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Social neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Home and work with the Italian fascists

Carlos Hidalgo carloshidalgo_ / madrid 09/30/2015 - ABC

This weekend held a conference at the Ateneo de Madrid, where he was an adviser to the party this ultra Cyprus and ELAM, and Italian members of CasaPound

Household members called Social Madrid are defined as "patriots". But their actions increasingly more confirm what was an open secret: they are one of the most active factions of the Spanish neo-Nazi movement.
Although disguised as squatters who distribute food (yes, only for Spanish), this xenophobic group organized a conference at the Ateneo de Madrid last weekend, hours before the demonstration through the streets of the capital in which barely met 250 people.
In those talks neofascist groups CasaPound Italy, Elam (Cyprus) and Golden Dawn (Greece) participated; the latter, with parliamentary representation in your country. AD by Andreas Giallourides spoke, these neo adviser in the European Union and parliamentary candidate in Cyprus.

[Analysis] vacate the Hogar Social Ramiro Ledesma Madrid, a symbol of the new strategy neofascist

September 23, 2015 -
On Monday 21 September 2015, police entered the town at dawn and huge building of Philatelic Forum, the second occupied by neo-Nazis in recent years in Madrid, which had become the major media coup effect of the Spanish far-right in decades. The strategy to be presented as a kind of NGOs that assist Spanish families was precarious, who are supposedly protects the administration, according to the far right and suffer discrimination against the group immigrant, worked, and further spread false rumors that the newcomers have privileges when accessing public assistance and social services. This false assertion (there are no national criteria for aid, but economic and social), has occupied hours in major TV networks and has mobilized entire neighborhoods against racism and xenophobia that this strategy aims, and also served to cover with a nice patina movement until now always associated with violence and hatred different.
The Social Hogar there they joined neo-Nazi hooligans from various Spanish football teams, including militants of different parties extremists, neo-fascist groups and independent activists disenchanted with neo-fascist groups that for decades have proved unable to unite and to agree on a minimum width to form a movement under a single strategy. But now, it seemed that the Italian example of Casa Pound occupy buildings and presented as "solidarity", combined with the economic crisis and the wave of xenophobia that spans Europe with the rise unpublished national parliaments ultras groups, offered a unique opportunity to the new Spanish fascism. This strategy also involves a new image that avoids the traditional symbolism that promotes a new image that identifies not raw with old far-right movements. It is not necessary to wave the Celtic cross or swastika, much less those related to the Franco regime.

Despite this shift aesthetic as practiced by Casa Pound in Italy and in Spain earlier by organizations like the Student Response, League Jovens, Casal Tramuntana Barcelona or Impulse Project in Castellón, it has been difficult for the anti-fascist who had unmasked behind these new projects, and have been published on numerous occasions spokespersons and relations of its members with the Nazis and fascists groups well known in Spain. The press, but even mention it at some point, has fallen into the trap of bringing to the forefront the false rumor privileges newcomers face the "national", thus making the game, pure spectacle, the new strategy ultra .Inclús reaching equate neo-Nazis with neighbors who were demonstrating against fascism and racism and denounced precisely this strategy wolf in lamb.
Having achieved occupied buildings like the Philatelic Forum, and one that previously belonged to Gao Ping, the Chinese businessman accused of corruption, suggests that behind this "spontaneous" ultra strategy are well informed about people who also advise The small group then executes the action daily.
As well as the strategy of groups like the Student Response was attended student demonstrations flags of Spain and provoke demonstrators after giving the version that had been expelled "by removing flags of Spain" (ignoring that everyone knew they were neo-Nazis and so were expelled) is being used again for both the Social Hogar as different neofascist groups that have joined the charity exclusive, ie only help Spanish families. So when someone protest against Hogar Projects, who is not protesting against fascism and racism, it is "attacking a group of young people in solidarity with his own people, it only provides food and accommodation for homeless families administration, victims of the privileges of immigrants to our country. " One way to use shield particular the precarious situation of certain people that prefer the help of a gang of neo-Nazis before the social services of the State. And, according to official data, still having vacancies at shelters and public accommodation served by the state, although these figures are hiding intentionally to highlight xenophobic myth of competition for resources between natives and newcomers.

Now it is not surprising that members of the Social Hogar have already designed a new building to be installed soon. But first, there is the manifestation of Saturday 26 in Madrid, where they announced the presence of Italian neo-fascist militants and members of Casa Pound Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. It remains to see how this evolves movement, unprecedented in Spain so far, it still has an occupied building in Zaragoza and a series of neo-fascist political parties that have adopted this new strategy of social assistance discriminatory. Everything depends on how well the media focus on this new phenomenon, if you give legitimacy and fall into the trap of bringing the debate where the extremists seek, and of course, the strategy of the anti-fascist and anti-racist groups to disassemble demagogic speeches and counter the propaganda of these neo-fascist groups.

