Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weyman Upsets ANTIFA

The UAF leadership, namely one Weyman Bennett , has once again claimed that his organisation is the leading light in the tradition of militant anti-fascism in Britain today.

Just days after a UAF march led to some of the marchers succesfully chasing Griffin away from a press conference outside the Houses of Parliament, Bennett wasted no time in publicly declaring that the UAF stand firmly in the tradition that previously saw Moseley's Blackshirts smashed of the streets of London in the 1930's.

Bennett is an opportunist and an outright liar. As a member of the Socialist Workers Party, who have a history of 'self declared leadership' of popular struggles this is hardly surprising.

While eggs may have been thrown last week, in itself hardly a 'militant' act of much pedigree but an act newsworthy enough to prompt a media frenzy, those involved were most likely not themselves members of the UAF, and the lack of media footage of Bennett himself getting 'stuck in' is noticeably absent as always.

The truth is that the SWP and all their political front groups have contributed far more to actually boosting BNP membership than they have to confronting it.

One of the leading groups in the 1980's physically confronting the BNP were Red Action, whose founding members were themselves originally from the SWP and their front group the Anti Nazi League.

These members were expelled for 'Squadism', or put simply, using violence and intimidation to break up meetings, marches and other gatherings of far right groups such as the National Front and the British Movement.

The idea behind the tactic was to intimidate groups seen as fascist, without generating media publicity for the far right. In short they were expelled for being part of the tradition of militant anti-fascism that Bennett is today claiming he and the UAF belong too.

Bennett is happy to co-operate with the state while declairing himself a militant.

So much so that a UAF march in Leeds yesterday led by Bennett himself, was halted by the UAF on the request of the police, so that the first Orange Order parade in 40 years could go ahead on time in the same location.

Now that's Bennett's 'militant anti-fascism' for you!


Link to article removed for our own safety

Yorkshire Post upsets UAF/SWP/Searchlight
The police should be ordered to put an immediate halt to the violent attacks on Griffin whenever he pokes his nose above the parapet.
One glance at these thugs shows them to be the same old Trotskyite rabble who have infested British politics for a generation: the same gang who used to shout down Denis Healey during Labour's deputy leadership contest.
Their latest stunt is to offer £200 to anyone who throws Indian food at Griffin. Masterminded by the subversive Socialist Workers Party, they cluster around every controversial issue like maggots on rotten meat.
They were behind the anti-police campaign after the shooting of the young Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes and they ran the Respect Party which put George Galloway into Parliament until he quarrelled with them. The BNP's success is music to their ears.
You will not see them standing for election because they know the voters have no time for them. So they operate like parasites. Their biggest success was setting up the Anti-Nazi League, which was just a SWP front but managed to fool many well-intentioned people.
Now they see the BNP as their next big chance. By inflicting damage on the Labour Party with their "entryism", they are a bigger menace than the BNP ever could be. They are the mirror image of the BNP. A plague on both their houses.


Anonymous said...

Fuck me! Hes one ugly fucker.

Its nice to see them squabbling amongst themselves.

Hope the ODP went well :)

Anonymous said...

They couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery lmao

Anonymous said...

These mad lefty groups have had their day. It's time people in the main parties stoppped using them for dirty work and it rebounds on them.

Anonymous said...

We will see how many they get out at Blackpool on Saturday.
If it's only a few thousand, then we will know they are all washed up.

Anonymous said...

Son of Idi Amin .


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff.

gr££in's good eye said...


Anonymous said...

Interestingly the UAF and Searchlight fell out with each other about 2 years ago over the subject of Zionism. Gable and his Jewish pals support the state of Israel and UAF the Palestinians. There has been a simular fall out within the Respect group as a lot of old Communist Jews and pro-Islamists have fallen out, even the SWP is in disarray over the Middle East issue.Even more interestly Gri££in supports Israel.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in & Darby's friends at the Italian Northern League have recently had a Negress elected as mayor, when will the new BNP follow?

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The communists have misjudged matters this time.

If you read widely the comment in the press about the intimidation outside the House of Commons 95% is unfavourable. The general theme has been freedom of speech rather than 'stop the Nazis'.

Unlike in the 1990s when the SWP -under one of their numerous aliases ANAL - for a while was able to ensnare quite a few naive celebs, the political wind has changed.

In the 1990s, they eventually casme to grief through the second Welling riot at which they bombarded the police with bricks from a cemetery wall they pulled down and beat a black policeman unconscious. The police pursued the worst offenders for years gradually rounding them up.

UAF, or whatever they are calling themselves today, have a big political problem in that they have really only one tactic - intimidation.

The public is now so sick of being intimidated by PC that intimidation as a political method is not seen in the way it once was. It used to be seen as an exciting day out in a cause where 'any means necessary' (as the left used to say) were justified.

Being on the receiving end was not something most people had experience of. Thanks to Labour they have now and intimidation no longer seems so romantic and utopian. More sordid and undemocratic.

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Worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Will Jewish John Bercow become the next Speaker of the UK House of Commons?

