Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Muslims insult returning British Troops
Muslim extremists hurled abuse at British soldiers during a homecoming procession in Luton today.

About 20 men held up banners and placards reading: "Anglian Soldiers Butchers of Basra", and "Baby killers." The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment, returning from their second tour in Iraq, encountered the group shouting "Terrorists" and "Anglian Soldiers Go to Hell", outside Luton Town Hall.

As the parade by the 200 soldiers and a military band finished in St George's Square, police forced the protesters into a small area by the Arndale Shopping Centre to keep them apart from a large number of locals, some waving Union and St George's flags and shouting: "Scum" and "No surrender to the Taliban." The two groups yelled insults as police dogs and riot vans were called to the scene.
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Anonymous said...

The police should have kept these asians well away from our troops.

Anonymous said...

Its nearly time for action and blood on the streets lads these immigrants are taking the piss and need to be told in a no uncertain way they have outstayed their welcome go back before we make you because then the shit will be hitting the fan

John kline.

Anonymous said...

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`The police should have kept these asians well awa... `The police should have kept these asians well away from our troops'.

Shame the Anglians never fixed and leveled bayonets and charged those f***ing ragheaded c***s. No jury in the land would find any Anglian soldier guilty for pig-sticking goat- and camel-sh*gging sand w*gs.

Edited the language.

Anonymous said...

Our lads should have shot the bastards for being to coward to go home and protect their own women and children.


a hatter said...

Two people were arrested for public order offences after angry scenes between anti-war protesters and bystanders during a homecoming parade for 200 soldiers returning from Iraq.

About a dozen anti-war protesters shouted "terrorists" and held placards saying "Anglian soldiers go to hell" and "Butchers of Basra" as soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as the Poachers, paraded through Luton town centre at midday .

The protesters, who were dressed in Islamic clothing, were initially kept away from the marching soldiers and Union flag-waving locals by police. They shouted abuse and waved placards with slogans including: "Anglian soldiers: cowards, killers, extremists" and "British government, terrorist government".

But later the protesters had to be protected by the police as onlookers turned on them shouting "Scum" and "No surrender to the Taliban." Two people, neither of whom is believed to be connected to the anti-war protest, were arrested for public order offences and taken to Luton police station.

Superintendent Andy Martin said: "Bedfordshire police has been involved in the planning stages of this event from the beginning and were on hand to ensure members of the public who wished to watch it could do so safely, while anyone wanting to exercise their right to lawful protest could also be accommodated.

"Disappointingly a small number of people chose to cause a disturbance during the parade, which was quickly contained by officers. The rest of the event concluded without further problem."

Luton council, which organised the parade, and the Ministry of Defence said the event had been a success in spite of the anti-war protest.

The defence secretary, John Hutton, paid tribute to the battalion's "great bravery and professionalism" and thanked the members of the public who showed their support for them. "I can only condemn the tiny minority who used this opportunity to make, whatever their personal views, utterly ridiculous and insulting comments to these brave men and women. I am extremely pleased to hear this has not in anyway detracted from this proud day for the Poachers," he said.

An army spokesman added: "There is no better boost to a soldier than to see hundreds of people turn out to watch them on parade. It was a great sight; to see the packed streets in some places three or four man deep."

The chief executive of Luton council, Kevin Crompton, said: "It was great to see local people cheering and clapping the soldiers and I understand the few protesters who made their presence felt after the parade met with some strong opposition." He added: "We must remember that we live in a democracy and it is unfortunate that a small minority of people did not use their democratic right responsibly today."

The battalion, currently based at Celle near Hanover in Germany, has completed two tours of Iraq in the past two years. It recruits from areas including Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and is taking part in further parades in Watford tomorrow and Lincoln on Thursday .

Luton's population is ethnically diverse, with about 20% describing themselves as Asian or Asian British. A leaked Ministry of Defence report claimed last year that the south-east of England, notably Luton, as well as London and Birmingham had significant networks of Islamist extremists.

Anonymous said...

A great day - and a wake up call for the public!

These scum have been imported, not through incompetence or accident, but as a deliberate conspiracy to disrupt and distract our attention.

They themselves are not our enemy - (although they must be removed by whatever means necessary -asap.)

Our enemies are the government that encouraged their arrival and settlement
- As a deliberate policy to disrupt our social homogeneity.

Remove the people responsible for allowing their presence - the criminal government, then remove them.

Anonymous said...

Some good footage here -


And a good statement here -


Final Conflict said...

This is dangerous.

a group that is probably ionfiltrated and steered by Provocateurs is used to justify and defend foreign Zionist wars by NuLabour talking heads who send our troops off to die in soft sided vehicles and no body armour.

meanwhile the Asian immigrants who look like us, dress like us, speak like us are all "good patriotic Brits"

Please be careful you aren't suckered down a NWO blind alley.

