Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tony Blair receives Israeli prize worth $1 million

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be one of the three laureates of the Dan David Prize for 2009, awarded annually by Tel Aviv University. Each of the laureates will receive a $1 million prize, 10 percent of which is contributed to 20 doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships. Blair was selected to receive the prize in leadership for what the judges described as "his exceptional leadership and steadfast determination in helping to engineer agreements and forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict."

Also receiving the prize for 2009 are Paolo de Bernardis, Andre Lange and Paul Richards, in the field of "Astrophysics - History of the Universe," for "their discoveries concerning the geometry and composition of our universe." In the field of "Global Public Health," the prize is awarded to Robert Gallo, "for his research of the HIV and T-cell leukemia viruses and especially for the development of a robust, simple blood test to detect the HIV virus."

The three prizes are divided into past, present and future - with the prize in astrophysics going to the first category, Blair's leadership prize in the "present" category, and the prize in public health falling into the "future." Ben David, a businessman and philanthropist said, "The 2009 laureates epitomize the essence of the three time dimensions; we have three scientists who shed light on the way in which our universe was formed, a great leader instrumental in resolving ongoing world conflicts, and a scientist working to alleviate human disease and suffering now and in the future." Previous laureates include Amos Oz, Yo-Yo Ma, and Zubin Mehta


Anonymous said...

Union targets racism
Feb 21 2009 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

AN anti-fascist conference is being held in Liverpool next Friday by Unite the Union.

The trade union is also staging a series of workshops on the day to raise awareness of the activities of the British Nationalist Party, which the union claims has leafleted the region with alleged racist material.

Union chiefs have invited all anti-racists to the event, held at the regional TGWU Centre, Jack Jones House, Sefton Street, from 10am to 3pm. There will be a free lunch.

Speakers include Nick Lowles from anti-racist group Searchlight and Unite union regional official Donna Bernard.

Union chiefs say Unite has a very strong anti-racist policy.

Anonymous said...

`Union chiefs say Unite has a very strong anti-racist policy'

Union chiefs would be closer to the truth had they revealled that dont-give-a-fuck-for-English-workers Unite union bosses have a very strong anti-british worker policy

Anonymous said...

"Tony Blair receives Israeli prize worth $1 million"

Being the good socialist that toney Blair is ? he will donate it to the British children in need or the NSPCC after all that is what socialism is about giving to the needy is it not Mr Blair,but I mean our British White children in need Mr Blair but i bet 100 shekel's that he will pocket it being the champaign socialist that he is like all the other turncoat so called socialists like Arther
Scargill.or ex MP'S like Neil Kinnock etc,etc,etc.feel free to put other named ex MP'S on this list may be we should make a name and shame list of so called socialist MP'S who are living high on the hog.
The above list of champaign socialists as it grows will have the red flag stuffed down their throats while choking on the words by the honest British working people,of this good country of ours one the words of the red flag can not be faulted although they were written for the labour movement they are the word of the down trodden masses s' and the words need to be adopted by us Nationalists as our the good people of this country of ours one day.
Keir Hardy is turning in his grave as to what the labour movement/party/unions have turned in to.
Keith Axon.
Racial Nationalist.

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