'We will put people in our homes until another building THE OCCUPATION'

  • Daniel Martin
  • Madrid
Updated 21/09/2015 THE WORLD
IPU riot control agents of the National Police evacuated early in the morning yesterday Social Home Madrid, a neo-Nazi center squatted since last May and whose building was formerly the headquarters of Philatelic Forum. The officers entered the building, located at number 51 on the street José Abascal (Chamberí), at around half past six and evicted people who spent the night there, including 25 homeless, according to squats .
During the course of the eviction was a police agent mild wounded, police said. Europa Press reported, however, that would have been up to two officers wounded, apparently by the release of several bottles by squatters . On these facts he was arrested a man of 38 years accused of undermining of the authority and 24 others were identified.
In addition, five of the people who were sleeping in the building had to be treated by doctors of the Samur. One for pain and another four for anxiety attacks, including a 75-year old man who suffered a power surge, sources Emergency Madrid.

Melisa spokesman Social Home Madrid announced they will return to squatting other building "to meet the 25 persons' accommodation which gave the right-wing group, known for making weekly deliveries of food "just for Spanish. ' "will put people in THE OCCUPATION our homes until another building, "said the spokesman, who denied they had attacked the police officers. "Have entered the deck and the cheers and the two people who stood guard at night might have thought they were a group of antifascists and have run out. He totally belie aggression "he said.
Members of the Social Home also asserted yesterday that the agents did not provide them any eviction prior to it and it was not until hours later when police gave them the order of the head of the Court of Instruction No. 13 of Madrid, dated September 3 and received by the police on the 15th Previously the property, which, as reflected in the commercial register last May, responding to Taifa Investments SL, had denounced the usurpation of property.
The neo-Nazi group responded to the eviction with a rally outside the Palacio de Cibeles, Town Hall, which was attended by a hundred people. It so happens that a few meters away is one of the two activists camped 15-M held in Madrid for months -the other is in the Puerta del Sol. Despite ideological differences there was no incident.
To this there are three evictions which has faced the Social Home, already okupó a building belonging to businessman Chinese Gao Ping in August last year on the street Juan de Olías (Tetouan) and the old buildings of the Ministry of Working in Breton de los Herreros street-very close to the seat vacated yesterday, last December.
Social assistance activities "only for Spaniards" organized by the far-right group, linked to the Republican Party and Social Movement groups such as Ultras Sur and Suburbs Firm, have provoked constant confrontations with leftist radicals who understand these practices as xenophobic and racist. In recent months there have been numerous altercations nearby supermarket Carabanchel or Tetouan, where the Social Home received food donations and distributed.
The group maintains the call for a demonstration on Saturday 26 in which they claim "social rights for national" and be attended by members of the Greek party Golden Dawn, with a message ultranationalist and anti-immigration became yesterday the third political force the Hellenic country after the parliamentary elections.
Such policies are also disseminated the National Alliance party, which okupó a building on Azcona Street in the neighborhood of La Guindalera, on day 12. Social Home eviction this center, called Bastion, becomes the only thing the extreme right now squat in the capital.

Members of squatter center discriminated against in the distribution of foreign aid, evicted Wednesday, deny that their attitude is racist: "It is common sense. Immigrants are paid much more help and can not be "

MADRID "Yes, just help Spanish because we believe that today there is a very strong towards the Spanish state discrimination. Many aid organizations will only help immigrants and believe that poverty has changed, that poverty is in our streets, the Spaniards are poor, "says Melisa, a spokesman of the Home Social Madrid (HSM) Ramiro Ledesma. The squat center, as she explains, discriminate between Spanish and foreign citizens when delivering aid and food, it has been evicted by police Wednesday.
Despite its food distribution policy, Melisa complaint discriminated are the members of your group. "We only ask not to be criminalized, they treat us as NGOs only help foreigners, such as Caritas or the Red Cross" reports. It also accused the press of "twisting" to defining your group, near the Republican Social Movement a Golden Dawn to Spanish. "The Nazi and extreme right makes me laugh, because to be right there to be liberal, and we are socialists, so it is absurd. We are patriots who fight for the social rights of our people, "he says.
Some 25 members HSM demonstrated during the Wednesday afternoon before the doors of the building okuparon for four months. Under slogans like "live Spain", "Social assistance for national" or "may not end the national aid," center spokeswoman denies that its attitude is xenophobic in his conversation with this medium. "I do not consider racist, it is a matter of common sense . The Spaniards are being discriminated against. Is a reality. The immigrant will lend much more help than the Spanish and that can not be. "
However, a Spanish identity card is not enough to get help from this group: "We do not consider the nationality of a passport. A person is not Spanish by birth in Spain. Being Spanish is a way of seeing life , it is a race, it is a story, an ID that you can not give. " The squatters of HSM, the eviction was postponed last April 24 when one of them threatened to jump from a balcony, also deny liability in clashes with leftist groups staged in the former building that okuparon. He was also in the Madrid district of Tetuan, where they lasted one month.
"They have seen that for the first time is taking away the monopoly of social rights and so look for problems," says Melisa on said clashes with members of other platforms which managed social centers in his old neighborhood.

