Wednesday, February 04, 2009

La Francia de Nicolas Sarkozy ; Infierno o Paraiso ? - Janique Arsenique


Anonymous said... (A MUST WATCH)

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Anonymous said... (THE PICTURE TELL'S THE STORY)

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Take a look at this, guys. Excalibur handed over to Arthur Kemp.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Sharon Ebanks has joined the BPP?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Collett has again been reprieved after yet another cock up. Can anyone now be in any doubt that Griffin and Collett are in business together scamming the membership.

Bob Gertner said...

I heard that about Ebanks joining the BPP too. Apparantly she is also going to be standing as a candidate as well.

Anonymous said...

"I heard that about Ebanks joining the BPP too. Apparantly she is also going to be standing as a candidate as well.

06 February 2009 14:30"

Can you confirm this?

Anonymous said...

i have been a bit critical of this site before however please can someone explain to me how the BNP can afford and why bother to stand in euro elections? i dont get it.i will always vote BNP i'm a nationalist but some of the goings on concern me. i have mates who have left the party who honestly wont tell me why.i feel the scales have fallen from my eyes and need enlightenment. the EU is evil why be part of it?

Anonymous said...

"Is it true that Collett has again been reprieved after yet another cock up."

Naturally. Mr Teflon Jr strikes again.

"Can anyone now be in any doubt that Griffin and Collett are in business together scamming the membership."

Not forgetting that stupid shit David Hannam and Arfer Daley, sorry Kemp, now.

Anonymous said...

I'll ask Sharon for her comments.

06 February 2009 15:18

I heard she was set to take over North Birmingham for the BNP 2010 local elections?

Anonymous said...


French cartoonist Sine on trial on charges of anti-Semitism over Sarkozy jibe
A Left-wing cartoonist is to go on trial on Tuesday on charges of anti-Semitism for suggesting Jean Sarkozy, the son of the French president, was converting to Judaism for financial reasons.

Anonymous said...


Register to vote or this racist BNP man Nick Griffin gets elected
Written by
Friday, 06 February 2009 18:30
Pakistan Daily is urging YOU the Asian commmunity to get into the polling booths at this summer’s European Elections.

As reported in our most recent edition the far-right British National Party could win its first seat in the European Parliament by claiming just 8% of the vote! And Nick Griffin the leader of the party is standing as a candidate in the North West.

He has already started campaigning for votes in the local towns. He is pictured here at the Manxman Pub in Blackburn during a meeting. The meeting was attended by local BNP canvassers including Robin Evans who gave a short speech on the night.

If you want to do something about it and stop the BNP then in the first instance you have to register with your local council to vote. The European elections take place on Thursday June 4.

The proportional representation voting system used for Euro-elections increases the BNP's chances of winning a seat.

The Asian community has long been vocal in protesting over international issues but it is time we focussed our energies democratically to ensure those who aim to divide and spread hateful messages are not given a mandate to further their cause.

Fundamentally the Asian community needs to become more active in local politics.

There have already been warnings against complacency. Harriet Harman MP said, “In the North West, where Nick Griffin, the BNP chairman, is standing, Searchlight estimates they only need about 8% of the vote to break through into the European Parliament.

“The BNP threat cannot be ignored. A new Labour analysis of council elections shows that even where they are not winning they are coming second in areas which are Labour, Liberal Democrat and Tory-held. Their poison is spreading.”

Councillor Taalib Shamsuddin was one of the first local councillors to warn of the threat. “The only way to stop Nick Griffin is a massive voter turn out on Thursday 4 June and people voting for one of the top three parties.

“The deadline for voter registration is 19 May and I urge everybody to make sure there friends and family are registered to vote."

NWN moderator said...

Some posts have been rejected due to their over use of bad language.

Come on people, please keep it clean !

Anonymous said...

Political correctness has replaced British Politics!

Just a note here to point out that the financial meltdown we are experiencing now can be placed fairly and squarely at the feet of the politically correct Democratic Party in the USA. You don't believe me? Read about it here or watch a video on YouTube here .

