Friday, March 12, 2010

BNP fail to publish European expenses details

Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader and MEP, has not published details of his own expenses despite campaigning on an anti-sleaze platform during European elections.

Nine months after accusing mainstream Westminster MPs and Brussels MEPs of having "their snouts in the trough", neither Mr Griffin, nor his BNP colleague Andrew Brons, have given any details of how they spend allowances worth a combined £530,000 every year.

According to Mr Griffin's website: "All accounts and expenses will be published on this page for complete transparency as soon as they become available." The "accounts and expenses" website section for Mr Brons, a Yorkshire MEP, has remained blank since last July.

Other Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MEPs have all given detailed breakdowns of how allowances are spent since the European elections last June. Most British MEPs give salary band details of employees and justify travel, subsistence and other expenses.

The most recent parliamentary "declarations of financial interest" for both MEPs date back to June 16 2009, just days after they were both elected. Neither declaration gives any details of annual expenses, worth over £280,000 for each man.

Mr Griffin has used parliament assistant allowances, worth over £190,000, to employ three staff members, according to his website, but has given no details of their salary bands. Mr Brons employs four people but, also, gives no details of their wages.

One staffer, Martin Wingfield, is employed twice by both MEPs as a communications officer. Mr Wingfield's wife, Tina, also works for Mr Griffin.

European Parliament officials have told The Daily Telegraph that Mr Griffin and Mr Brons do not have any staffers accredited to work in the Brussels or Strasbourg seats of the EU assembly.

The Daily Telegraph has also learnt that the Electoral Commission has opened an investigation into the BNP's accounts after the party's auditor refused to sign off accounts for 2008.

The "case under review" concerns a suspected breach of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act, which requires all party treasurers to file full and accurate accounts each year.

"There are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of reporting requirements," said a spokesman.

The BNP, Mr Griffin and Mr Brons yesterday declined to comment or answer questions about the use of their allowances.

Chris Davies, a Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West, said: "The BNP's MEPs are shown to be less than open and transparent about their own financial affairs."

As well as staff allowances, both BNP MEPs, who earn a salary of £84,000 a year, receive a "general expenditure allowance" worth over £44,000 annually. While working in Brussels or Strasbourg, the two places where the parliament sits, MEPs pocket a £265 daily cash subsistence payment, worth over £40,000 tax-free every year.

NWN: Well Griffin gets away with riding roughshod over the poor browbeaten BNP members with issues about money. Every year the BNP accounts are late, meaning another fine for the members to pay.He cannot do the same with the European Parliaments finance department. Are Griffin and Brons so stupid ?


Anonymous said...

But that's just it.

Griffin isn't in the business to actually win elections.

He is there to ruin the BNP.............oh, and to make 'mucho money' while doing it !

Anonymous said...

Gri££in sold use completely out today in court, the Free-Mason judge and Communist EHRC, it was a three way shafting!!!!!

BNP 'whites-only' membership rules outlawed

Judge agrees with human rights watchdog that British National party's rewritten criteria for joining are still racist

Anonymous said...

The mug membership at the EGM gave Gri££in the power to change the constitution in court, and guess what that's exactly what he did in court today. These fools have only themselves to blame. The judgement was postponed for 3 and a half hours today, I wonder why? Pressure on the Judge from outside quarters? Behind the scenes dealings? Who Knows?

Anonymous said...

Have heard that Gri££in has asked a number of BNP members to join the Nat Front with a view to take it over.
This comes from a top source in Essex.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Free-Mason Judge Paul Collin's full judgement will be available soon, he was very critical of Gri££in and his legal team's performance over the last few months, quite franking it was a total shambles, Gri££in and his team are uttering incompetent and untrustworthy, Gri££in was even sending letters to the court undated. Under the new 12th Constitution it will become impossible to get rid of him as chairman, those that stay behind in the BNP deserve all they get from him.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is a piece of shit!!!!! Quotes from the BBC this afternoon.

