Saturday, February 07, 2009

Check out Nationalists Online message board !


Dave said...

Excellent forum.

GriffinWatch said...

Indeed, the new registratrations are on the up as well I notice.

jenny said...

I like the shortage of gri££inites on that Nationalists Online forum .

Oh not forgetting the biased moderators over there on Stormfront UK.

The three of them couldn't run a booze - up.

RS said...

We need a few places where nationalists and patriots who are critical of Gri££in and his agenda can discuss serious matters.

I notice that the BNP has been very quiet about the recent government review of home education because of allegations of child abuse, despite having no evidence to back it up. I thought the BNP was supposed to be pro home education but, as predicted, all they can do is vilify Islam for being behind terrorist attacks ranging from 9/11 to fires in Australia. Any ideas why the BNP hasn't mounted a stronger campaign to defend home educating parents from increased government intervention?

Anonymous said...

We also need a vehicle for those nationalists and patriots who have been forced out of the BNP or left in disgust to get together.

How many are there?

If they joined together first into a discussion group, then progressively into something harder who knows where it might lead.

Bill Jax

ES said...

Bill Jaxx, that's a good idea. On the subject of people forced out of the BNP - at this very moment Griffin through people like Eddie Butler is trying to bring a lot of these back in. Does he think we are all stupid? Obviously yes as it is clear he is only looking for extra leafleters with the Euro elections not far off and now there is a two year membership probationary period we all know what will happen to these useful fools after the Euro elections don't we?

doncaster plant said...

dope smoking dave howard has been banned (again) from SF hehehe.

he can go read his copies of 'soldier of fortune' much more now.

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax idea is a good one !

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax idea is a good one !

10 February 2009 13:03

I agree

Protest about the enforced starvation and murder of German soldiers AFTER WW2