Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nick Griffins private emails - the plan to impose non-whites into the BNP

I'm about to upload what Griffin and Darby have been plotting since 2004

Hold onto your hats

Here we have Simon Darby discussing non white membership.

Please observe the dates

>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From:
>> To:
>> Cc: ; ;
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>> ;
>> Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 5:38 PM
>> Subject: RE: non white membership
>> > Dear All,
>> >
>> > I have now had a chance to catch up on this debate and would like to
>> > suggest the following:
>> >
>> > 1. We make (in selected cases) an added requirement for membership.
>> > That
>> > being the form of an exam or test based upon British History/Culture
>> > for
>> > example. We could even go to an intrinsic level and set a test on the
>> > history of British Nationalism.
>> > A pain in the backside, but probably only necessary in a dozen or so
> cases
>> > a year.
>> > We would be thoroughly justified in checking that people were joining
> for
>> > the right reasons. It would be our equivalent of "stop and search".
>> > 2. The idea that Lee Robinson came up with concerning the limited
> company
>> > is very interesting. Of course nobody, even if they are black, has the
>> > right to join the board of a company, that has to be earned.
>> > We could create an inner tier of membership that could perhaps use a
>> > recommendation system of current members with regards potential new
>> > members in the same way that golf clubs do to keep out the riff-raff.
>> > 3. I agree that signing a statement of our aims should be added as a
>> > membership requirement. This could be as "strong" as we like and as
>> > well
>> > as putting off undesirables would help prevent against another "Maureen
>> > Stowe".
>> > 4. Is there not a legal entitlement to freedom of association?
>> > 5. The CRE letter should go online ASAP as others have suggested or
>> > else
>> > people might think we are pulling a fast one to let them in.
>> > 6. I am sure the papers would be very interested in this story, "The
> Asian
>> > who demands to join the BNP". Would he be so keen to press his case if
> his
>> > face and address were all over the newspapers?
>> > 7. If the CRE really do go for this we ought to use this to do as much
>> > damage to them ASAP. We can highlight the disproportionately ethnic
> staff
>> > and the fact that they leave ethnic only groups alone.As such could we
> not
>> > look at the concept of malicious prosecution?
>> > We can portray this as an attempt by foreigners to basically deny white
>> > Europeans the right to their own identity. They should be left in no
> doubt
>> > that we will milk the publicity mercilessly and that in itself might
> make
>> > them get cold feet.
>> > 8. Can we not glean anything from the way the trade unions appear to
> have
>> > successfully kept/kicked us out?
>> >
>> > Still thinking about some other stuff, but we must not allow ourselves
> to
>> > be panicked into making what could be a catastrophic decision.
>> >
>> > Simon
>> >
>> >
>> >
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Anonymous said...

Griffin has always wanted non-whites in the BNP. This court case is a sham.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I thought Nick was brilliant. Now with all this plus seeing friends being frozen out of the BNP or leaving through disillusionment its obvious something is seriously wrong.

Theres something wrong with our bloody ships - Admiral Jackie Fisher

Anonymous said...

this is worth a post on NWN taken from the birmingham patriot :

Monday, 15 March 2010
So where's the money Tanya Lumby?

At a recent meeting of The East Birmingham branch of the British National Party in Acocks Green, there was an unanswered controversy that unfolded before the bewildered eyes of members and other attendees.

The new fundholder had earlier been introduced as Mr Rob Offord, husband of Amanda Offord, both activists from Moseley.

A collection took place and money collected was, as is tradion, placed in a hat.

Rather than new fund-holder Mr Offord count the money in the presence of the rest of the room, as is usual, instead the group organiser Tanya Jane Whitehead-Lumby, took the money away and counted it in private.

It was estimated by many there, and from 'known' donations that around £1500 was 'in the hat', including £500 from the host, and several £100 and £50 donations from working members.

Yet following Lumby's return, it was announced that £950 was collected.

Amid the gasps from dumbfounded open mouths the recently declared bankrupt Mrs Lumby thanked the room for their generosity!

Mrs Lumby also 'assists' in collections for other groups in the area, and questions must now be asked about the virtue of re-instating the BNP membership (during a membership freeze?) of both of the Lumbys who were quite vocal four months ago in their resignation of the jobs within the party and their membership.

The Lumbys and The Offords were also main protagonists in hounding several BNP members from the party during 2009

Anonymous said...

Another leak from Kenny Smith I see, just as he was coming on the payroll. Interesting to see his treachery goes back that far.

Anonymous said...


We know where you live said...

