Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why is Steve Batkin not on the West Midlands BNP list ?

We at NWN are receiving e-mails from BNP folk asking just why the West Midlands BNP list is headed by Simon 'Dodgy' Darby, who lives in Wales.

Darby is a rather strange individual who was a close friend of an MI5 agent, Andy Carmichael .

Everything about Darby is 'phoney'.

Darby has also been promoted to the 'second in command' position by Nick Griffin himself, above the then Deputy Chairman, Scott McClean .

Of course, Steve Batkin has been elected as a Councillor for the Stoke on Trent area on more than one occasion. The people of Stoke like the fellow, and this will just not do !

Winning elections will 'just not do' for Nick Griffin.

Mr. Griffin is in fact a liability, as far as elections are concerned, having trashed numerous previously strong BNP areas.

Mr.Griffins remit, we contend, is to trash the nationalist movement in the UK.

Since he hijacked the BNP in 1999, he has done a good job. But it's his 'behind the scenes' backers who have been succesful, not Mr. Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Former MI5 spy - I was a rent boy
Feb 22 2006 Birmingham Post

An MI5 agent whose spy story gripped the nation has lifted the lid on the final, bombshell secret in his amazing double life.

Cannock's Andy Carmichael, recruited by spymasters to infiltrate far right wing groups, was a rent boy.

The 43-year-old worked the streets of Wolverhampton and Birmingham in the late 70s, using the cash to fund weekend drug binges at Wigan Casino, then considered a mecca for devotees of Northern Soul music.

News of Carmichael's life on the gay vice scene and his use of amphetamines and barbiturates will surprise MI5 top brass who paid him to monitor the National Front's hierarchy.

Now their former employee is poised to pen an explosive biography, dealing with his battle to pull free of the rent boy scene as well as his life as a spy. Carmichael, now married with two children, is currently hawking the proposed book around publishing houses.

Yesterday he said: "For the last 25 years I've lived with a terrible secret and the shame of it was slowly eating me away. It's only recently that I've realised I was a victim preyed on by paedophiles.

"I'm not gay. I've never considered myself to be gay. I did what I did for one reason - to get enough money to live, to get enough money to go to Wigan Casino, which, to a certain scene, was the only thing that mattered."

It's the second time Carmichael, now a successful salesman living in Colton, has confessed to a secret life. In 1997, his work as a double agent was splashed on the front of The Times and Daily Mail after writer Rupert Allason - 'mouthpiece' for MI5 - officially verified Carmichael's claim.

A former leading Conservative activist, he was approached in 1991 by agents at a Cannock garden party held in honour of VIP guest Margaret Thatcher.

Carmichael's brief was simple: join the National Front, rise through its ranks and discover what threat it, and more extreme right wing groups, present to this country's constitution. He became West Midlands NF chairman and even gained a place on the national executive committee, feeding his MI5 paymasters key information during clandestine countryside meetings.

On one occasion, his tip-off scuppered a planned mass attack by neo-Nazi groups on a socialist rally.

The double life came to an end in 1997, when Carmichael decided to go public, his story sparking a media frenzy.

But he didn't reveal all his secrets to the national press. It's taken him almost another ten years to discover the courage to admit publicly his life of vice.

"I was a victim of circumstance," Carmichael said yesterday. "I was virtually homeless, penniless and extremely vulnerable. There are many more young people in that same position now. When you're desperate, you take desperate measures. It was easy money, if you like."

A victim of violence at his Pye Green home, Carmichael moved to Wolverhampton in 1979. "I was 16, but could've passed for 14. I had blond hair, blue eyes and was waif like, about nine stone, and certain kinds of middle-aged men were attracted to me.

"I got a job as a bottleboy at the Old Vic Hotel, earning £10 a week, and lived there as a stowaway, if you like. Staff managed to get me a room without the management knowing.

"I'd had approaches before, but one night a man asked me to take a drink up to his room. I was naive, but I wasn't that naive. I knew what he meant. I said no to start with, but he kind of said he'd take care of me, and that's how it started."

From there, Carmichael began working-both Wolverhampton and Birmingham, plying his trade on a street corner near New Street Station.

"Within 20 minutes I could guarantee someone would come along. These rich businessmen would pay for a room at the Albany Hotel. They'd give me, say, £10 and leave in the night, but let me stay in the hotel. For a young kid having a room at a place like the Albany, it was something else.

"At that time, the only thing that mattered to me was getting to Wigan Casino - there was a crowd of us. I'd work (as a rent boy) for three, four nights a week, but never on a Monday because of the drugs I'd taken at the weekend. I was never a junkie - it was just part of the scene.

Carmichael stresses he had no involvement in the gay scene. "I was a loner for two reasons - I was really shy and I never hung round with likeminded kids. I certainly wasn't a member of any rent boy union, if you like.

"I was there for one reason only - to survive on a day-to-day basis. Some rent boys were gay and would shout it from the rooftops, but I was a kid who, for some reason, paedophiles were attracted to and I was getting enough out of it to survive.

"I did not like doing it one little bit. It was not a pleasant experience."

By the early 80s, Carmichael was beginning to put his life in order, having secured a job as a paint sprayer in the motor industry. "I'd grown out of it. There's a certain look and I could no longer pass as a 14-year-old."

It's only now he has come to terms with what he's done, and only days ago made the hardest confession of all - to his wife. "She was shocked, but supportive. It was a long time ago. For the last 25 years I've lived with this secret. It was something buried in the past --only I knew it and the punters.

