Thursday, March 12, 2009

Collett and Hannam film footage

The link below shows some of the footage taken on a mobile phone by girls said to be 14 years old. Also at the link you will see the letter sent out by Scott Mclean the then deputy leader of the BNP to discipline Collett and Hannam.

Lock up your daughters. Collett and Hannam are desperate perverts.


Anonymous said...


Those girls sound about 12!

Hannam and Collett are nonces who deserve a good kicking.

GriffinWatch said...

Who protects Collett and Hannam and allows them to get away with what they do?
Nicholas John Griffin does.
He is as bad as them.

Anonymous said...

Hannam was also married at the time. Why did he marry an old bag if he fancies babies?

They make you sick

Anonymous said...

footage here to download inn case it goes missing

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the footage where Collett has one of the girls sitting on him while he's lying on the bed?

He's a dirty bastard who should be scared to walk the streets.

Anonymous said...

we can clearly hear from their voices that they are just kids!

people in hotel reception room could see they were kids too.

why is griffin allowing this crap?

Anonymous said...

download the footage using the above link before they vanish like the BNP wales footage. just downloaded it myself using download you tube link above it works fine.

Anonymous said...

You can clearly tell that these are just children. I feel sick.

Anonymous said...

The dirty fu**ers should be shot

Anonymous said...

`Those girls sound about 12!'

Did'nt think kiddyfiddlers Hannam and jewboy Collettstien were into girls that old. I suppose when Hannam is humping his Mrs, her being in her 20s, Hannam probably thinks he is committing necromancy.

No doubt the news medias are keeping a close eyee on this site, so if they don't pick up on this story and run with it, then we can all safely assume freemason's lewis, jewboy Griffin is being protected by the present government and the ruling establishment.

Anonymous said...

What's Griffin going to do now the footage is in the public domain? Is he still going to deny this criminal act happened?

Someone contact the police with the evidence.

Anonymous said...

"Lock up your Daughters"? in Hannams case, you'd better lock up your goats, horses, sheep & dogs too....

Nemesis said...


So the truth is out at long last.

That infamous Blackpool conference incident where Collett procured two under-age girls and took them up into his hotel bedroom (where he no doubt wanted to have sex with them but was prevented from doing so by one or two conscientious and moral BNP ecurity guards) is now shown to have ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Why was Collett allowed to get away with this?

Why was he not punished by Griffin?

Why have various BNP commentators said that the incident did not happen when it plainly did?

Why did the so-called Decembrist Rebels not expose this and publish the film footage months and months ago when they already had copies of it?

Why have the police not been called?

Will the police now be called in and the film footage be used as evidence?

We want the truth now.

Mark Collett - this disgraced, amoral, corrupt pervert should be dismissed immediately and sacked from the BNP.

Nick Griffin, the man who has allowed him to get away with so many wrong things and has placed and kept him in his senior position within the BNP, needs to be censored in this matter. In fact, he is ultimately responsible and if he does not fall on his own sword like any honourable man (which he plainly is not) then he should be pushed on to his sword.

Both men are vile, disgusting people who are incredibly still leading Britain's main nationalist political party.

Incredible. Quite incredible.

Well done to Griffin Watch and to NW Nationalists for publishing this important information.

Girlies said...

Anonymous said...

What's Griffin going to do now the footage is in the public domain? Is he still going to deny this criminal act happened?

Someone contact the police with the evidence.

12 March 2009 21:48

Remember that Collett ADMITED to taking these young girls back to the hotel at the meeting in Nottingham, the same meeting where Gri££stein said that Sadie could get back into the party. There's an audion of that meeting doing the rounds also.

Anonymous said...

that isn't Blackpool. It's YBNP.

Anonymous said...

"that isn't Blackpool. It's YBNP."

Its not so much where it happened thats important its more the fact that SENIOR officials in the British National Party acted like they were in the Liberal Democracts that is important.

Do you not agree that their beahviour was unacceptable no matter where it took place?

Mark Collett I understand has been forgiven over a number of, shal we say, indiscretions, this one is one too far - he should go.

It isnt even as though he is the most likeable or liked person in the party so why keep such a liability

Anonymous said...

If this is now publicly accessible it could be that Collett will cost Griffin his Euro seat.