Oh and by the way Kenny if you are reading this, you keep on doing this shit and someone is going to turn your world upside down, still working for the Child Support agency?, wonder waht they would make of a Nazi like you working for them. What would threy make of you on video attending a Racial Volunteer Force rally in Glasgow or the German eale and Swastika tatoo on your chest you fucking cunt!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Griffin was planning non-White admittance at least from 2002 as the interviews with the Observer and Independent on Sunday of that year show. Several BNP officials at the time including Wingfield, Lecomber (supposedly a hard-liner) and Colin Smith were pushing for it. I personally strongly suspect that Griffin was nobbled by the State to hijack the BNP and used these 3 unscrupulous jailbirds to spread this policy within the ranks?

Anonymous said...

Darby is dodgy, full stop!!!!!!!! Remember the National Democrats party, which Darby was a leading player in, they wanted Wogs in their movement, the Wingfields were in that party as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting insight into how the Police infiltrate and subvert political groups published in yesterday's Guardian newspaper, also very interesting video. I'm certain Darby,Griffin and the Wingfields were sent in to hijack the BNP and mould in into an Establishment pressure valve?

"Hackney activists from the time remember Officer A of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), or "Peter Daley" as we knew him, as hardworking. When he disappeared in mid-1997, saying he was moving to Greece, he suggested we sell the contents of his flat to raise funds for the cause.

More seriously, they also recall that Peter did not fully agree with our position on how to defeat the BNP. We explained that defeating racist and fascist groups is a political task which required patient campaigning in working-class communities, rather than street fighting. Peter wasn't as convinced of our position as he could have been and tended to argue for brawling with the BNP. Was he sent in partly as provocateur?"

Watch interesting video link of interview with undercover copper:

Anonymous said...

and we voted on it in 2004 and it was defeated, so your point is ???

Revelations ch 3 para 9 said...

Lecomber wasn't for ethnic invaders in the party. Infact he had Back stabber Butler expelled from the party for making a speech saying invaders should join the BNP.
P.S What ever happened to Sarah Paine of Sheffield, was she purged?

Anonymous said...

Darby is a thieving bastard he takes four wages from the BNP. He is a sniveling little coward and right up griffs arse.

Anonymous said...

"Lecomber wasn't for ethnic invaders in the party"

Lecomber was heard several times backing his one-eyed boss on the issue, he also was one of the first to get friendly with the Jewess from Epping, he invited to his BBQ. As for Sarah, she had a nervous break-down.

Anonymous said...

Jailbirds Smith & Lecomber were two the most prominent people spreading lies about John Tyndall and trying to discredit him. These two arch-Griffintes are both pieces of shit!

Anonymous said...

I found this rather interesting.

Anonymous said...

{ example. We could even go to an intrinsic level and set a test on the
>> > history of British Nationalism.}

If that part was made folk Nationalism it could make sense.

{>> > the right reasons. It would be our equivalent of "stop and search".}

Interesting wording because right reason belongs to common law.

"And there is another strong argument in law, Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitem; for reason is the life of the law, nay the common law itself is nothing else but reason, gotten by long study, observation, and experience, and not of every man's natural reason; for, Nemo nascitur artifex. This legall reason est summa ratio. Section 97b.

Remember in this multi-cult age, no other culture can claim the customs that you hold from mind.

"The Laws of England may aptly enough be divided into two

Kinds, viz. Lex Scripta, the written Law: and Lex non Scripta,

the unwritten Law: For although (as shall be shewn hereafter) all

the Laws of this Kingdom have some Monuments or Memorials thereof

in Writing, yet all of them have not their Original in Writing;

for some of those Laws have obtain'd their Force by immemorial

Usage or Custom, and such Laws are properly call'd Leges non

Scriptae, or unwritten Laws or Customs."

ex-bnp said...

Quote 'Another leak from Kenny Smith I see, just as he was coming on the payroll. Interesting to see his treachery goes back that far'
19 March 2010 10:00

Do you really believe that? Where’s your evidence you little moron? I'd love to see it.

ex-bnp said...

Quote 'Oh and by the way Kenny if you are reading this, you keep on doing this shit and someone is going to turn your world upside down, still working for the Child Support agency?, wonder waht they would make of a Nazi like you working for them. What would threy make of you on video attending a Racial Volunteer Force rally in Glasgow or the German eale and Swastika tatoo on your chest you fucking cunt!'

19 March 2010 10:05

Big man you are then you cowardly scum. Making threats against a mans livelihood while he tries to put food on the table for his two kids. You see he’s not on the dole unlike scrounging bums like you.

You have no evidence that he has anything whatsoever to do with this. However if you do, post it up or shut you mouth.

Anonymous said...