Several neighbors came to show their support HSM members. "These guys are not doing anything wrong, in contrast, are sticking up for us. I went to Caritas and Red Cross aid have not given me that I am not a foreigner , so easy I have said it, "warranted a woman. "They say we are racists, but they are more racist than us," another neighbor on the supports immigrants, stating that "there are many streets of Madrid already seems you have to ask permission to pass. It looks like you're black. I think a lack of respect. "
Another woman comes to testify that she is not in the forefront of the protest because her husband "does not want" . If it were not for that, "I was there first." He states that he has three children and is unemployed clear who is to blame: "The government gives everything to there. They've taken everything. " Lists the rights that the Spanish have lost the Spaniards due to the presence of immigrants and only interrupted to ask about her husband.
"At night, this whole street is full of Romanians. I know a lot of them. One is arrested for drugs. And still in Spain! And nothing happens here ", tells the husband in this, that appears to join the complaints of his wife. Plug the price of houses in Madrid, which has forced one of his daughters to go out of town, with patera floors. Then recalls his time in the army, "when Franco lived," declaring that each recruit gave "a month's vacation each trying to jump the fence that was loaded." It exalts the thought of all social benefits, he says, are immigrants from the work of the Spaniards. "A shot in the neck is the best solution", even states.

The demonstration passed without incident. Among those attending skinhead, military clothing and challenging glances at the twenty police officers who monitor their movements are. Insults against the government delegate in Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes is also Korean. "We are Spain," the chide.
The night is falling on the capital and two women close the bar located on the opposite sidewalk to which occupy HSM members. The two are Ecuadorian, and decline the invitation television reporters for comment on the group before the cameras. It does a neighbor who purchase a grocery nearby, "Where Cris", run by a Bolivian. The neighbor asks "what price" being paid for the work I was doing the squat center who claimed not to be Nazi or extreme right, not racist: "To help me looks good, what does not seem right is the ideology they are getting . At first glance it seems that nothing happens, but what is it they are transmitting to the neighborhood? ".
"For me personally it has not affected me at all. If they are they are, but do not want them around here either, "he said while shopping you need to make gazpacho. "And the cucumber?" , reminded the clerk that charges. He is Paraguayan and claims he has not had any dealings with members of squatters evicted center. "What do I think only help Spanish? Well, I think ... "He smiles, without finishing the sentence.
The Nazis the Hogar Social Ramiro Ledesma back to occupy a building in Madrid
a few days after the evacuation of the building occupied by neo-Nazis in the neighborhood of Chamberí announce a new job in the Spanish capital, this time, a building owned Philatelic Forum currently in state hands. We reproduce his statement and further information shortly.
Neofascist occupations: the MSR Militants try to export the model of Casa Pound
Zaragoza and Madrid on alert ahead of two buildings squatting "españoles para" militant extremists. This experiment, unprecedented in Spain until now been running for years in Italy, through the network of Casa Pound, which has always been an example to follow Perls Spanish fascists. The residents of the affected neighborhoods are organized against the presence of ultras and their solidarity poisoned, only for Spanish white.
PHOTO GALLERY: A thousand people demonstrate in Madrid against the occupation of a building by neo-Nazi groups

¿SQUATTERS neo ?: Weitlingstrasse 122. The German case (I)

Charles Vinyas.
Usually the so-called movement for squatting, he understood as one consisting of live or use buildings without the consent of their owners, partners with groups identifying, implicitly or explicitly, with revolutionary ideas or "autonomous" close to the extreme left or the anarchism. A relationship that is, as We will verify then wrong. While it is true that in the Spanish State that association is, today, right in other European countries the squatter phenomenon has emerged more diverse and complex characteristics that are far from the stereotype spread by the media.

one of the first demonstrations held in Berlin squatting
We have to go back to the early seventies to find the origins of the German squatter movement. The pioneers of political squats in the German country emerged from the radical student circles. There were two predominant groups: K-Kruppen (Leninist) and Sponti (antiauthoritarian). Hamburg and Frankfurt, cities dominated at the time by the Social Democratic Party (SPD), became the epicenter of the rising squatter movement. After the eviction of the first buildings, it was not until 1979 when the phenomenon was reactivated understanding squatting as an alternative housing strategy. This coincided with the radicalization of a sector taking extreme anti-capitalist principles giving rise to the self-proclaimed "autonomous". The final height of the squatter movement took place in Berlin during the 1979-1980 biennium. This kept fluctuating dynamics until the completion of a second phase of expansion occurred in 1989 characterized by social situation resulting from the collapse of the East German communist regime led by Erich Honecker.