"As you get older, your perception changes. I've only just come to terms with the fact I was a victim, preyed on by paedophiles: 'groomed', if you like."

He hopes his story will help others caught in the same vice trap. "You'll never stop paedophiles being attracted to that sort of thing. You've got to tackle the problems that have put the kids on the street. It's those problems that drive boys to prostitution."

Andy Carmichael's real-life tale of undercover work and espionage was once likened to a John Le Carre novel, proving the acclaimed spy writer dealt with fact not fiction.

Sadly, this latest chapter in Carmichael's life is a little too factual to make it into Mr Le Carre's stories.

Anonymous said...

Just how close a friend was Darby with Carmichael after reading the above ?

Anonymous said...

Is griffin standing in the north west ?

Anonymous said...

Of course you understand that the griffinites will come back with a right pile of cow dung to say you are wrong about this don't you ?

Anonymous said...

Never trusted that darby cunt, seems like a tory or liberal who's took a wrong turning somewhere!

Anonymous said...

shut up you muppets

eastend BNP said...

Darby is state.

his links with Lib Dem officials under his phoney company have been exposed by Cllr Simon Smith.

He is heading the list so the Spooks have their own people on the payroll.

I am convinced that NG was bought by the state and part of the "deal" was to get Darby as BNP No. 2.

He is dodgy as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are these areas that he has trashed then?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Batkin should be first on the list. Darby is a self important thick stupid dozy twat. He turns up at meetings and mutters bollocks then fucks off home.

Anonymous said...

Who are these areas that he has trashed then?

08 March 2009 11:32

You obviously haven't been in the BNP long then have you ?

Since 1999 Griffin has trashed whole areas starting with the West Mids, he then caused grief in Burnley and the rest of Lancashire.

Then he moved to Yorkshire.

Its not that long ago that Griffin and particuarly Collett were physically attacked by BNP members at a meeting in Leeds.

Anonymous said...

Darby is an apparatchik who goes along with Griffin and anything else required of him. Civil servant mentality.

Griffin's key insight was that few people in the BNP joined it to change anything. Thus it does not matter to the majority about people standing in elections who can advance the cause, expulsions or all the other deficiencies.

They just want their little club and often a feeling of self-importance they could not get elsewhere. That's why most have gone along with Griffin.

But all too many who do care have gone along as well.

boltonboy said...

Darby's record in the West Midlands is hardly inspiring is it?

Dudley looked promising - then went backwards.

Sandwell - same story.

Birmingham - full slates, but no success [which is what matters]. And let's not mention the Ebanks mess.

The only success story is Stoke, but that's down to local efforts - they've kept Gri££in and Darby strictly at armslength!

Anonymous said...

Councillors like Sharon Wilkinson should head the North West list as well.The same over in Yorkshire.

These councillors have experience now and should be being primed for the next rung up the ladder.

But will this happen ?

Anonymous said...

Why are there only EIGHT candidates listed on the BNP web site for the North West when there are NINE seats for election?

Anonymous said...

If you look at all the BNP candidates heading each regions list for 4th June, you will see that they are Griffin toadies. He wouldn't risk having real Racial Nationalist loose cannons getting their hands on the vast salaries and perks, (worth £1.2 million over the 5 years) in case they renegade against him. All the top candidates have signed a 'legal' declaration stating they will hand over a substantial portion of their wages to the party. The Sunday Times carried an interesting article on the 22nd Feb entitled : "Secret report reveals how MEPs make millions."

Anonymous said...

Griffo is definately State - he has caused splits whatever he has involved himself in (from the NF/ITP now BNP).

It would not have been too hard a task for the State to have figured out his 'achilles heel' - MONEY.

He has/is leading British Nationalism down a cul-de-saq and further diluting and disparaging the Cause.

Anonymous said...

Essential reading for Gri££in?

Secret report reveals how MEPs make millions, Sunday Times, Feb 22nd 2009

How to Make a Million in 5 years (become a Euro MP) Sunday Times 22 Feb, 2009

Anonymous said...

2 points relating to above comments:-

1. Has anyone seen Darby's wife / spouse / partner recently? Good looking blonde who was always by his side in the early days.

2. Trashed areas also include South West - Bristol and Wiltshire were always getting publicity but now seemed to have completely fallen off the radar. Why?

Anonymous said...

`Just how close a friend was Darby with Carmichael ....'

Darby giving Carmichael a seriosly sore arsehole tells you how close they were and refutes Carmichaels futile claims he is not a shirtlifter by nature.

As for that cunt Darby look no further for the person who leaked the BNP membership list.

Anonymous said...

Britain Awake you are spot on target, Darby certainly took a wrong turn when he rolled over face-down on the bed to chew the pillow while I'm-No-Homo Carmichael drilled, reamed and creamed a larger hole between Darby's inviting chubby cheeks.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by `Essential reading for Griffin' when the money-grabbing cunt himself wrote that article, with a stooge fronting him.

Fucking one-eyed cunt.

Anonymous said...

what happened to Tony North?

RS said...

Darby is a very sinister character. I met him many years ago before he joined the BNP and I thought he knew more about computers than nationalism at the time. I got the impression he was more interested in British popular culture and lifestyle rather than the deeper and heavier side of nationalism. This could possibly explain why he holds a strong grievance towards Islam but has no objections to non-Muslim blacks and Asians - he thinks they can fit in with the British lifestyle whereas Muslims can't.

Anonymous said...

There are 8 seats in the NW - NOT 9 like last time - thats why there are 8 bnp candidates. The shame of it though is of the 8, none are from Lancashire or Cheshire but one is from Wales!

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...