I've just received another begging letter from Gri££in, this time he wants money to set up a 'media fighting machine,' including sending some of his chums on a 'extensive professional media training' course, (I wonder if that another Dowson venture?) Gri££in lets slip near the end of the begging letter 'Imagine our own team of spin doctors.' Well the euphemism for a spin doctor is a person adapt at lying, deceiving and creating myths and falsehoods etc, very fitting for Gri££in & smug Darby?

Anonymous said...

ex-bnp lay off Kenny, it's Gri££in and his devious State chums who are the enemy!

Anonymous said...

MORE from Darby SOUR GRAPES lol

BBC Tricks
Having got back from Belgium yesterday it didn't take me long before I was in a UK TV studio. Driving through Birmingham for a noon appointment at the BBC's "Mailbox" the iPhone "Co-Pilot" SatNav facility predicted accurately that I would be ten minutes late.

Arriving at reception I didn't have to wait long before the BBC's Colin Pemberton was escorting me to the editing room. I've known Colin for over ten years after having met during a live broadcast from the Black Country Museum in which the Green candidate made a complete fool of herself over me contesting the European elections.

Knowing that the filming that they had done yesterday had focused on Stoke I was expecting at least a reference to the Labour Party's huge local problems culminating in an MP for nearly thirty years sensationally pulling out of the general election. However, wanting to actually film my reaction to a interview with Alby Walker, they were in for a shock when I refused to be recorded until I had seen the footage.

Having seen the below the belt attack launched by Alby and the BBC I asked Mr Pemberton, with Labour on the point of total collapse in the city, why on earth did he not focus his report on that. There was no proper answer and so I put the question in more blunt terms. "How are you going to feel when your children have to endure the nightmare of a future Islamic republic knowing that you took money to try and stitch up the BNP, the only organisation able to stop the process?"

He didn't like that and the two TV crew present looked visibly shocked as well, awkwardly shuffling around and not knowing where to put themselves and their freshly stimulated consciences. We will have to wait until the weekend to see what goes out, but in reality it is quite a compliment that Labour are having to desperately call in favours from the BBC in order to blatantly warp the coverage against a political rival they so obviously fear.

As for Alby, it turns out that he has just been given a directorship, fat salary and a brand new car from a Stoke-based windows company. This firm handles a large amount of contracts with various councils across the country.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Stampton has been raided by the Anti-Terrorist Squad.

Somebody has done him up like a Kipper, he is as much a threat as pond full of ducks whose nasal passages are shot to hell.

Anonymous said...

Stamptons arrest story was first broken on the Nationalists Online forum here;

Anonymous said...

Don't go for a pint on St.Paddys day with "Andy" from VNN. The hangover lasts for 2 days and the pounding in your head sounds like the front door getting kicked in. Oh wait it was the front door getting kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Eddy Stampton's had his back door knocked in. Bet its not the first time thats happened.

Anonymous said...

How come Eddie Stampton gets raided but all the people associated with Combat 18, the RVF, British Movement and other Blood and Honour groups are left alone. Very strange???

Revelations Ch3 pa 9 said...

Stampton's blog was not undated from the time his mate got out of prison(can't remember his name).
Thought he was up to something. Word on street is that he's gone abit mad.

Loyal Scottish Nationalist said...

Piss poor threats against Kenny Smith. He's never hidden his views or his whereabouts. If you know where he lives pay him a visit. I'm pretty sure he'd sort you out, In fact I'm pretty sure his missus could kick your arse too and he's plenty support up here if you want to turn up mob handed. You ain't got evidence of shit you pathetic scumbag. It's just more lies from the Griffin camp 'cos Kenny's got One Lamp and 5IMon on the run in the court case. It's smear after smear and none of it sticks. Fuck off back up One Lamp's arse you pathetic coward.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Kenny works where it has been claimed in one of the comments above, but shame on you NWN for allowing that post through and potentially risking his livelihood. The man has two young kids to keep. Do the decent thing and pull that comment.

EX AC member said...

"Fuck off back up One Lamp's arse you pathetic coward."

I'll back that up. Kenny is a total 100% genuine nationalist and comrade. He has never betrayed anyone who is genuine but has helped expose the scum and traitors who have been in and continue to be in the BNP. I am happy to call Kenny a mate and a true comrade in the struggle. His wife is one to make most nationalists envy. She is 100% nationalist and like many of her forebears would be on the battlefield alongside, not behind, the menfolk. Griffin seems to attract gutless w4nkers these days and filth who hide behind the anonymity of their keyboards. What utter ba5tards you are. Wouldnt surprise me if this wasnt the work of some toad who sits on the AC and makes a handsome (unlike himself!) profit from the mugs who donate to the BNP. No names needed but one ugly c8nt who tries it on with underage girls springs to mind.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...