Colletts 'contribution' to the BNP so far includes acting likea total twat on TV, thereby reinforcing the image Griffin now says we must all dispel.

Printing Euro leaflets without the p and p imprint

Leering out of windows at UAF the AGM despite this not being permissable to nor permitted by Griffin's instructions

Possibly choosing the Spitfire with Polish markings for the BforB backdrop.

What has he ever done that has gone right?

He must be one hell of a designer if he can get away withh all that and still be seen as an assett?

This latest outing of him can be expected to make it onto all the smear leaflets in the NW and there'll be no BNP MEP. Welld done Collett, UAF will be grateful Im sure. Dont know about the BNP though.

GriffinWatch said...

that isn't Blackpool. It's YBNP.

Codswallop, if it was at a Y.B.N.P. event the girls would not have spoken as they did in the video would they? Any Y.B.N.P. member would already know who Collett was.

Anti-gag said...

Mark Collett is a nasty megalomaniac, but he is not a paedophile.

Anyone in an over 18 drinking club could reasonably expect everyone in the club to be at east 18 (and remember the legal age of consent is 16 not 18). Both Collett and Hannon were rightly found guilty of gross misconduct for bring the party into disrepute (ie bringing unauthorised guests back to a hotel room that BNP members had paid for, for immoral purposes), and given a final warning. But it has not been proved that either knew the girls were under 16.

When they were convicted of a second offence, a year later, they should have been expelled for the party. Neither are fit to be members of the party, let alone officers, but for the reasons stated in the indictments.

Nasty megalomaniac YES, paedophile NO!

Chris Hill

GriffinWatch said...

You know nothing Anti-Gag.
You weren't there. This is the second documented time that Collett has been involved with underage girls.

"Dear Comrade,

I have 13 years active service as a BNP activist and independent pro-white musician. Many of those I am pleased and honoured to call ''Comrade''and ''Friend'' have served their folk for many more years than that. Until the weekend of 8th/9th December 2007 I have counted Nick Griffin amongst them, but that ended when he ordered the burglary of Sadie Graham and Matt Single, and the foiled burglary of Kenny and Nicholla.

Let me confess a few things to you.

I was a regional organiser when Nick Griffin launched his leadership bid in 1999. I wrote to the local members urging them to cast their votes for him. For many years after, the thought that I had played a small part in a painful but vital operation was a matter of quiet pride, tempered only by the fact I had to oppose people who I respected:Richard Edmonds, John Tyndall, Ian Dell, etc.

As Nick's cult of personality geared up I privately applauded it; reasoning, ''Human nature being what it is...some people need that and If it helps us advance then so be it''.

Sadly in recent years it's become more and more apparent that Nick has been developing the nasty little habit of surrounding himself with sycophants and numpties. However by this time I had made some artificial space between myself and the party to protect it from any criticism stemming from my involvement with the more ''hard line" Blood and Honour music scene and secondly to grant myself a little artistic freedom.

As I was no longer a Party official it really wasn't my business anymore.I was happier being a grassroots activist without position or a membership card. Spreading a positive and honest message of racial survival through music is simply incompatible with asking a cowed and conditioned electorate to vote for you. Consequently I limited my BNP activities to leafleting, giving occasional speeches and helping to produce fund raising CD's and playing at concerts. ( As well as doing a stand-up comedy set at the BNP's Red, White and Blue festival - a set that I hasten to add that was at Nick Griffin's personal request and one I only agreed to do after I ran some of the naughtier, politically incorrect material by Griffin.)

As time passed, news of one badly handled internal discipline problem after another reached me. I have seen this too many times with my own eyes in my native North-East. For example Darlington fundholder and widely suspected Special Branch errand boy, Trevor Agnew, was caught red-handed stealing Party donations but was then re-instated by NG who seemingly finds this treasonable behaviour acceptable.

Factionalism and deliberate branch sabotage in Sunderland was allowed to fester for years, fed by black propaganda from troublemakers like Agnew and the foaming, religious zealot Dave Guynan. Action was finally taken when Nick Griffin took the belated step to actually accept the resignation of Guynan after his last orchestrated public screaming fit. (Hysterics which cost the Sunderland-South group its regular meeting place, the Landlord's support and even more members).