If you agree with what you read here, please help by linking to this site whenever and wherever you can. After all (to paraphrase Edmund Burke) for political correctness to triumph it only requires that common sense does nothing!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why 40% of people don't bother to vote anymore? Have you ever stopped to wonder why, which ever party is in power, nothing ever gets any better? Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the three major political parties in the UK have broadly the same policies? The answer is simple - political correctness. This left wing ideology has very cleverly, and by stealth, replaced British politics. None of the main parties now dare suggest any policy that is not politically correct otherwise the PC Brigade will label them the 'nasty' party. Witness the Conservative party policy U turns. In a desperate effort to lose their 'nasty' party label they have become Blue Labour, a slightly diluted form of New Labour!

So we now have the three main parties all occupying the same small piece of 'centre ground'. Many people don't vote on the grounds that it is pointless - you will get the same whoever wins. Some people don't vote because they realise that politically correct policies are what has got us into this mess in the first place.

Other people don't vote because they realise that career politicians are a self seeking, corrupt bunch of freeloaders who they wouldn't trust to run their whelk stall while they were on holiday. Notice that I say career politicians - this is the new breed of politicians that haven't ever entered the real world of work. They have left school, gone to university and then blagged a job as a 'research assistant' to a MP before realising that the job was such a doddle that they could do it themselves. They have never had to hold down a proper job, they have no management or other skills, hold no real political views and tend to migrate to whichever party looks most likely to win power. To survive in this fantasy environment all you need to do is to be politically correct. You can read more about this, the political parties and how the New Labour ministers got there under Politicians/ Parties on the navigation bar.

So what is political correctness, how did it start and how did it become so successful? Political correctness is first and foremost an attack on free speech, clear thinking and discussion. Political correctness is perpetrated by the left in politics as a cover for their flawed ideology - a sort of cultural Marxism. By cloaking their strange ideas under the cover of not wishing to offend anyone (which naturally appeals to peoples' better nature), they try to bypass debate and give a 'received wisdom' which must not be questioned. And anyone who disagrees with this 'received wisdom' must therefore be a really nasty person and deserves to be ostracised by their peers. This peer pressure is instrumental in enforcing and expanding political correctness.

For example, if you question whether unfettered immigration into this country is necessarily a good thing or perhaps whether immigrants should be health checked, then you must be a nasty bigoted 'Little Englander'. Come on everyone - shout him down with cries of 'racist'. Of course, only the hard of thinking could be drawn into this charade - anyone with an ounce of common sense can see right through it.

So how did it all start? Political Correctness started in a think tank (called The Frankfurt School) in Germany in 1923. The purpose was to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia. Why wasn't the wonderful idea of communism spreading? Read the short history here, the full history and purpose here or watch a 22 minute documentary here.

The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):

the creation of racism offences
continual change to create confusion
the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
the undermining of schools and teachers' authority
huge immigration to destroy national identity
the promotion of excessive drinking
emptying the churches
an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
dependency on the state or state benefits
control and dumbing down of media
encouraging the breakdown of the family
Sound all too familiar? Yes - Great Britain 1997 onwards......

The basic idea is to make the country wholly dependent on the State. By the dumbing down of education, the creation of huge state sector employment and large scale immigration, New Labour has effectively created a captive audience to vote for them or Blue Labour, should the Conservatives actually get back into power.

If the Conservatives did get back into power, nothing much would change. David Cameron has already shown his true Politically Correct credentials many times but none so shamelessly as when he sacked the well respected Patrick Mercer, just for speaking the truth. Patrick Mercer wasn't being a racist, he was just commenting on how in Army life you get picked on if you have some different feature whether it is black skin, ginger hair, being fat or just lazy. My Father did me a great service many years ago when pointed out that 'sticks & stones would break my bones but names would never hurt me'. Thanks for instilling some common sense in me, Dad!

But of course, political correctness has made common sense a thing of the past. If you catch a burglar in your house then it's probably best to help the poor soul by carrying your possessions to the front door lest he should trip up and hurt himself and it's you that end up in court!

