Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alby Walker to fight Stoke Central as Independent

The BNP has already selected its three candidates to stand in Stoke-on-Trent's parliamentary constituencies.

But BNP deputy leader Simon Darby will now definitely come face-to-face with Alby Walker after the city councillor confirmed he is standing as an Independent in Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Mr Walker quit as the BNP's Stoke-on-Trent leader earlier this year after becoming disillusioned with party politics.

Mr Walker's campaign is being funded by an un-named benefactor after his £500 deposit was paid by two elderly constituents.

He said: "I have applied for the election pack which I expect to receive once the election date is announced.
"I am standing but can always do with extra funding for leaflets and posters."


Anonymous said...

All the best to Alby, i hope he gives devious darby a run for his money. Has Alby got a contact address, i would like to make a donation to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why, do Griffin & Darby parachute themselves in pushing local people out in these elections ?

Walker should be the BNP candidate in Stoke, and Barnbrook should be the candidate in Barking.

Anonymous said...

They just can't resist the lure of a £65,000 salary plus expenses and second homes. I'm sure Darby is just pining for his very own duck house!

Long time activist. said...

I have had so much trouble from Griffin i have had to leave the party.
I could write a book about it. I would have died for this party but not now.
Something is very wrong. This has been going on for 30 years now.I think most of us are in denial, we know what is happening but we just can't believe it and hope we are wrong.
I have witnessed things in the past that have been unreported on Blog's like this.
I just hope i'm wrong.

Richard Chadfield said...

Has Alby got a contact address, i would like to make a donation to his campaign.

11 March 2010 15:46
Mr Walker's contact details on on the Stoke council website. The page is:

Hope this helps.

Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

good luck alby. you are the right person to represent the people of stoke. you are the one who has done the hard work their over a good many year's. i am glad that you are not standing for the bmp.

Anonymous said...

I've just been looking back at some of Gri££in's past contradictory utterances.

"Blacks in the BNP? This is an area where there are two motives for suggesting the thing in question. A few individuals - the good-hearted but politically naive -think it would be a good thing because it would help us to overcome the 'racist' tag... Others - the enemy plants and the plain malcontents - know that it isn't really going to happen...
"The BNP's constitution expressly states that only individuals of British (i.e. English. Scots, Welsh and Irish) or closely kindred European stock may join as members. Not only do I not intend to try to change this fundamental rule, but I would vigorously oppose anyone else attempting to push for such a change..."
Nick Griffin (Identity magazine, December 2003)

POSTSCRIPT: Just seven months after these words were written. Mr. Griffin attempted to push for a change in the very rules of membership he had said he would defend, the pretext for this being anticipated new legislation that would force the party to accept non-white members - a supposition for which there was not the slightest foundation. Less than three weeks after that, Mr. Griffin altered direction again, announcing on the BNP website that the change in membership rules would not be made after all - this being in response to massive grass-roots opposition from the party.

Anonymous said...

Need i say more about the current BNP who are being brainwashed ? I had a call from a mate about this situation who was told by his organiser Alby was state etc and blah,blah,blah ! good luck Alby you like the rest of us have been shit on and have our moral support.

Anonymous said...

Darby is a total liar, the reason he kept away was that Alby was there, Darby is chicken shit! I found this on this blog

"I had kept it to myself but I was supposed to be debating against various candidates including a Labour MP tonight at Victoria Hall Stoke."

Anonymous said...

The BNP is not a party.

It's a one man band run by a dictator which relies on a constant turnover of new and naive people to keep functioning - excepting those drawing huge salaries who may find themselves executed at a moment's notice.

People are so desperate about the condition of the nation they have shut their eyes.

A setup like this can never become a real political force by definition. One man band politics can never amount to more than a protest.

But most simply don't want to hear that. As one poster said 'They hope they are wrong'.

You can get over paranoid about the reasons for the above though.

Fact is that if people find they can get other people to work for them for nothing while minting it themselves they will become increasingly arrogant and indifferent to anything but their own advantage. You get that in all kinds of organisations including and particularly charities. On your knees or you are out.

The beneficiaries often become psychopsthic in their behaviour even if they did not have personalities of that kind at the outset.

Look at it from Griffin's viewpoint. He's never had a proper career scraping along but suddenly finds himself surrounded by fawning minions. He can find people desperate to spend their time for nothing promoting his personality cult and handing over their cash as well few questions asked!! (You'd better not).

Some of us have tried to point out for years that the BNP is a classic cult not unlike scientology. Quite a few have twigged at last but it's taken them a decade. Frankly they've been very slow witted.

The damage is terrible. The nationalist vote is now largely siphoned off into a dead end.

Anonymous said...

Seems this person is unhappy with us.



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