Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only the BNP Can Save Britain from the “Terror” of Islamist Colonisation and Protect British Identity, Says First Sikh Member

Only the British National Party can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today.

Speaking after being given his party membership card, Mr Singh said he was determined to ensure that the BNP’s “message was heard without distortions and lies.

“All of the other parties follow policies which will result in the Islamification of Britain,” Mr Singh said.

“Already there are over 85 sharia law courts operating in Britain, all with legal force and recognised by the state.

“Sharia law is becoming entrenched in financial institutions as well. This is the direct result of the policies followed by Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dems who have encouraged Islamic immigration,” Mr Singh said.

“I know first-hand the results of Islamist colonisation. I saw what happened to my homeland when it was overrun by Islamists and I do not want that horror visited upon Britain.

“This is tied up very closely to the question of the identity of the British people.

“I am a Sikh and proud to be so, and I respect and support the right of British people to be proud of who they are, and their right to remain the majority population in their homeland.

“No one in India would want that subcontinent to become majority Chinese. The Indian people would reject that as colonisation, which it would be.

“The same goes for Britain,” Mr Singh said, adding that there was a huge difference between small-scale immigration and what is happening today in Britain.

BNP leader Nick Griffin welcomed Mr Singh’s announcement, calling it a “brave step for truth.

Mr Singh, for whom I have the greatest respect and the pleasure to have had as a friend for many years, knows the truth about the BNP, and we welcome his support in the common struggle against the Islamist menace which threatens all lands and people.”

The British National Party has issued a high resolution picture of Rajinder Singh and his BNP membership card for copyright free use by the media on the condition that the party is credited for the image.



NWN : So much for, it was 'forced' on to the BNP. Griffin has wanted this all along !


Anonymous said...

Rob Walker · 10 minutes ago
On behalf of Northants East BNP I welcome Rajinder to our group.

Yuk !

Anonymous said...

Ian · 2 hours ago
Welcome Raj

I am not a racist. I enjoy curry, meeting new people, and travelling abroad. I have asian friends.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Griffins new BNP.

There is not one message of opposition on the main BNP website to this story.

Anonymous said...

The BNP website would not allow one message of opposition to appear. And Griffin has the cheek to call the BBC and other media outlets 'state controlled'.

The irony just doesn't occur to him, does it?

Anonymous said...

The reason for that is the Stalinist way Gri££in and his Jewish pal Bennett run the website, no dissenters at all allowed!

Anonymous said...

This BNP poster is named after a Marxist Negro anti-White Terrorist!!!!!

Rajinder, you are held in the highest regard by everyone who has met you, and although we've never met I wish you the best of everything. I enthusiastically welcome Sikhs into the party and hope to be bringing in at least two families into the mix myself

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a lot of scum in the BNP named Walker, John, Mark, Adam now Rob. These bastards deserve a severe beating?

Anonymous said...

I bet Gri££in will be standing this Rag-Head Wog in the General Election in a seat?

Henry said...

He has paid Griffin for this and you've seen the evidence in Singh's own words on this very site. See here:

Singh was born in what is Pakistan - it doesn't matter if he worships Allah, a Guru, or a Hindu cow, he's still a Paki.

Griffin talks now of the 'Islamist menace' but I remember a time when he sat on the floor of Colonel Gaddafi's tent and supped goats-head soup in the hope of receiving Islamic money from a Muslim who had put Semtex and AK47s into the hands of the Marxist boyos of the Provisional IRA Belfast Brigade.

Someone needs to develop a deadly virus that attacks people who are vulnerable to being hoodwinked by Griffin, and release it into the community forthwith.

Saltdean Sofa Soaker said...

They are all as bad as each other. Griffin will get him to join as life member too.

Anonymous said...

i recall that when the 1st wave of immigrants arrived just after the war, we were told that there wouldnt be many of them. Now look at the country, the same will happen with the BNP. Thank god i cancelled my membership. I only join nationalist parties not multi ethnic ones.

Anonymous said...

Why is this sikh holding up a 2009 BNP membership card?
Did Griffin let him join last year?

Anonymous said...

gri££in has wanted this indian in the bnp for a long time, that's why he lied and had no intention of fighting the court case. more indian famlies set to join? just goes to show how gormless bnp member's can be.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Singh, for whom I have the greatest respect"
but not the grunts who are a bunch of c**ts.

Anonymous said...

There are now 304 comments on the BNP website supporting this bloody Wog, including Dodgy Dowson who's eyes must be ringing up £ signs as he thinks of all those gullible brown skins he can con out of cash, as the supply of stupid Whites is running out?

