Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ernst Zundel walks free from Mannheim jail after 7 year jail sentence for 'thought crimes'.


Anonymous said...

Gri££in will feel left out tomorrow, I bet he would love to be on this Zionist bandwagon? At least he has two thing in common with old Geert, they both support Gay Rights and war criminal Churchill!

"Mr Wilders has sought to distance himself and his party from the traditional standard-bearers of the extreme Right in Europe. He has made no contact with the BNP. “I’m very afraid of being linked with the wrong rightist fascist groups.” His prime political role models are said to be Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill."

Anonymous said...

I see Richard Edmonds was there, I wonder what his pal Griffin will say to that, it doesn't quiet fit in with the new multi-racial BNP?

Nice to see Mr Zundel in such good heath, the bastards didn't break is spirit, a real victory for Racial Nationalism world-wide, best wishes to all other revisionists still imprisoned by the ZOG controlled German government. Incidentally very much like the music!

richard chadfield said...

4th March 2010 19:26
"His prime political role models are said to be Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill."

I really can not imagine two more appalling individuals to have as your role models than Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill. Putting it in simplistic terms(media terms) W.C saved us from the Germans and M.T saved us from the reds. The reality is that they delivered us into our present rotten corrupt undemocratic society. Those who would claim these creatures as their role models have nothing to offer. People who need to fall back on role models (a newish 'concept' I believe) are simply indicating their inability for independent thought. Shun them.
Also those who use the enemies language define themselves as having nothing to offer. Only those utterly defeated use their enemies language. Thoughts need a language to express themselves in. If you allow some one (the enemy) to dictate the language you censor (castrate) your thoughts. And if you can not fully express your thoughts you are defeated and enslaved. Therefore,beware of those however genuine they may appear to be, who use the enemies language. Perhaps they are just fools but certainly they are not your saviours. Shun them.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

well done richard edmonds for turning up to greet ernst ,some on here were denouncing him as a traitor 3 weeks ago

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
well done richard edmonds for turning up to greet ernst ,some on here were denouncing him as a traitor 3 weeks ago

5 March 2010 09:54


And what do you call voting for non-whites in the BNP ?

Edmonds dumped on John Tyndall !

Why does Edmonds go running off to Europe when he does nothing here in the UK anymore ?

Anonymous said...

Informative read.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds didnt do himself any favours siding with Griffin yet again.

Anonymous said...

Zundel has more bravery in his little finger than those 300 traitors (excluding the deluded Edmonds) who sold the party down the river.

Can you imagine Gri££in risking life, home and liberty for his political beliefs, he would not even risk his Euro salary on fighting the EHRC in court.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds shouldn't have his feet in both camps, siding with Gri££in equates to a muti-racial rag tag BNP. You can't be pro-Revisionist & Racial Nationalist one day and civic nationalist / pro multi-racial the next? Sounds like a case of a split personality?

Anonymous said...

Griffin would never go to prison for principles, Mr Zundel is a incredible hero of the White race, 7 years inside for thought crimes and he comes out smiling, good luck to him in his future pursuits. Incidentally he is still be punished, he can't meet up with his wife as she is barred from German and he can't have his Canadian passport back. He may have to apply for a German (EU) one. He will always be welcomed in Britain!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the multi-racial EDL have out done Griffin they have two Sikhs in their movement Amit Singh and Guramit Singh. I suppose after Tuesday Griffin will be recruiting more?

Anonymous said...

The bloody fool Jefferson has let the cat out of the bag and just prior to the court case on Tuesday, anybody would think that he did it deliberately? Will Griffin sack him?

BNP in apartheid bid to keep party racist

EXCLUSIVE by Gary Anderson 7/03/2010 Sunday Mirror

Two-tier system of 'founder members' and 'new members' to keep control out of the hands of ethnic minorities who join

BNP chiefs are plotting to keep ethnic minorities out of the party by introducing an apartheid-style membership system.

The leadership has revealed plans to give special “founder member” status to whites who joined before the party was forced to drop its racist constitution.

Earlier this month the party was threatened with legal sanctions if it refused to admit non-whites.

The move will effectively create a two-tier system with newer members, including all ethnic minorities, treated as second-class citizens.

Leader Nick Griffin and his cronies will be able to exclude black and Asian members by designating meetings and decisions for “founder members” only.

Earlier this month Clive Jefferson, one of Griffin’s most trusted henchmen, spoke at a closed ­meeting in Cumbria and ­explained how party bosses plan to get around the new membership rules.

Jefferson, who regularly ­accompanies Euro MP Griffin on trips to Brussels, told the ­meeting: “There will be teams of militant Asians and Islamics joining to cause disruption – and there’s no question about that.

“There’s things in the ­constitution about founder membership, so what we can do in the north-west is stop that ­happening, ­because we’ll be ­having ­meetings of the ­founder members only. It’s at the discretion of organisers – they can invite whoever they want.”

Sources told the Sunday Mirror they ­expected “founder member” status would be granted to members who had been with the party for two years when the new ­constitution was passed on ­February 14.

Sikh Rajinder Singh, 78 – ­recently unveiled as the party’s first non-white member ­– could become a victim of the clause.

The BNP party hierarchy hopes to avoid new legal challenges, ­because the ­terminology involved does not mention skin colour.

Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham, said: “This shows that changes to the BNP constitution are a ­hollow sham.”

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It's unusual for Gri££in to miss a media opportunity especially with his inflated ego, it looks like Carman must have a lot of shit on him?

"Elections in London: Nick Griffin declines to appear on BBC Politics Show"

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow witness gross treachery in action at the Central London County Court as Griffin drives a stake through the heart of the BNP!!!!

Allied Propaganda said...

Yes well done Richard Edmonds for keeping good old fashioned holocasust denail on the BNP agenda jsut the sort of election publicity we need! PRICK! In fact PRICKS the lot of you. We all know what went on and the lies the jews tell, but how the fuck is this going to make the BNP electable.

Anonymous said...

Edmonds is a prat.

He voted for non-whites into the BNP together with Griffins useful idiots.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...