Monday, March 08, 2010

Chris Jackson to stand for National Front in Rochdale at the General Election.

This is the start of the National Fronts campaign for the forthcoming General Election which is expected to be called quite soon. This won't be the only seat to be contested by the NF in this General election for the North West region.
Chris is a long serving nationalist, who has previously stood in many elections both local and national as well as European. His experience of elections is 'without peer' in the nationalist movement.
Being a major player in the elections of BNP Councillors in places like Burnley and Halifax in particular, his expertise and knowledge is a great 'feather' in the National Fronts cap. Chris was involved in the election of every BNP Councillor in the North West region. He was also the North West of England BNP regional organiser for many years.
Chris has also challenged for election to the BNP Leadership against Nick Griffin . Chris Jackson saw the way and route Mr.Griffin was leading the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Chris you're top man.

Anonymous said...

This was printed in the Guardian last Wednesday, I wonder if it's got anything to do with Gri££in backing out of yesterday's BBC Politics Show debate? It sounds as if psycho Lecomber has been taken out of mothballs?

"........when its people are issuing death threats. Two have been referred to the police in recent weeks. One by Dominic Carman, Griffin's one-time biographer who is standing against him as a Liberal Democrat in Barking. He says his threat came from an "identifiable individual, a BNP supporter". The other threat – a video posted on the web in the name of Wandsworth BNP – featured Equality and Human Rights Commission chief Trevor Phillips, the man the party loves to hate, and suggested he be "dealt with". Both men have urged Nick to intervene and condemn the culprits. For "this is London in 2010, not Berlin in 1933", says Carman. The response: silence."

Anonymous said...

This is the latest from Darby's blog, what an utter joke a 'battle,' Griffin didn't even jump the first bloody hurdle! It total capitulation to the wishes of the multi-racial EHRC organisation!

"We seem to be in court quite a lot these days and tomorrow is no exception with the next round of our battle against the EHRC taking place in London."

Anonymous said...

Traitor Griffin has recently been on a holiday in Spain living it up and tomorrow will sell out to the Multi-Racial Establishment, what a complete and utter bastard, he doesn't care less about us ordinary British Nationalists! (this is latest from his blog,) I wonder if he met Marxist Mandy Mendelson while he was out there?

"You might have thought that a couple of days away in a tiny Spanish village with just two bars"

Anonymous said...

Good man Chris !

GriffinWatch said...

Good luck to Chris Jackson and the N.F.

Anonymous said...

well done chris. for race & nation.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Good luck Chris Jackson, top man. Vote National Front.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

The NF fight back for Britain against the multi-racialist BNP.

About time. Good news.

Anonymous said...

At last some good news for nationalists after all the bad news from the BNP and Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

A f**king waiting list, how bloody long?

BNP constitution 'discriminates'

The British National Party has been accused of "indirectly" discriminating against black and Asian people even though the party no longer bars them from joining.

A new constitution allowing people of any ethnic origin to join the party obliged prospective members to support its principles, which meant the door was, in reality, only "pretty narrowly open" for "non-indigenous Britons", London's Central County Court heard.

But the BNP, which voted to amend its constitution last month after the Equality and Human Rights Commission took legal action over the far-right party's whites-only membership policy, denied the allegations and said it had a "waiting list" of black and Asian people and would welcome more applications from ethnic minorities.

The party will have to wait to find out if its decision to scrap the previous policy went far enough to meet race relations laws.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Judge Paul Collins said he would issue his judgment on the matter on Friday.

During a day of legal submissions, the court heard prospective members had to sign up to principles including a duty to oppose the promotion of any form of "integration or assimilation" that impacted on the "indigenous British" and a requirement to support the "maintenance and existence of the unity and integrity of the indigenous British".

Robin Allen, QC, representing the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: "That is something which we would submit is indirectly discriminatory.

"They will put persons who do not fall into the indigenous British category at a disadvantage."

Anonymous said...

Griffin's barrister Mr Rolands made these statements today in court : " a waiting list of ethnics queuing up to join and that there is a sufficient number of mixed raced and people in mixed marriages already in the BNP," he added that "the BNP would welcome more applications from ethnic minorities and the BNP have understood that Britain has completely changed."

Anonymous said...

Gri££in has got just what he's wanted for years, but pretended to be fighting against it. The EHRC has done him a great favour!

'Mr Rowlands told the court he “could not understand” how a black or Asian person supporting the concept of British nationalism could be discriminatory, adding the BNP was “simply putting their principles forward and allowing any ethnic minority member to join and support and espouse those principles”.'

Anonymous said...

Latest from Darby's blog, Griffin must have friends in very high places indeed, everything is going his way? Yet again he walks away grinning from ear to ear!

"On my way back from court today feeling tired after a 5am start. I think the judge was fair enough today seemingly understanding the implications of what the ECHR's ultimate demands were.

You wouldn't expect me to be able to give you too much detail but I can tell you that I have reason to believe that we will be ok by the end of the week.

As if to emphasise the need to utilise the legal process to halt the BNP electorally, the Metro News rang this afternoon with some interesting news. They are about to publish a poll suggesting that support for our party has doubled recently. With any luck this fact will be being absorbed by hundreds of thousands of commuters by tomorrow morning."

Richard Chadfield said...