This half-hearted decision by Griffin to dispense with Guynan's "services" came at least seven years too late for Sunderland and the BNP. Party Leader Griffin was fully aware of the countless examples of Guynan's sabotage, of his public outbursts, his rampant character assassinations, his theft of the PO Box key, his physical assaults and his ranting speeches at meetings. (Full of truly Hollywood-Nazi '' Jews control the weather'' wackyness and fundamental Mormon-ism).

Despite nearly a decade of this unnecessary disruption Sunderland was the first-ever BNP branch to stand a full slate of candidates in local elections. This is a feat which simply will not be repeated at the next election where there will only be a handful of compliant, Griffinite candidates standing. This serves all Racial Nationalists as a perfect example of where Griffin's cronyism and aversion to decisive Party discipline leads to. For years Griffin has allowed "shipwreckers" to ply their trade and "take their turn in the barrel" whilst honest, dedicated Racial activists have been forced to walk the plank.
Last year, as a further example of this malaise, we saw the Andrew Spence debacle. Spence, a man who raised the BNP's North East's profile to an all-time high last year in Sedgefield, has been discarded by Griffin in favour of the odious Movement parasite and Fire Exit Inspector, Mark Collett and the tragically inept Real Ale enthusiast John Walker. Farce has followed farce with almost always good people lost.

All of this has convinced me that the BNP will never again be a serious organ of resistance to our people's genocide under this man's stewardship. In fact the dark suspicion that Griffin has turned the party into a private money making machine, providing nothing but a play-ground for the worst elements of our movement, is bearing fruit(sour though it is). By this I do not mean the many good comrades who are still holding their tongues, as well as their faith, in our so-called Leadership but I instead refer to the two degenerate scumbags (Collett and Dave " Lock up your daughters" Hannam), who by their own admission tried to pressurise two underage girls into sex in their conference hotel rooms.

Nick has tried to sweep this fact into the memory-hole but he cannot pretend any longer that it did not happen, neither can I and neither should you.( As a matter of fact at Sunderland BNP's Christmas social in 2005 Mark Collett had to be warned off from a public clinch with an underage girl. At the time we put it down to a drunken lack of judgement, not knowing his penchant for trying to take advantage of impressionable 14 year olds).

Even an establishment Party, whose Leader had tried to keep such a sleazy scandal like this from it's membership, would be forced to act and that "Leaders" feet wouldn't touch the floor on the way out of the door.

By his inaction and ultimate complicity Nick Griffin has betrayed the BNP membership and has forced Party activists and supporters into an impossible position. When this scandal fully breaks, as it will, then how can any of us "go to the people" or go door to door espousing honest family values when those to whom we look to for leadership fail us so miserably.

We must remember that the BNP is far bigger than any one man, no matter how many degenerate parasites, wife-swapping doormen, (ex?)-commie journalists, paid trouble-makers, hit-list provocateurs like Lecomber, as well as the donation stealers, "Yes men" and South-African spooks he surrounds himself with.

I should point out that by ''South-African spooks'' I mean shady (ex?)-coppers and not Zulu or Xhosa Kaffirs, but that is only a matter of time.

I ask you again in all honesty and with a large degree of sadness; How can we look people in the eye any longer and ask them to vote for a party that is peddling it's much vaunted ''Christian values" when some of it's disciples wallow in "last days of Rome" decadence?.

Although, to be fair, if you study the history of all Middle Eastern religions, then Collett and Hannam could honestly claim to be following many a Christian leader's example by trying to molest the underage.

It is to my eternal shame that I once sat in silence whilst Griffin's wife defamed Warren Bennett; slandering him as a thief of party funds (a lie shamelessly echoed by her husband but now fully exposed as spiteful fabrication). At the time I bit my tongue and told myself that it was best not to cause trouble for the sake of the Party.

I told myself that stability out-weighed truth. I now know that I was guilty of moral cowardice.
My silence now would only help store up trouble in the long run and I ask those activists who seem content to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic to act solely in the interests our children's future and decide today which type of British National Party they want.

The recent bragging to the Daily Mail by Party officials of Richard Barnbrook's decision to make himself a race-mixer by default has also helped to identify the leadership's true yellow colours and shows the real dangers of the course Griffstein has set us on; namely, spew enough **** and eventually you'll start to like the taste.

