Friday, February 27, 2009

"Race-Hate War"

A BISHOP warned yesterday that Britain is on the brink of exploding into a race-hate war over cheap foreign workers.

He claims the number of British jobs going to migrants is lighting the fuse for potential mass disturbances as the nation hurtles towards econ-omic meltdown.And the Right Rev Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, believes the far-right British National Party will seize on that unrest to make political gains.

The severity of the Bishop’s attack on the state of Britain shocked his closest advisers.He said: “This disruption can lead to anger. “We have got to be aware of community safety – of one section of the community blaming another for our problems.

“There is a serious risk of disturbances. There have been rises in anti-Semitic attacks and it is likely the BNP will try to win support by blaming migrants.”He warned the credit crunch could be used to “scapegoat” minorities.

The Bishop, 67, said: “From my parish there is increasing evidence of people breaking under the stress of all this.

We have got the repossession of homes and rising unemployment.“People’s self-esteem is being battered and there is pressure on families.

”He also hit out at the high levels of credit being offered to people unable to repay.

He said: 

“We have got used to a ‘buy now, pay later’ culture which has stretched people beyond their means.

”The Bishop believes the long-term economic forecast is so bleak even the Church could soon have to axe staff and community projects.

Yesterday we revealed how over 100 Brit workers were laid off from a Plymouth power station while hundreds of cheaper Poles stayed.

And earlier this month we told how a glazing firm in Telford, Salop, sacked Ben Doyle, 29, for displaying our patriotic jobs poster.


Anonymous said...

To late they knew what they were doing. It wont be us rioting but the blacks and low cast pakis who should not be here anyways

Harry said...

Bwahahahaha! The cheeky ba****d has the audacity to lecture us white folk about the dangers of the economy!

He is part of the left cultural elite who have created the very situation we find ourselves in now. Hundreds of British workers losing their jobs each week while the guttersnipes of Europe and beyond are kept on.

Wherever the likes of the Guardian chatteing classes attain power they eventrually bring revolution. They must live by their actions. I can't wait for the Euro elections.

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