Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Royal Anglian Parade Luton, Muslim protesters sent off


Muslims insult our troops in Luton - locals don't seem to like it !


Anonymous said...

Looks like the pakis were lucky not to have been lynched.

The police were heavyhanded to the white people too, a old guy was nearly knocked to the floor by the police deliberately.

Nemesis said...

Superbt footage - well done to all at NW Nationalists and thanks for publishing this so quickly.

It's great to see the Muzzie bastards and the police outnumbered and overwhelmed by the crowd of white patriotic Britons. It is really inspirational.

They were lucky that the crowd were reasonably quiet. A more hyped up crowd would have been sufficiently angry to have overwhelmed the police cordon and shown those Muzzie traitors the wrath of the British Lion at its most vengeful.

Anonymous said...


That WAS ON A NF leaflet in the 1970's and it was the best slogan i have ever seen.

lets see it brought back

keith axon.

A hatter said...

Notice how the police never laid a finger on the asians when they pushed forward ?

But were brutal against white people ?

The two arrests were white people and no asians arrested according to The Sun paper.

Anonymous said...

Roads closed ahead of troops' march
11:28am Wednesday 11th March 2009

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Several roads have been closed in advance of a homecoming parade by members The Royal Anglian Regiment this afternoon.

Troops, hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday’s ugly scenes in Luton, will march from Lower High Street to The Parade at 12.30pm.

Police have confirmed the following road closures:

Water Lane junction with Lower High Street
Clarenden Road junction with High Street
Albert Road junction with The Parade
Further closures will be placed at 11am on:

Exchange Road junction with Lower High Street
Lower High Street junction with New Road

Anonymous said...

Thousands turn out for soldiers' parade
2:03pm Wednesday 11th March 2009

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By Michael Pickard »

Thousands of people filled Watford High Street this lunchtime to cheer more than 200 soldiers as they marched through the town centre.

Residents lined the streets, stood in shops and hung out of windows to see members of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, take part in the Freedom of the Borough parade.

And unlike the protests in Luton yesterday, there were no incidents or any disruption.

More to follow.

Anonymous said...

If the mussies don't like how we run our country they should fuck off before we murder them all

Anonymous said...

Cheeky bastards need to get out of Britain

Anonymous said...

i thought you lot loved the mozzies does this mean you all now support israel lol shalom

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