Lichtenberg Street that housed the first neo ockupas
Squatting 'BLACK': THE MYTH OF Weitlingstrasse 122
It was during this second wave of squats, focused on Berlin and Potsdam, when a convergent unprecedented phenomenon was developed in time with the rise of neo-Nazism in the German Democratic Republic (DDR). The February 18, 1990 several militants Nationale Alternative (NA) occupied two buildings located at numbers 120 and 122 of the Weitlingstrasse street of Lichtenberg, located east of the capital, which made Lückstraße street corner. It was the first time a neo-Nazi group occupied a building of private property for political purposes. Thereafter, 122 Weitlingstrasse became the epicenter of neo-Nazi activist in East Berlin. Alternative Nationale established his headquarters there and used the building for courses of ideological training to its members.
After various manifestations of anti-fascist groups that opposed his presence in Lichtenberg, finally on April 27 of that year, only two mesos after occupancy, the building was evacuated by police. During the operation the police seized various weapons, Molotov cocktails and abundant propaganda material. All leaders of the group who were in the house were arrested and about a hundred of its members evacuated. The houses are uninhabitable after suffering finally arson.


Charles Vinyas, 01/04/2012
Now, about occupations of buildings by far-right groups, treated in one of our previous posts referring to the neo-Nazi activities in Germany , this time we boarded the Italian case after the events occurred last December in Florence Gianluca Casseri when a right-wing extremist murdered in broad daylight two sengaleses vendors. Crime stood again the debate about the existence of the so-called "radical Destra" (radical right) that departs from the traditional parliamentarianism of the Italian right-wing parties.

Gianluca Cassieri the murder of Florence in a neo-fascist concentration
From strategy inserimento practiced by the Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI) of Augusto De Marsanich in the fifties, who favored joining the democratic system because of the adoption of a more moderate discourse that caused the expansion of its potential electorate, extreme right Italian left marginalization and got its own political space. Three decades later, after Giorgio Almirante's attempt to renew the message and the iconography of the MSI, fascism underwent a process of historicizing which involved ideological disempowerment and presented to society as a mere historical stage passed.
It was not until the nineties when the hand of Gianfranco Fini, substitute Pino Rauti in front of the party, the MSI potsfascismo evolved into a populist right. A transformation that was evident even in the name of the party was renamed Alleanza Nazionale (AN).
logotipos the Italian Social Movement y National Alliance
This shift to parliamentarism caused the fragmentation of Italian right heir of fascism. then emerged various groups and organizations that véritables successor to the legacy of Mussolini they claimed. These highlighted games Fiamma Tricolore, Soziale Fronte Nazionale, Forza Nuova or Azione Soziale organization led by Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of the Duce.
This set of neo-fascist groups spectrum militants pioneers radical right in the occupation of buildings emerged. An experience that is normally associated with left-wing groups but in countries like Italy or Germany have practiced the respective neo-fascist and neo-Nazi organizations.

Fiamma Tricolore protesters displaying their anti-
In the Italian case the first occupations of buildings to become social centers of political activism took place in Rome. In late 1990 members of the Fronte della Gioventu (FDG), the youth of the MSI, occupied a school in the antiga Bartolucci street of Monteverde (the district where a young Gianfranco Fini began his political career). Bartolo, the busy center which took its name from the road where he was, became a reference for neo-fascist Roman youth. After several similar experiences, 2002 right-wing youths occupied an abandoned Rome, Montag House, which was the first home ONC, Non Occupazione Under the brand utilitzó the radical right to refer to their occupied social centers, calls "black jobs".

one of the first black occupations. House Montag


After the pioneering experiences of Bartolo and Casa Montag was not until early twenty-first century when the so-called black occupations spread, also known as non-conforming occupations linked to various Italian neo-fascist organizations. Undoubtedly the most important was Casa Pound, an occupation that eventually became a benchmark of European postfascistas circles.

main facade of Casa Pound occupation not as emblematic of Rome
One of its promoters was Gianluca Iannone, FdG former militant who later became leader of the political movement led by Maurizio Boccacci. Iannonne, singer of the musical group Zetazeroalfa, became the ideologue and visible and more media face of Occupazioni Scopo Abitativo (OSA), the occupations for housing. The first of these centers, called Casa Pound, was occupied by fifty young neo-fascists on 26 December 2003. Located at number 8, Via Napoleone III, in the historic center of the Italian capital, the building was erected on a symbol of Italian radical right.
Soon they proliferated similar centers in Perugia, Parma, Sassari, Crotone, Naples and L'Aquila that the model reproduced Casa Pound, the media icon neoescuadrismo space that attracts young people from groups like Azione Giovani or Forza Nuova.

Gianluca Iannonne posing in the center along with the other members of the group Zetazeroalfa
Self-proclaimed neo-fascist revolutionaries, militants of Casa Pound, who ran the party Fiamma Tricolore integrating led by Luca Romagnoli, taken as referring to characters like Filipo Tommaso Marinetti futuristic promoter, writer Gabriele D'Annunzio, the fascist leader Benito Mussolini or American poet Ezra Pound who sympathized with fascism and which gives its name to the pioneering Roman occupation.
They are, as they call themselves, the new neo-fascist vanguard through a renewed discourse has succeeded in transforming the right-wing imagination and penetrate the social fabric through its program of assistance action, the so-called Mutual Social Project, which provides a home to Italian families homeless, which is why the logo of Casa Pound reproduces the image of a turtle symbolizing the right to housing of an animal who always carries his house on his back.