No immigrants: Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Christian - whatever - who aren't European!

We have more to fear from the coloureds who 'integrate' from those who rant and rave.

Anonymous said...

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

By Christopher Ketcham, AlterNet. Posted March 10, 2009.

Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the U.S., yet public discussion about it is almost nil.
Scratch a counterintelligence officer in the U.S. government and they'll tell you that Israel is not a friend to the United States.

This is because Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the U.S.. The fact of Israeli penetration into the country is not a subject oft-discussed in the media or in the circles of governance, due to the extreme sensitivity of the U.S.-Israel relationship coupled with the burden of the Israel lobby, which punishes legislators who dare to criticize the Jewish state. The void where the facts should sit is filled instead with the hallucinations of conspiracy theory -- the kind in which, for example, agents of the Mossad, Israel’s top intelligence agency, engineer the 9/11 attacks, while 4,000 Israelis in the Twin Towers somehow all get word to escape before the planes hit. The effect, as disturbing as it is ironic, is that the less the truth is addressed, the more noxious the falsity that spreads.

Israel's spying on the U.S., however, is a matter of public record, and neither conspiracy nor theory is needed to present the evidence. When the FBI produces its annual report to Congress concerning "Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage," Israel and its intelligence services often feature prominently as a threat second only to China. In 2005 the FBI noted, for example, that Israel maintains "an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States." A key Israeli method, said the FBI report, is computer intrusion. In 1996, the Defense Intelligence Service, a branch of the Pentagon, issued a warning that "the collection of scientific intelligence in the United States [is] the third highest priority of Israeli Intelligence after information on its Arab neighbors and information on secret U.S. policies or decisions relating to Israel." In 1979, the Central Intelligence Agency produced a scathing survey of Israeli intelligence activities that targeted the U.S. government. Like any worthy spy service, Israeli intelligence early on employed wiretaps as an effective tool, according to the CIA report. In 1954, the U.S. Ambassador in Tel Aviv discovered in his office a hidden microphone "planted by the Israelis," and two years later telephone taps were found in the residence of the U.S. military attaché. In a telegram to Washington, the ambassador at the time cabled a warning: "Department must assume that all conversations [in] my office are known to the Israelis." The former ambassador to Qatar, Andrew Killgore, who also served as a foreign officer in Jerusalem and Beirut, told me Israeli taps of U.S. missions and embassies in the Middle East were part of a "standard operating procedure."

According to the 1979 CIA report, the Israelis, while targeting political secrets, also devote "a considerable portion of their covert operations to obtaining scientific and technical intelligence." These operations involved, among other machinations, "attempts to penetrate certain classified defense projects in the United States." The penetrations, according to the CIA report, were effected using "deep cover enterprises," which the report described as "firms and organizations, some specifically created for, or adaptable to, a specific objective." At the time, the CIA singled out government-subsidized companies such as El Al airlines and Zim, the Israeli shipping firm, as deep cover enterprises. Other deep cover operations included the penetration of a U.S. company that provided weapons-grade uranium to the Department of Defense during the 1960s; Israeli agents eventually spirited home an estimated 200 pounds of uranium as the bulwark in Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program. Moles have burrowed on Israel’s behalf throughout the U.S. intelligence services. Perhaps most infamous was the case of Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish-American employed as a civilian analyst with the U.S. Navy who purloined an estimated 800,000 code-word protected documents from inside the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and numerous other U.S. agencies. While Pollard was sentenced to life in prison, counterintelligence investigators at the FBI suspected he was linked to a mole far higher in the food chain, ensconced somewhere in the DIA, but this suspected Israeli operative, nicknamed "Mr. X," was never found. Following the embarrassment of the Pollard affair -- and its devastating effects on U.S. national security, as testified by then Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger (who allegedly stated that Pollard "should have been shot") -- the Israeli government vowed never again to pursue espionage against its ally and chief benefactor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

`Remove the people responsible for allowing their presense ....'

We should chain and shackle all the trecherous Labour, Tory and Lib-dim cunts and their vociferous supporters responsible for importing muslims, sand wogs and coons, then deport those traitors along with those imported scum criminals.
Seeing those fucking political backstabbing rats love foreigners so much they should be dropped off in the middle of Afganistan or in the middle of some other war zone like Chad, the Congo, or better still, in Zimbabwe so they can indulge in deep discourse with their old mate, the suited and shoed tree-swinger, Mugabe, on the joys and benifits of multicultralism and mongrelization of indigenous races.

Go to it, Griffin, I've given you the target, now fulfil the task BNP members expect you to do.

Anonymous said...

`Israel's Spying Efforts ......'

Anon, you're dead on target, well put. Jews are virtually the cause and behind all wars during the last 100 years.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...