WELL DONE! i think this is a watershed in UK nationalist politics. the times they are indeed ,a changing. a very brave , open and honorable move by the party. the old racist tag now shed what on earth will the Times and the other media leaches write about?

Welcome Rajinder. Things are going our way I think! I found out about the British National Party from some Hindu Asians who changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes.

Mr Singh for candidate as an MP!! That would be fantastic!

Nemesis said...

Griffin and his idiotic, power-hungry corrupt cabal could only have got as far as this and have ruined the BNP this much were it not for the BNP Sheeple, a majority of individuals who have now not only discredited themselves but have discredited white nationalism.

The BNP Sheeple = Balls of paper mache

Richard Chadfield said...

Griffin talks now of the 'Islamist menace' but I remember a time when he sat on the floor of Colonel Gaddafi's tent and supped goats-head soup in the hope of receiving Islamic money from a Muslim who had put Semtex and AK47s into the hands of the Marxist boyos of the Provisional IRA Belfast Brigade.16 March 2010 23:29
I remember that event as well. Early 1980's. I guess Mr Gaddafi is a bit more intelligent than the average BNP member since he chose not to part with his money. (did he think that he recognized a spiv? )He also demonstrated, to my mind, a sense of humour by giving his visitor a very large number of his Islamic 'green book' to distribute in Britain. These Islamic books were then dumped on NF units for education and onward distribution. How times have changed. But then one should never axpect a politician to be consistent in any facet other than self service. The love of self which needs to be fed with money and position transcends all other
loves ultimately.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Nemesis said...
For hire: The BNP membership.

Willing to vote on anything that you put in front of them!

Willing to do exactly as you please, and willingly vote to change party principles and values as you see fit, even to elect you as a dictator of your very own party!

Party leaders... don't make your political life difficult, allowing all those awful party members dictate to you what is in the best interests of democracy and party values.

Get rid of them! Replace them NOW with our supine and malleable membership. They'll eat out of your hand and will take any insult and believe any lie!

YES, IT'S TRUE! I've been a PARTY LEADER since 1999 and have steadily LIED and LIED and LIED to MY MEMBERS. Now they have given me the vote TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME to do exactly as I PLEASE!

NOT ONLY THAT... but I am able to run my party almost as a PARTY BUSINESS! So there's no need to flip your secondary residence or abuse your priveleges, or even to run your several off-shore businesses.

Just take over your party and DO JUST WHAT YOU WANT!!

We offer very generous rates to hire our party membership, and if you get any malcontents or dissidents - just expel them!! Yes, I've been able to cynically manipulate my membership for years now and any whiff of dissidence I just get rid of them, and hardly a squeak from the rest of them. AMAZING! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HOW NAIVE AND STUPID THEY ARE!

Just contact our sales team at Midas Consultancy and ask for Nick Griffin who'll discuss with you our very good rates.

Remember, how membership comes with a guarantee, your money back if not satisfied.

We have many GOLD MEMBERS and LIFE MEMBERS who have brought into my amazing salesmanship when I conned them all into putting even more money into the business when I fooled them that the party was at stake.

They are available for any rainbow or multicultural party as I've now managed to train them all to accept all members of any kind and race and religion (apart from Muslims, but I'm working on that with the big boys over in Israel and the Global Elite).


THE BNP MEMBERSHIP - like turkeys voting for Christmas, docile, weak and naive.


Anonymous said...

Nemesis - You've just hit the nail right on the head.

loyal member said...

I had a little holiday in my heart when I read that Raj Singh had finally been granted membership of the BNP. Who deserves it more?

I've no idea whether Raj wants to stand for MP or not but if he wants to put his name forward he'll certainly get my support.

Stop whinging losers - the debate is over, the job is done.

Anonymous said...

American jewish playwright Ben Hecht, 'I make a little holiday in my heart'.

Anyone see the similarity with the above and Loyal members post ?

Anonymous said...

Who remembers the old sticker with the 3 sikhs that said;

we want your jobs

we want your homes

we want your country !

Anonymous said...

There is a follow up article concerning the copper that infiltrated the Reds back in the 1990s on the Guardian website today.
"Hackney activists from the time remember Officer A of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), or "Peter Daley" as we knew him, as hardworking. When he disappeared in mid-1997, saying he was moving to Greece, he suggested we sell the contents of his flat to raise funds for the cause.

More seriously, they also recall that Peter did not fully agree with our position on how to defeat the BNP. We explained that defeating racist and fascist groups is a political task which required patient campaigning in working-class communities, rather than street fighting. Peter wasn't as convinced of our position as he could have been and tended to argue for brawling with the BNP. Was he sent in partly as provocateur?"


Watch interesting video link



How is it possible for this paki to champion the rights of the English people,since his very existence is destructive to our society?

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...