propaganda poster with the various activities of the CNB
Officially registered as an association of social promotion, Casa Pound is built around volunteers working in several areas, such as sport, with a boxing club, own soccer teams in Lecce, hockey and water polo in Rome in Bolzano and construction a school rugby Collaverde-, cultural -with Non According Theatre group or bookstore La Testa di Ferro -with or solidarity campaigns to collect food for people at risk of social exclusion and humanitarian aid projects in countries as Burma, Kenya or Kosovo. In addition to other initiatives such as Radio Bandiera Nera online issuing daily or monthly Occidentale , Casa Pound has also fueled Blocco Studentesco, a kind of neo-fascist students' union headed by Francesco Polacchi funding by the earnings of the pub Cutty Sark has held a school of social support and has even promoted bills for the right to housing.
These are coupled with energy sovereignty, environmentalism, constitutional reform, the right to education and anti-immigration message that prioritizes the identity discourse ahead of xenophobia (explicit in its slogan "0% 100% identity racism") the axes that articulate the ideology of this so-called "fascism of the third millennium" with sympathetic Gianluca Cassieri, the man who wrote 54 books of fantasy and killed two Senegalese in Florence. A respectable man who frequented the rooms of the radical right and black occupations.

electoral propaganda ideologue claim as Casa Pound
Zaragoza fascist protest against the Nazi-Fascist occupation of a building
more than thirty social, political and neighborhood Zaragoza organized against extremists in the district of Las Fuentes.

Zaragoza united against fascist presence in neighborhoods

By the July 12, 2014
Since the manifestation speak microphones AraInfo representatives Antifascist Assembly, San Jose Neighborhood Association, Stop Evictions and FABZ.
Anti-fascism is a matter of everyone, and they have now demonstrated the nearly 30 neighborhood, social, cultural and political organizations that have assisted and supported the rally on the afternoon of Saturday in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Las Fuentes in protest the presence of fascist and neo-Nazi groups. In this neighborhood the extreme right has a 'busy' building, called by the Nazis themselves 'Social Home', and with a rented room where they operate.
From 19.00, five hundred people have walked the streets of Las Fuentes shouting 'fascists out of our neighborhoods' and 'no, no, no, no Nazis'.
"We are united with one goal, to eradicate fascism from our streets", aimed at AraInfo a representative of the Anti-Fascist Assembly . Since the Anti-Fascist Assembly denounce the so-called "occupation" of a building in the neighborhood of Las Fuentes in the Caspe 83 avenue, by the neo-Nazi party MSR as "the only thing they do is vandalism in allusion to the incidents produced in this space last June 24 - and worsen the living ".
"I am here out of solidarity, do not understand precisely what the fascists", pointing to a member of the Neighborhood Association of San José to add that solidarity "can not be understood with hindrance" referring to the slogan 'social assistance for national' in a the banners displayed by the MSR on the balcony of the building 'busy' . "These people it aims to destroy the local coexistence, and we are here to defend it," he added recalling that the San José have also occurred in recent months threats and painted by fascist groups.
Raquel of Stop Evictions platform wanted to influence the difference between the "occupation" MSR building in Las Fuentes and the block La Esperanza recovered by this platform in the neighborhood of El Gancho. The 'Social Home' is "occupied by Nazi fascists criteria" and "exclusive" because "you want only part of the population, which they consider worthy, the" national "population", he said.
Meanwhile, Boxwood Nieves, president of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Zaragoza (FABZ) stated that the objective of this demonstration is to insist that "we do not want people to Nazi ideology or groups like the Falange MSR or in our neighborhoods, since all they do is attack the living. " "With this mask that become 'social' all I want is to create followers and we know how are the Nazis," he added. "With what is happening in Greece we have enough, "he stressed Boj remembering that games have as a reference the MSR Greek Golden Dawn and "before they can reach it, here we are going to stop the feet".
This morning, Boj Nieves explained to the media that have requested a meeting with the government delegate, Gustavo Alcalde, to demand to take measures against the spread of Nazi groups in the city.
Neo-Nazis on the balcony of 'Social Home'
In Ecuador manifestation it has come to the door of the 'Social Home' where neo-Nazis on their balcony peeked 14 , 12 of them covered with white masks. Her face uncovered the delegate in Aragon MSR Nazi party, Francisco Javier Bueno , who recorded to the demonstrators . A strong police presence cordoned off the door 'Social Home', while, on the sidewalk in front of the goal, several residents of the village of Las Fuentes awaited the arrival of the rally to shout together against the fascists. Time has emphasized the rejection of this Nazi group in the neighborhood.
"At 1400 hours on Saturday in the 'Social Home', it was organized one food to which they have invited other neo-Nazi groups in other cities. At least several Nazi Madrid have moved to Zaragoza responding to the call of the promoters of 'Social Home'. Still, there were only 14 housing neo-Nazis today 'occupied' including 'reinforcements', "he explained an activist of the antifascist to AraInfo.
Importantly, the presence of the delegate of the MSR in Aragon in the balcony as from the 'Social Home' have insisted that they are not linked to any party. "We have stands, we have no ideology [...] We dissociate completely from any political party," he pointed out in an email sent to AraInfo where hereby threatened to "take appropriate gravely offend the dignity and honor legal measures" . How, then, it means the presence of Francisco Javier Bueno, head of the Nazi party MSR?
The rally concluded, in Torreramona park , around 20.30 with reading the statement . A statement signed by the neighborhood associations of Las Fuentes, Lanuza Casco Viejo, Larrinaga-Montemolín, Santiago Puente - Actur, Jerónima Zaporta La Cartuja Baja, San Jose and FABZ, in addition to the Assembly 15M San Jose, Association La Granja 102 - Radio Farm, Attac in Aragon, Library Frida Kahlo, Aragon CCOO, CGT Aragon and La Rioja, Zaragoza Ecologists in Action, Inter de Aragon, Anti-Capitalist Left, Izquierda Unida, Creeper, Movement for the Third Republic (MP3 Aragon) PCE Aragon, Civic Platform to Debt Audit, we, Purna Aragon, Puyalón of Cuchas, Student Union SEIRA Aragon, Zaragoza Stop Evictions, UGT Aragon and UJCE -Aragón.
June 29, 2014