Jewish control of the UK government:

"It is said that becoming a Friend of Israel is a necessary stepping-stone to high office. As a result, supporters of that foreign power are embedded at all levels in the fabric of British political life and at the heart of the government.

"Eighteen months ago a group of concerned academics wrote to the Standards Committee complaining about Israel’s 'deep penetration' of our political system and how it prevented Britain from taking a principled stand on Middle East affairs, including the Iraq war and the never-ending violations of Palestinian human rights.

"They asked the committee to consider the activities of the Friends of Israel as a matter for urgent investigation. The chairman, Sir Christopher Kelly, refused." -

Anonymous said...

'Gri££in & Darby's friends at the Italian Northern League have recently had a Negress elected as mayor, when will the new BNP follow?'

May we express our regrets that Mr Darby missed out on becoming a millionaire recently.

Who is the latest BNP treasurer BTW? So difficult to keep up with all the head spinning changes.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you very much for drawing my attention to this very informative and important educative website, the Frankfurt School exponents are certainly a very devious lot and their plan to destabilise and destroy us must be exposed at every opportunity. Another point of enormous interest is the distorted media coverage of the Iranian elections, the CIA with treacherous Iranian dissidents are trying to create chaos in that country, it's interesting to study what's going on there so we understand what's going on behind the scenes in our own nation, please read report below.

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Very Interesting

Anonymous said...

Why won't the BNP give out the total number of members? Gri££in's body language is odd, why does he keep touching his sleeve? Wingfield's wife will be on the Brussels gravy train!

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Channel 4 news have under taken a hugh opinion survey, asking 32,000 questions after the BNP Euro results. One question on page 13 asks : "There is a major international conspiracy led by Jews & Communists to undermine traditionl Christian vales in Britian & other Western countries." 3% of people answered Completely True, 14% answered Partially True! In the party breakdown 19% of BNP voters said this statement was Partially True. The Frankfurt School promoters must be fuming?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why do they want to throw Indian food? Is it because these communist fraudsters secretly hate PAKIS?

Anonymous said...

You can not get away from facts!!!

Anonymous said...

Koogle, a kosher Google, launches
A kosher version of Google called Koogle, has been developed in Israel for Hebrew-speaking Orthodox Jews.

By Emma Barnett, Technology and Digital Media Correspondent
15 Jun 2009

The label 'Koogle' is a play on the name of a Jewish noodle pudding dish, known as kugel, and Google, the search market leader.
Devoutly religious Jews are restricted when surfing the web in case they should come across sexually explicit material.

However, Koogle, a new ‘kosher’ Hebrew-language search engine, could be set to change all of that. Yossi Altman developed the tool, which omits religiously objectionable material, and has gained approval from Orthodox rabbis.
How to use Google?s new search toolsThe search engine links to Israeli news and shopping sites but the results are filtered to exclude items deemed unsuitable.

"This is a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet,” Yossi Altman told Reuters, Jerusalem.

“The site was developed in part at the encouragement of rabbis who sought a solution to the needs of ultra-Orthodox Jews to browse the Web particularly for vital services,” he added.

Nothing can be posted on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath, as Jews are banned from all types of work and business activity. If Koogle users attempt to search for an item or post a message on the Sabbath, it crashes and won’t let you.
OH titter titter titter and a titter anything to make out theres a difference titter

Anonymous said...

Just had a call from someone out of the blue.

Joined the BNP a year or so ago and with others built up the local area. Flabbergasted when told by 'head office' via area organiser to close all down except leafleting. Traitor if disagrees with anything etc.

Left in disgust and disillusionment concluding the BNP is not a real party.

A familiar story all over methinks. Hardly needs UAF really when the BNP is doing the same job.

Anonymous said...


Jewish couple sue neighbours for 'imprisoning' them with automatic hallway light

: Dr Dena Coleman claims she and her husband would break a Sabbath prohibition if their movements trigger the light
A Jewish couple are suing their neighbours in a block of flats, saying an automatic security light is keeping them prisoner in their home because it forces them to break their Sabbath rules.
Dr Dena Coleman and husband Gordon claim they cannot leave their holiday flat on the Sabbath because when they do they automatically trigger the light in the communal hallway - contravening a religious ban on turning on electrical items from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday because it constitutes 'creating fire'.
They say their human rights are being breached and are now suing the flats' management company - their neighbours - for failing to accommodate their religion.
The other 35 owners of the seaside flats are liable to pay court costs if the claim is successful.
Dr Coleman, a 56-year-old headteacher at a Jewish orthodox school in London, has been visiting the £200,000 holiday flat in Bournemouth, Dorset, with her husband for six years.
The management company fitted the motion-sensing lights six months ago in a bid to save energy and money.
The Colemans have offered to pay for an override switch to disable the light sensors during the Sabbath.
But the Embassy Court Management Company - which represents all residents and whose three directors also live in the block - said this would set an 'unacceptable precedent'

Anonymous said...

Friday, June 12, 2009
Gordon Brown Puts Israel Lobbyist in Charge of Britain’s Middle East Policy!