After all, you won't get much help from the Police, who have been effectively neutralised by the fast tracking of university graduates whose only experience of life has been obtained in the liberal atmosphere of education. Probably best not to complain to them about their lack of attendance when your car has been vandalised or you will probably get a letter back from a Superintendent pointing out that vandals are victims as well (read it here). And just in case any real policemen still exist, the Politically Correct Brigade has turned the Police Force in on itself by claims of institutional racism.

If they do actually succeed in getting a villain into court (only 1 for every 100 crimes committed) then the Magistrates hand out such lenient sentences (as laid down by the very Politically Correct 'sentencing advisory panel') that there is no deterrent. If you do end up in prison (extremely unlikely as New Labour have deliberately refused to build anything like enough new places) the prison officers are told to call you by your first name and not say anything that may upset you! As your cell is now your home, you are allowed to smoke there but Prison Officers who want to search it for drugs now have to give you 30 mins notice of their visit so that they don't put themselves at risk from the smoke oh and also to give you enough time to move your drugs elsewhere. Just in case you do get bored, you can keep yourself amused by repeatedly taking the prison governor to court over trivial matters that you think violate your human rights (no pornography etc) - all paid for by legal aid!

Travelers can descend upon your area, dump old cars and shit everywhere with impunity. You try doing it in your front garden and see what happens! They are allowed to bypass the normal planning controls that are so strictly enforced on the rest of us and cost local councils hundreds of thousands of pounds in court cases and clean-ups. Who pays? Why you do of course - just check your council tax bill!

Illegal immigrants (if caught) are rarely deported. Those that are deported are just the more honest ones who don't know how to play the system or haven't been coached by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns which is funded by your lottery money! Oh and have you got a long way to come to get here? Why not hijack an airliner for the trip? Don't worry, we will still let you stay!

Would you like a black coffee? NO! You can't say that! It's coffee without milk and Local Authorities spend a fortune of our money on making their employees attend courses on Newspeak!

Our British humour has suffered badly. We can't tell jokes anymore in case it's considered racist or it upsets anyone. Don't these Politically Correct people realise that the clue is in the word "joke",which my dictionary quite rightly defines as "something said in fun or jest" or "to say something in fun or teasing rather than in earnest?"

Try organising an event or trip and you find yourself tied up in the endless red tape created by the Health & Safety Executive. These people are all part of the 'Nanny State' (state control) which insists in sticking its nose into every aspect of our lives and telling us how to live it!

Just in case there is anyone left in the country that might still be enjoying themselves - let's ban smoking, fox hunting and let feminists launch a totally unfounded attack on men as rapists.

That is the sad state of the UK today. But overwhelmed by their own success with political correctness, the left have something else just as sinister up their sleeve so they can expand their power and control over us even more - the Great Global Warming scam! Same methodology - an idea to appeal to peoples' better nature - let's save the planet - and the same way of enforcing it by peer pressure. Just watch what happens to any scientist who breaks ranks or disagrees - they get the same treatment that Galileo got from the medieval church. David Bellamy was the first I think. It takes a brave man (or a self sufficient one) to come out against these things publicly when you know your future livelihood may be at risk.

Politically correct people can't stand reality or see that things have evolved to be as they are for good reasons. Politically correct people remind me of ostriches - they bury their heads in the sand and then proceed to talk out of the only orifice that still remains above ground.

So don't let anyone fool you that political correctness is just about being "nice to people", tolerant and treating them with proper respect. That's called good manners. Political correctness has been deliberately designed to subvert free speech, debate and common sense, replacing these with a ruthlessly enforced set of left wing ideas. Far from being tolerant, politically correct people are the most intolerant of all people and have the worst manners. They refuse to debate subjects (as their views don't stand up to the most elementary scrutiny), preferring just to scream abuse at you.

Anonymous said...

ive noticed you have not put up any new articles for nearly a week ,so come on its getting boring

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russell brand said...

"Can anyone now be in any doubt that Griffin and Collett are in business together scamming the membership."

As long as they are not rimming each other - that would be awful.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...