L'extreme dreta occupies a edifici "for Spanish families" to Zaragoza

Members of the MSR twitter attributed to the action, even after the Social Hogar de Zaragoza reivinidicava their independence from any political party. A fight between some of the occupants caused the arrest of eight of them, which would be released without charge the next day.
The MSR copy to the Italian fascists and creates a "social home" in Zaragoza

By Alma Samper | AraInfo the June 22, 2014
The news published in the Aragonese press about an "occupation" neo-Nazi in the Las Fuentes startled many antifascist activists. Developed full page, the headline read, "A neo-Nazi party occupies a building in Las Fuentes to create a social home" and appointed the Social Republican Movement responsible for the action. The place, the number 83 of the street Caspe, in the neighborhood of Las Fuentes.
Despite the surprise, it is inevitable that such an event go unnoticed by the media, since it is an unprecedented fact, important, very serious and dangerous, also announced by the fascists themselves a week earlier. On Sunday June 15, a Fascist blog Sevilla echoes the occupation and was published Tuesday an entry for help for the "new social home" and incorporated a number of features which make donations to Ibercaja. That same day, several fascist websites published the news regardless.
Once known fact is no doubt that the opportunity for criticism from society opens, and the positioning of it before the "occupation." To avoid falling into comparisons with other models of squatting and so do not judge just because, but for the context and its connotations, note the following nuances.
First, note that in all publications (paper or digital) clearly indicate that it is home to "Spanish" families, both immigrants are automatically excluded from the "social procurement" thereof.
Secondly, this is a model that is repeated in several comparable examples in the Spanish state and in other European states, and as ultimate purpose is the dissemination of fascist ideas.
Third, it is not only a provision of housing, since they themselves have announced that they will enable recreational and cultural spaces, leisure areas and a soup kitchen.
The example of Casa Pound, Italy
Casa Pound, Italy, would be the clearest and illustrative example, and which is the subject of imitation by the MSR. Without going any further, the MSR annually honors Pound Ezna figure, a fervent supporter of Benito Mussolini and criticized for his anti-Semitism.
In Italy, Fronte della Gioventu were pioneers and proponents of the first fascist occupation. After years of organizing meetings where topics such as ecology, youth unemployment and the right to housing, supported by the lure lure of music and sport, finally propelled campaigns around social housing were addressed against the bank and speculation, the movement grew in the 90s and the first occupations in Rome, the "non ocupazioni conformi" began. In these cultural and sports activities they were organized.
In 2002 the first true fascist social center in Italy with activities, meetings, debates and concerts opens. Gianluca Iannone, singer of a group RAC (Rock Against Communism), has established itself as leader of this movement, and a year later, in 2003, Casa Pound is born. As mentioned in its website, Casa Pound "becomes a stable roof for many families in emergency situations", similar to what is now announcing the MSR in the Las Fuentes. At first, even welcome immigrant families, but a few years later started an increasingly hostile campaign against immigration.
In 2005, Casa Pound participate in the electoral list of La Destra, fascist current that is part of the electoral coalition of Berlusconi. In 2006, entering Fiamma Tricolore, allied MSR in the Alliance of European National Movements and faithful partner in their events. In 2011, eight years after his birth, Casa Pound gets seven councilors in municipal elections, and as a social base, has grown to over 5000 members and 50 local.
Casa Pound is, in short, an Italian right-wing group that has spent years using leisure activities to foster among the youth fascism, as indicated from Feixisme i Unitat Against the Racisme. "Lately they have appeared in the Spanish State local groups and try to copy their model, exactly in Barcelona and Castelló" and now in Zaragoza. Their leader, Iannone has not broken with fascism despite its anti-rhetoric. It abiertamiente fascist states, as does the MSR leader, Juan Antonio Llopart. According Iannone, fascism "was the most beautiful experience of the history of Italy."
The welfare of Spain 2000
Many are the news we can find on the distribution of food "only Spanish" Spain 2000 which usually takes place in our state. Most media documents Spain 2000 and its food distributions are several investigative reports issued in some television.