Nick Griffin claimed there were 7,000 people on its membership waiting list, including a "handful" of people "from each of the main ethnic groups in Britain" including Sikhs, West Indians and "two Chinese ladies".
Speaking earlier, he said if the party was forced to pay £60,000 in costs, it would have "some effect" on the general election campaign "but not a huge amount".

Anonymous said...

gri££in will be found for the money grabing greedy fat pig he really is.their is no pressure on him in the eup. he will continue to claim has much money has he can then retire at 55 when his euro seat is up 2014.

Anonymous said...

At one stroke of the pen Griffin has sign it all away, any drug-dealing, pro-immigration Communist Negro and his slag Race-mixing prostitute girlfriend can join the party and nobody can say anything again them. There is no worry about Griffin being in contempt of court he has sold us all out, Lock, Stock & Barrel!!!!! See the photo on this news report website of Griffin leaving court this afternoon with a bit grin on his face.

'Mr Griffin claimed he had used his authority to alter the wording of the constitution to remove the obligation on applicants to adhere to the principles of the party. He said: "Section 4, which deals with the requirements for membership and includes the demand that members support all the principles of the party, is not protected.

"I have, therefore, with immediate effect changed the section 4 requirements, as I am entitled to do, to comply with the court order. What this means is that people can apply to join the BNP without having to endorse and support the principles of the party."

A spokesman for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which brought the case against the BNP, said: "We will be monitoring the situation. They need to ensure they comply with the terms of the court order fully otherwise they will be in contempt." ,

Anonymous said...

Although Griffin's solicitors are Gilbert Davies & Partners he was using another lawyer behind the scenes, guess who's? Mr Dowson's in Ulster. Who every this legal person is they gave Gri££in duff advise. I hear through the grapevine that other people in the party leadership weren't happy with this arrangement, as they were left out of the loop. It's created a very bad feeling at the top of the BNP. I would like to know the name of Dodgy Dowson's solicitor? Griffin was spotted on several occasions during the court hearing suddenly running out into the corridor to speak with this person on his mobile. It's alleged that this legal person draughted the new constitution?

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

" Anonymous said...

Have heard that Gri££in has asked a number of BNP members to join the Nat Front with a view to take it over.This comes from a top source in Essex."

Have also heard this story is being promulgated to undermine the growing number of disaffected BNP members who have, and are still defecting to the NF.

Just Gri££in trying to throw a spanner in the nationalist works as usual?. Whatever the truth is, people need to come out and tell exactly what it is they know and not leave it to the propagandists and rumour mongers.

Pip pip

Billinge lump said...

Why is StHelens gobshite Tex Oakes giving it the 'big un' ?

Has he found another black to hold his hand ?

Tex you will have an heart attack at your age offering threats that is in your past, maybe 40 years ago.

The BNP used to stand against non-whites in the BNP.

Why did you join ?

NWN Admin said...

well lets have the truth/ I brought the Ghanian to the meeting at Sthelens the sole responsibility is mine, TERENCE>OAKES so if any of you wish to see me i will be at the next St helens meeting so put your money were your mouth is come and see me personally or shut the F/UP / I had good reason to do what i did the result is thousands of u-kip votes.The people who have attacked me in the streets have been white UAF scum, NO blacks, I would rather have not as a member but at a meeting a man or woman who loves our culture and loves nick griffin because of his stance on the E/u getting out of it, this is an educated man who has wrote several books he respects you and respects our nation . unlike the axis of evil the lib/lab/con who are white shi** and are hell bent on destroying us.they are the enemy wake up before it is to late

12 March 2010 19:53

The above was posted this evening to a thread that is over a year old.

Anonymous said...

E. N. Ronn said...

"Cherchez la femme. You'll find her in Oxfordshire."