Britain’s prime minister has put a notorious pro-Israel lobbyist in charge of policy in the Middle East, Iraq and Iran, reaffirming his determination to continue with his Zionist policies even as his administration approaches the end of its life.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed an Israeli agent of influence and proponent of genocide in Gaza to a key position at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Britain’s foreign ministry.

On 9 June, Ivan Lewis was given a major promotion in Mr Brown’s government when he was appointed Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with responsibility for Middle East policy, Iraq, Iran, counterterrorism and Anglo-American relations. According to one source, he is now “just one step away from the cabinet”.

Speaking after his promotion, Mr Lewis said: “My responsibility for the Middle East peace process is particularly poignant. I have never hidden my pride at being Jewish or my support for the State of Israel”.

According to the Independent newspaper, Mr Lewis’s appointment has “raised eyebrows in the Foreign Office”. It said:

Lewis has a long history of interest in the region as vice-chair of the Labour Friends of Israel. Earlier this year, he became – not without controversy – one of the most outspoken political supporters of Israel’s military assault on Gaza. Critics can’t help but wonder how objective Lewis is likely to be in his new post.

Mr Lewis is also a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a body founded in 1988 by British pro-Israel lobbyists Greville Janner and Merlyn Rees with the aim of maintaining a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools.

Ivan Lewis’s support for the racist state of Israel and for the genocide in Gaza is not the only example of his questionable morality.

In 2007, when he was junior health minister, he was forced to apologise to a civil servant, Susan Mason, after she told managers she was unhappy with the nature of their relationship.

It emerged that Mr Lewis, who at the time was 40 years old, had been sexually harassing Ms Mason, aged 23, with numerous smutty text messages. After complaining to her bosses, Mr Lewis’s victim was moved to a different job before resigning from the Civil Service. Speaking of her former boss, she said: “He wasn’t the nicest man to work for.”

A year earlier, Mr Lewis had walked out on his wife of 16 years, Juliette, and their two sons, aged nine and 11, in order to have an affair with a 50-year-old councillor, Margaret Gibb.

Anonymous said...

'Jewish couple sue neighbours for 'imprisoning' them with automatic hallway light'

What is needed is a shabat goy to walk ahead and turn on the light himself.

Anonymous said...

Put DaveHowardSpecial (one word) in the YouTube search box and see where he lives.

Anonymous said...

"Joined the BNP a year or so ago and with others built up the local area. Flabbergasted when told by 'head office' via area organiser to close all down except leafleting. Traitor if disagrees with anything etc."

This sound really bad, my bet is Griffin will now have a major overhaul of the party for the worst. Is it true that all branches' funds were taken to pay for the Euro leaflets in their region, in other words all branches up and down the country are now skint? Griffin has already started moving peoples' positions and job titles around, he's a control freak!

Anonymous said...

"Channel 4 news have under taken a hugh opinion survey, asking 32,000 questions after the BNP Euro results."

I've been looking at the stats on this survey, the number of BNP voters who think there may be a Jewish conspiracy is 24%, which isn't bad seeing Gri££in doesn't educate the new members as he wishes to appear friendly towards the Jews.

Anonymous said...

That Channel 4 news/Yougov opinion poll is very interesting indeed, it's entitled : Who Voted BNP And Why?

Anonymous said...

Quarter of men in South Africa admit rape, survey finds• Research exposes culture of sexual violence

One in four men in South Africa have admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim, according to a study that exposes the country's endemic culture of sexual violence.

Three out of four rapists first attacked while still in their teens, the study found. One in 20 men said they had raped a woman or girl in the last year.

South Africa is notorious for having one of the highest levels of rape in the world. Only a fraction are reported, and only a fraction of those lead to a conviction.

The study into rape and HIV, by the country's Medical Research Council (MRC), asked men to tap their answers into a Palm Pilot device to guarantee anonymity. The method appears to have produced some unusually frank responses.

Professor Rachel Jewkes of the MRC, who carried out the research, said: "We have a very, very high prevalence of rape in South Africa. I think it is down to ideas about masculinity based on gender hierarchy and the sexual entitlement of men. It's rooted in an African ideal of manhood."

Jewkes and her colleagues interviewed a representative sample of 1,738 men in South Africa's Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces.

Of those surveyed, 28% said they had raped a woman or girl, and 3% said they had raped a man or boy. Almost half who said they had carried out a rape admitted they had done so more than once, with 73% saying they had carried out their first assault before the age of 20.

Anonymous said...

A doctor from a government Notifiable Deseases department has confirmed that since Labour came to power in 1997, over 25,000 HIV and AIDS infected immigrant African coons (as opposed to coooon from elsewhere)have come to Britain and settled in Northampton. That doesn't include the other AIDS and HIV infected African coons who've arrived since 1997 and are living elsewhere in Britain. And the British people are wondering why the NHS is under-performing, under-funded and totally fucked.

Ex-prisoners and dissidents share in €333m EU peace cash bonanza 1 Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its...