Nevertheless, Spain continues its 2000 deals. The last in May, through Social Home Maria Luisa Navarro. The NGO alleged and stated in his Facebook profile that has "an estate of 15 thousand square meters where they are to perform different activities. We will have enough time to make camps and days of cohabitation, where Spanish families without resources can enjoy nature "field. In the last food delivery requested a number of documents to receive assistance, including the DNI are being banned foreigners.
Why in the Las Fuentes?
The MSR is strongly installed in this neighborhood since opening its "official" headquarters a year ago on low street Fray Luis Urbano. Since then he has conducted all its activities there, but there has been no confrontation with neighbors and without have publicly denounced their activities, nor by the Association of Residents of Las Fuentes or any other group. It is true that there has been a continuous work by various anti-fascist groups and anarchists, trying to alert neighbors and boycotting the development of MSR propaganda in the neighborhood, and even a fascist political rally was held in the electoral campaign for the European by the Puyalón candidacy - Os peoples decide. But the response has been poor, and the reaction of the neighborhood association to calls of alert have not borne fruit. Without going any further, the MSR will be seen occasionally picking up food at the gates of a popular supermarket located in Doctor Iranzo.
Xenophobic deception MSR
There will be a "social home" or a "social hub" for everyone, and participation in it shall be governed by xenophobic criteria. If we analyze the political program of MSR, we face a new hoax, as usual in this fascist party. Although fine which would specify their concrete actions to defend the right to adequate housing, in any case draw a distinction on the nationalities of the subjects to be entitled to them. A deception that, as can be seen again in this case, makes their political program is fraudulent.
Examples of xenophobia in the political program of MSR many. The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, defines racial discrimination and xenophobia as "any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural spheres or any other field of public life". However, the MSR has always denied most, and its programmatic standards xenophobia understood as a "purulent discharge from the bourgeois mentality" Whereas it is necessary that each culture to unfold in their natural environment and are opposed "to that which euphemistically has been called multicultural societies. "
Make it clear in its political program, the same as defending the right to housing, and say the same thing as "the MSR, suffers neither complex nor feel tied to humanitarian and charity chatter of religious or secular robes, It is very clear that "here does not fit all", therefore prioritizes the National Solidarity to the immigration phenomenon and no priority to the more immigrants in our country, the immediate expulsion of all those who have entered illegally, have already regularized or not The paralysis of family reunification, canceling subsidies immigrant associations and immediate agreements with countries of origin to carry out the repatriation of those legal immigrants who are unemployed and who wish ".
After the mass expulsions defends the MSR, which are not expelled or want to reside temporarily in Spain, the MSR proposes the drafting of the Statute of Foreign and Refugees, established in him the rights and duties thereof. The penalty for noncompliance: repatriation. Therefore, the MSR defends the distinction between the rights and duties of citizens according to their country of origin.
Proposals MSR would mean the rejection of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, since it is collected every citizen of the Union has the freedom to seek employment, to work, to establish or provide services in any Member State, that third country nationals are entitled to are equivalent to those enjoyed by citizens of the Union, which are prohibited collective expulsions, which discrimination is prohibited, and in particular on grounds of sex, race, color working conditions , ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation, every citizen of the Union has the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, and so on.
[Alma Samper is a journalist and researcher]
A neo-Nazi party occupies a building in Las Fuentes to create a "social home"
BVM / EM | 06/24/2014
The Republican Social Movement through internet says he wants to address the situation of many Spanish families Several people have been installed in at least two floors of the block, which was empty and that advertised a promoter

