Sunday, June 28, 2009

Condemned by silence

IT'S been three weeks since the BNP's election triumph and things are looking great for their odious leader, Nick Griffin.

He's been pelted with eggs. Threatened with discrimination laws. But still, no party has started to discuss immigration.

Westminster parties have kept their baffled silence and are giving the BNP a monopoly over the most explosive issue in politics.

You'd think Gordon Brown and David Cameron would have been shocked into action after seeing Griffin win a seat in Brussels.

Almost a MILLION voters chose the BNP. And make no mistake: we're not talking about a million racists.

Griffin never mentions his whites-only membership policy. He campaigns, simply, on controlling immigration.

In the recession, it's a bigger subject than ever because the layoffs are hitting British- born people hardest.

Strip out the public sector and do you know how many new jobs have gone to British workers since 1997?

Zero. Squat. Nada. In fact, there are fewer UK-born workers in the private sector than 12 years ago.

This staggering information is not published, anywhere. I asked the Office for National Statistics specifically.

In the last year there are 119,000 more migrant workers in UK jobs, but 615,000 fewer UK-born workers. In recent months, both are falling. But UK-born workers are being laid off at five times the rate.

There is no point pretending that this isn't happening. Workers can see it with their own eyes, and ask: why?

The BNP prospers because no mainstream party has an answer. It's as if the issue is too grubby to deal with.

I know my answer. Welfare keeps British people away from jobs, and immigrants are sucked in by the vacancies.

I don't blame the hardworking immigrants. Not for a second. I blame the system that keeps out people trapped on benefts. And the conditions that inspire 1,000 Brits to emigrate EVERY DAY - leaving their job filled by newcomers.

That's not the whole story, but a major part of it. Still you'll struggle to hear ANY minister explain any of it.

You'll hear clichés like "there are as many Brits working in Europe as there are Europeans in Britain".

Worse still, some ministers actually believe this. Take Alan Johnson, now Home Secretary and in charge of it all.

He told me a few months ago that there are 1.5 million Brits working in Europe. SEVEN times the real figure.

And I'm not saying Johnson is especially ignorant. Just that the whole of government has its head in the sand.

One employment minister swore to me that immigrants account for two per cent of jobs. Real figure? Fourteen per cent.

They are without a clue. The 'don't ask, don't tell' approach to immigration means they are hoplessly detached from reality.

And cowardly, slightly terrified silence is the greatest gift Griffin could hope for.
This isn't just about elections. It's about people. BNP support is the scream of the forgotten voter. Who else cares about the white working class? To talk, in person and directly, about their concerns?

Thatcher killed off the National Front in the late 70s by taking the issue immigration head-on.
But David Cameron won't. He thinks the subject scares away voters in the marginal seats he needs to take power.

This is the problem. Westminster only cares about swing voters in swing seats - so millions are forgotten.

As an MEP, Nick Griffin is entitled to use the Commons bars and dining facilities. The MPs' response? Ban him.

Pathetic. If I had my way, I'd base Griffin in Westminster so MPs would see his smug face walking past every day. He is a reminder of THEIR failure to reach out to forgotten voters. Their failure to grapple with difficult subjects.

Griffin's BNP have had more votes than Mosley's blackshirts, or the National Front could ever dream of.

And the silence from Westminster suggests that its shocking success story is far from over.


Anonymous said...

Work this one out!!

Anonymous said...

This just proves that Gri££in (Welshpool Lodge member) is part of the set up, we have all been conned. He has admitted now that he will keep all the Euro money/wages for himsef, just as that bungling,gibbering halfwit Barnbrook keeps his London Assembly wages (£50,000 per annum). It now time for all honest, dedicated BNP members to revolt!!!

Anonymous said...

Councillor quits the BNP

A Rotheram councillor has parted company with the BNP and joined another far-right organisation, the England First Party.

Coun John Gamble, who has represented Catcliffe and Brinsworth since last May when he defeated the then Mayor, Labour Coun Allan Jackson, had been a member of the BNP for about 10 years. His move has halved the party's representation on Rotherham Council to one seat.

Coun Gamble was unavailable for comment but, in a statement, the England First Party said: "In recent months he had become increasingly disillusioned with the BNP's national and local leadership, and has now decided to join a party that offers a serious, radical challenge to the corrupt political establishment."

Anonymous said...

Just received my latest BNP circular, in the post, yet other begging letter from Griffin, get this : "The Euro money we receive cannot, I repeat cannot be spent on the Central Party." So who will it be spent on?

GriffinWatch said...

It is becoming all to obvious now that Griffin is doing the states bidding and that the BNP under Griffin has been turned into nothing but a plaything for the establishment, a hollow safety valve, lacking both nationalist direction and indeed any significant amount of power.
It is more important now than it ever was for the long suffering and decent members to wake up and take back the party. Everything is in place within the party to effect real change, whilst the BNP will never be allowed a sniff at real power, it is uniquely positioned, to educate people.
Griffin with his watered down "civic nationalist" is clearly not the person to develop this unique opportunity. It's time for a new leader to step forward and fill the void. Time is wasting, this must be done soon.
We can ill afford to waste this unique oportunity.
The time to act is now or we lose this golden chance. It really is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...,0,2587039.story?page=1

Anonymous said...

Send cash not advice.!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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As Adam Wills reported in The Journal in January 2004, Rowe was upset that the children were being exposed to the influence of the Nation of Islam through their nanny and Jackson’s siblings.
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Anonymous said...

When Derek Beackon was elected there was an assumption that the big parties must now 'take notice'. They didn't.

No difference fifteen years later except that there are a lot of new nationalists making the same assumption.

The BNP is run to get publicity not to build an effective political presence. Some say that's because it's being used as a safety valve and the publicity makes it look like a real alternative. Some that the talent to make it a real party threatens the positions of those running it. 'Officer material', as David Irving put it. is needed but not wanted.

Either way it's time people stopped kidding themselves. Unless the road block to building a real party is removed supporters will get their entertainment activities but little else.

Anonymous said...

I'm revolting, my wife said so.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed they published those stats, and to think we've always been called liars for stating them as fact.

Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" will soon come true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16.56 and Griffinwatch You have summed it up perfectly.

I`ll add my bit and say that a political party that comes across as unprofessional, chauvinist and just plain dodgy is the kiss of death to its chances of gaining any kind of real power with most British people. This is why there is so much "shock-horror" reporting going on about the BNP in the media. The establishment knows very well that it is the best place to divert their opposition.

A British National Party with a professional leadership could do an enormous amount of good at bringing British people back into touch with their ancestry and culture.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 16.56 and Griffinwatch You have summed it up perfectly."

These posts along with Anoy 6.27 are spot on! There is now a ground swell building up against Griffin, I've spoken to many nationalists who are of the same opinion, especially after they received their recent bulletin stating Griffin is keeping all the Euro money. Let's start building an opposition to this tyrant now?

Anonymous said...

Gr££in always said that any BNP MEP's would have to donate a 3rd of their wages to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

"Gr££in always said that any BNP MEP's would have to donate a 3rd of their wages to the BNP."

That was a fraudian slip, he meant MEPs are always 3rd degree Masons!

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...