Do not forget that Our Infallible Leader has caused this crisis.His response to those who have dared to demand internal self-discipline is there for all to see: burglary, spying, intimidation, lies, false accusations, fabricated evidence and disabled goon squads demanding access to good comrades' homes.

The painful truth for me and many others who counted this man as a friend and a true comrade is that he is now plainly neither.He has betrayed the hopes of us all by putting his own selfish motives before honour, loyalty and the BNP -The best defensive weapon the native British folk have in these darkest of days.

I will never forgive him. More importantly neither will our Ancestors nor the Generations still unborn.
I offer some good advice to those with the wit to heed it:

If you are the type who has only recently raised their head from the goyim feed-trough and in your new-found zeal you find the comforting urge to join in with the herd's fury at those who have dared question Our Glorious Leader-think twice before you do. Your shepherd is revealing himself to be a butcher. He has promised new green pastures if you hold faith but instead there are some of us who already have the stench of the slaughter-house in their nostrils.

Save your anger for farmer Griffin -you'll need it later on.

Yours for Race and Nation

Chris Telford"

Anonymous said...

collett has a history of this sort of thing!

we know of two occasions, how many more are there?

Anonymous said...

Hannam and Collette should be on the SEX Offenders Register they shay young children over ten years old. Lock the bastards up and throw away the keys.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Chris Telford,

You said:
Do not forget that Our Infallible Leader has caused this crisis. His response to those who have dared to demand internal self-discipline is there for all to see: burglary, spying, intimidation, lies, false accusations, fabricated evidence and disabled goon squads demanding access to good comrades' homes.

The painful truth for me and many others who counted this man as a friend and a true comrade is that he is now plainly neither. He has betrayed the hopes of us all by putting his own selfish motives before honour, loyalty and the BNP -The best defensive weapon the native British folk have in these darkest of days. I will never forgive him.
I say:
I agree 100%! The BNP is fast turning from a serious political party into nothing more than a Nick Griffin fan club.

Chris Hill

GriffinWatch said...

I would think twice before engaging your typing fingers in future.
This isn't the first time that you have dropped a humungous clanger on this very comment section is it?

Anonymous said...

`that isn't Blackpool. It's YBNP'

Fool. The infamous attempted paedophilia incident happened at the Kimberley Hotel during the the 2006 BNP AGM, and not at any YBNP meet.

Anonymous said...

`Lock the bastards up and throw away the keys'

Yes sireeeee, but make sure those pair of bastards are locked up with a couple of sex-mad sex-starved muscle-bound jungle bunnies desperate to make a nice couple of white boys bow-legged for life.

Anonymous said...

`Nasty megalomaniac YES, paedophile NO'

Chris `Mentally' Hill you're still a stupid ignorant twat. There was no mistaking that the two underage girls (sisters) in question were younger than 16 years old. When the two paedophiles Collett and Hannam accompanied the two underage girls into the Kimberley hotel, one night during the 2006 BNP AGM, people immediately saw the two girls were underage, and knew the two girls were being taking to one of the hotel bedrooms, for the sexual gratification of paedophiles Collett and Hannam. And not for religeous instruction.

It was only when the girls' mother came screaming into the Kimberley foyer, that someone was dispatched to the upper floor bedrooms to retrieve the two girls.

While paedos Collet and Hannam were waiting to be questioned by the disciplinary committee, they were both smiling, with Collett smiling all the time during the discplinary hearing, due to knowing Griffin had already told, in no uncertain terms, he did not want Collett and Hannam kicked out of the BNP - THIS MAKES GRIFFIN JUST AS GUILTY AS PAEDOS COLLET AND HANNAM - IN FACT MORE SO BECAUSE HE IGNORED CRIMINAL ACTS HE KNEW TOOK PLACE, WHEN HE SHOULD OF NOTIFIED THE POLICE AND KICKED THE PAIR OF PAEDOS OUT OF THE BNP.

So much for the claim (page 2, Iss. 1, Vol 2. March 2009 HOPE & GLORY)in the article on the 22-year old paedophile, James Chester, where Griffin sternly claims:


Well, Chairman Griffin, you had better start your anti-padophile campaign by booting paedos Collett and Hannam out of the BNP before those two fucking cunts destroy the BNP.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...