I would certainly renew my support for the BNP, if anybody was strong minded enough to step forward and pull off such a coup.
Anyway, I have a fair bit more to say about all this.

Anonymous said...

last week birmingham bnp held a meeting with gri££in as guest speaker.

only 20 turned up just goes to show how unpopular he really is.

Anonymous said...

Pity that more did not turn up...and then grill Griffin about his recording the whole affiar...and then post it on youtube.

That way, more of the sit at home members who always vote for Griffin might be just a bit more informed on what is really going on the the BNP.

There will be more opportunities like this to expose Griffin and we should take them.

If Griffin can answer effectively, then why should any BNP member complain?

If Griffin cannot answer, but still persists in clinging on to office and continuing his depredations, then why should any BNP member complain about him being exposed?

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