The BNP's new constitution ,which I have not seen, is reported to be unlikely to satisfy the courts. Why? Apparently because whilst granting immigrants and their descendant the opportunity to join the BNP it requires them ,and I assume any other would be member, to agree to support the principles on which the BNP stands. Is this so odious? Why on earth would anyone wish to join a political party whose principles they do not agree with? Would the Labour party admit individuals who refused to support Labour party principles? Especially ,say, on immigration. I doubt it. Clearly an individual who demands to join a political party whilst refusing to support that party's principles is not being genuine. He is not joining the party to contribute but,rather, to disrupt. Denying such a person membership is taking nothing from him other than his hope to disrupt. To deny a party to choose (ie discriminate) who it will accept as a member is to discriminate against the party and it's genuine members since they are being denied the right to defend themselves and advance their principles.
But then the courts have no interest in justice. They never did. Their task is to provide a legal barricade behind which the state hides.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Check out Griffin's barrister Price Rowland on Face Book his only friend is an Asian woman named Jagdeep Sidu!

His barrister looks like a typical candidate for the Free Masons if ever I saw one?

Anonymous said...

This is in the Guardian newspaper today, good luck NF on May 6th!

'The legal wrangling comes amid claims of a renewed challenge to the BNP from other extreme rightwing groups. The National Front says it has seen an upsurge in membership enquiries in recent months – mainly from BNP supporters who feel the party is "selling out".

National Front's spokesman, Tom Linden, said there had been a 70% increase in inquiries since Griffin appeared on BBC Question Time and the NF is expected to stand around 25 candidates at the general election.

"The British National party is no longer a white racist party, it is becoming a multi-racial party by giving into the race industry," he said.'

Anonymous said...

Richard you have to understand that Griffin is part of the State set up, the judge will not make the BNP radically change its constitution, the only part he will change is the section on letting non-White join which Griffin wholly agrees with. Griffin has been working towards this for years and made in public on several occasions. He wants a multi-racial civic Nationalist party and on Friday that's want exactly he will get. This is from an interview he gave to the Observer back in 2002, eight years ago.

"When I ask him about rumours that the BNP are thinking of admitting black members, he replies: 'We can put up with the blacks.'"

Anonymous said...

Listen to this, Griffin's barrister said yesterday in court that if an ethnic minority prospective members didn't wish to sign up to the whole of the BNP's constitution, Griffin would sign a waiver to let them in! Very odd indeed?

Anonymous said...

Bi-Sexual Barnbrook is fed up, nobody is coming out to play in Barking and he is appealing for some company on these cold March nights. "Calling all ‘Armchair’ Nationalists! I’m now making a direct plea to all ‘armchair nationalists.’ Those of you out there who are reading this blog" The reality is that not many people are campaigning in Barking because they are sick to the teeth with Griffin's sell out motion to let Wogs into the party and most activists are totally demoralised. I'm afraid Dickey you are going to have to play with yourself up until May 6th.

Anonymous said...

I've just been looking at Gri££in Face Book it says : "Nick Griffin has 11,839 Fans" I thought it's supposed to be friends? I noticed one Asian called Hassan and another called Hamza and a Oriental Woman called Jo with a white man. What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

barnbrook is asking for each region to supply 50 activists or each branch to supply 5 activists to help out in the barking & dagenham campaign ? get real dicky since i chucked the towel in our branch is no more,surely you can get a team together from brick lane and tower hamlets now the party is letting in any tom,dicky and abdul !

bob said...

Go for it Chris!

Anonymous said...

The NF got a mention in last week's Yid Chronicle, looks like the Board of Deputies aren't happy. Well done to the NF, the BNP are no longer a threat to ZOG!

Anger at National Front inclusion in government inquiry

By Simon Rocker, March 5, 2010 Jewish Chronicle.

The Board of Deputies has protested over the participation of the National Front in a government inquiry into racism in schools.

In a letter to the inquiry head Maurice Smith, a former Chief Inspector of Schools, chief executive Jon Benjamin said it was "deeply concerned" to hear he had met representatives of the NF.

Mr Benjamin wrote: "We are at a loss to understand what you hoped to gain by dignifying the National Front with your time and your attention.

"We are aware of proposals to prevent members of far-right groups from taking jobs as teachers but we are unsure what benefit a personal meeting with these groups could have since they would inevitably resist the introduction of such measures with all means at their disposal."

He said the Board felt "quite strongly" that the meeting had lent the NF "credibility that they do not deserve".

Mr Smith, who is director of education at the Manchester diocese of the Church of England, declined to comment. He submitted his review last month to Schools' Secretary Ed Balls.

According to the NF's website, the meeting with Mr Smith took place in November. "Ed Balls is seriously looking into banning National Front Members as well as members of other nationalist parties from being teachers," wrote NF press officer Tom Linden.

"I felt it was also important to point out that a teacher who was a member of the National Front would be as 'professional' as any other."

A spokesman for the Schools Department said: "Maurice Smith is independent of government and how he collects evidence for his review is totally up to him.

"But any report that ignored certain views could be seen as unfair and biased."

Anonymous said...

This has just appeared in the Stoke Sentinel newspaper, Darby may as well now stay at home in Wales watching Great Tits from his bedroom window?

'But BNP deputy leader Simon Darby will now definitely come face-to-face with Alby Walker after the city councillor confirmed he is standing as an Independent in Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Mr Walker quit as the BNP's Stoke-on-Trent leader earlier this year after becoming disillusioned with party politics.

Mr Walker's campaign is being funded by an un-named benefactor after his £500 deposit was paid by two elderly constituents.

He said: "I have applied for the election pack which I expect to receive once the election date is announced.

"I am standing but can always do with extra funding for leaflets and posters."

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...