So I hear. She's a pleasant woman, but naive enough to believe in Gri££o. She is terrified of being outed as a BNP supporter

Luckily for her, I am of better moral character than Gri££o, so won't do to one of his supporters what he would do to one of his factional opponents with malicious glee . . . such as publish a letter that I have from her!

Anonymous said...

Hello, has Griffin got a fancy woman then ?

Anonymous said...

Griffin is in contempt of court by opening up the membership this weekend, I should imagine that an injunction will be served on him by Monday? The reason Griffin is trying to jump the gun is he wants to sign up that Asian Rag-head in time for him to contest a seat on May 6th and also wants to get more subs in fill his coffers. The judge will not look to kindly on him, but that fact that he is not appealing will probably mean he will only get a fine? This below is from The Times today?

"The BNP will have to inform its members of any changes by Monday, and then meet the order to the court’s satisfaction before it can accept new members.

Mr Griffin said that he would not appeal against the ruling, a decision that may prove unpopular with the hard core of his party.

The commission said that it doubted whether Mr Griffin had the power to make such changes without consulting BNP members. It indicated that it would take the party back to court if it did not remove the offending clauses in the constitution.

An injunction was placed on the far-right party preventing it from accepting new members until it complied with race relations laws. The BNP is also likely to be financially crippled after Judge Paul Collins ordered costs against it."

Anonymous said...

How come that thick cunt Clive Jefferson is on Wages he as only been a member of the party for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

The incompetent, treacherous, one-eyed spiv was on the radio this morning listen to the interview here, just hear him with absolute glee announce that non-Whites are welcome into the party.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Latest from Darby's blog, 'outflank them' you dumb idiot Darby they crucified Griffin! We lost because of Griffin's utter incompetent and complete mismanagement! Talk about spin?

"Going back to yesterday's ruling, I don't think the EHRC understand the complexities of our new constitution or the simple mechanics of politics. By detaching the relevant sections from the conditions of membership, we were able to outflank them at a stroke to their obvious annoyance."

Anonymous said...

BNP faces poll battle with Front

By Vincent Moss 14/03/2010 Sunday Mirror


National Front extremists will fight the rival British National Party at the general election.

The clash follows a court ban on the BNP accepting new members because its rules are loaded against non-whites.

Nf activists claim their membership has surged by 70 per cent, swelled by BNP defectors angry at attempts to force them to comply with anti-racism laws.

The National Front hopes to field 25 election candidates, including one against BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Anti-fascist group Searchlight's spokesman said: "Griffin's humiliation has enraged his members."

Anonymous said...

Why is McBride (BNP Candidate for Tunbridge Wells) hiding behind dark glasses? Something to hide? He is related to Dodgy Dowson.

Anonymous said...

"Spanish Patriot given 33-month prison sentence for incitement against Jews"

From the World Jewish Congress website

Anonymous said...

This was in the Observer newspaper yesterday, if there are coppers infiltrating the Reds they are also spying and subverting in Nationalist parties?

"Undercover policeman reveals how he infiltrated UK's violent activists.

For four years, Officer A lived a secret life among anti-racist activists as they fought brutal battles with the police and the BNP. Here he tells of the terrifying life he led, the psychological burden it placed on him and his growing fears that the work of his unit could threaten legitimate protest"

Anonymous said...

is there any truth that nikie sinclair the sex change freek who ukip booted out last week is joining the bnp?

Anonymous said...

Incredibly the 11th constitution is still displayed on the BNP's website, strangely we have never seen a draft of the full 12th constitution, but today Griffin has published the amendments to the 12th constitution, that he agreed to change under his own authority in court on Friday.

Anonymous said...

The Rag Head joins the BNP, what a bloody disgrace!!!!!!

"BNP leader Nick Griffin welcomed Mr Singh’s announcement, calling it a “brave step for truth."

Anonymous said...

Jobs for the boys Giffin and Darby and all the usual cronies of Griffin are creaming it in at the expence of the membership! IT BLOODY STINKS OF FRAUD******

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...