It is one of the most talked about news in the corridors of neighbors Zaragoza neighborhood of Las Fuentes. A residential building, empty since it was built, has been occupied by the Social Republican (MSR) Movement, a party of neo-Nazi court announced on social networks creating a "social home" for Spanish families "in absolute helplessness ".
According HERALDO was found yesterday, the block of flats is located on Avenue of Caspe, number 83, one of the most commercial streets of the neighborhood, and commented by some locals they have been occupied at least two of the homes and "young people". In fact, in one of the balconies could be seen hanging clothes and even one of the residents said, "I saw some pots placed when they arrived."
A Spanish flag and a big sign that says "social home" yesterday morning adorned the facade of the building in May 2011 received the license of first occupation, but remained empty ever since.
In the access door to the garage, until recently filled with garbage a handwritten sign reminded passers Article 47 of the Constitution: "All Spaniards are entitled to enjoy decent and adequate housing. The public authorities shall promote the necessary conditions and establish appropriate standards to implement this law. " Of course, the poster also showed a very direct message: "Thousands of empty homes and families living on the street is enough! Or usury or speculation. " Many citizens circulating yesterday Caspe stopped reading this message, not quite understanding the reason for it because from the bottom of the building can not be the poster announcing the creation of "home."
Numerous comments
"Yesterday another sign hung on the facade of the house in which gave a contact for people to be targeted, but today we have taken, "explained a neighbor who commented the situation with other block. As explained by these people, the squatters' entered the building at night to not see them. However, before they cleaned the entrance was filled with garbage for a long time. " A neighbor said the local police came because they put a cable connection to the mains.
None of them knew the people who had occupied the building. Yes, he said a neighbor who recently passed a group down the street began to pluck some of the posters that had been placed at the door and people inside the block rebuked him, although the incident was not beyond verbal .
In the announcement posted on a social network, the Social Republican Movement emphasizes that this building was "being robbed" and made ​​available to neighbors as "a place where the shortcomings of the neighborhood Suphan". Also they encourage all those family who has been the victim of eviction or can not afford housing to make contact with them. The announcement is signed by the "Assembly of Social Home". Initiatives of the same type have emerged from the hand of right-wing groups in parts of Valencia, Madrid and Castilla-Leon.
An old promotion
The promotion of this building was carried out by the company Zurbana SL, although it was assumed by the developer Restores . This newspaper yesterday made ​​contact with the company, who declined to give information on the status of the block. The works were paralyzed for a year and a half (October 2008 to April 2010) and was finally completed in September of that year. It would be in May 2011 when it obtained the license of first occupation by the council but has never been inhabited. The block consists of a ground and half below ground, for parking, one floor with main entrance and a shop, six-story housing and a plant under the hood intended for storage.
In the promotion which was made in 2010 by that company it stated that the building has apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms and had homes priced from 192,000 euros. It is unknown if the floors were ultimately sold or not.
Eight arrested in a fight between neo-Nazis a 'social center'
A neighbor of the property in Las Fuentes, warned the brawl. Those arrested are the Republican Social Movement and the Falange
FMH 06/25/2014
Police arrested yesterday morning eight young for a fight occurred in a building of the street Caspe Las Fuentes, who used Spanish as a social center for families in precarious situations Social Republican Movement ( MSR), neo-Nazi court.
Police sources said the fight broke out between components of this movement and others of the Falange, who apparently were also in the building. According to the neighbors they explained during the morning hung next to the flag of Spain Constitutional which remained hung on a balcony-one with the emblem of the Falange, which was then withdrawn. But police could not confirm whether this exhibition had something to do with starting the brawl.
NOTICE Notice of the incident gave him about noon, a neighbor of the property legally resided there. He warned that young people from other floors were fighting. The information was somewhat confusing, given the strong presence of far-right groups in the building the police organized an extensive safety device, with a dozen patrols, and sealed off both sides of the sidewalk near the property. Ultimately, however, it was not necessary to display both.
Agents arrested eight alleged participants in the fight, which began to emerge, some of them handcuffed, around 12.30, in patrol cars and taken into custody. None of them, according to sources of the Body, had serious injuries.
The neighbors, some of them aware of the presence of the center in the way He announced with a big sign and an e-Internet-, could not understand what had happened. Several of them agreed on the incident of the Falangist flag, but also the occupants "no arming mess". Yesterday, the neighborhood association of Las Fuentes had agreed to consider whether they could take action against the presence of the MSR in the neighborhood.
Some of the detainees were allowed to collect their belongings they had in the house, so he could give the impression that it was an eviction. But police said no, as the owner of the property, "a legal person", there was no complaint lodged by the occupation of the flats. This is not a squatted block, because some of the neighbors, as the one who gave the notice, legally resident there. The eight detainees will foreseeably today, to justice.
Interview with Social Home occupants Zaragoza
June 27, 2014 -Tribuna Europe
TdE / Most of the media in Zaragoza, including radical leftist spokesmen echoed the news of the creation of a group home in the city of Zaragoza were made; as expected, the double standards in judging the same event did nothing but start ...
We talked to two of the occupants of the Social Home: R. and M. How did the initiative to occupy an abandoned property came?
After listening to dozens of families the hardship faced by a rent or a mortgage, many of them having lost their home, even with very few fees payable, we saw in the occupation of property owned by banks or speculative developers, the option of giving dignity to these families and temporary housing. Then one day by chance M. discovered a building of empty houses victim of fruit and wild speculation of the years of the housing bubble, being totally finished were abandoned, so we decided to take the plunge and thus was born the project Home Social Zaragoza.
What you alleged perform this action? Was there some hidden personal interest behind the solidarity that?
We first give a decent home to families who can afford it, and secondly to highlight a reality such as that while millions of people either do not have or have lost their homes, millions of homes are empty. For our part, our sole aim has been to help our compatriots to get something that should not just be a theoretical right, but should be a real right.
You militáis a political movement there any time that political movement interfered or attempted to run your project?
It's mean, it could be argued that this is a personal initiative of yours outside your activism?
Indeed, which does not mean that all real support at home, donating both material and working on homework, they have been of our Movement, unlike others who have not gone to a virtual support.
It seems that after several days of occupation -within the inmueble- emerged some differences with a partner in action, as we know the police used this fact to enter the building, bursting the door, intending to sign and arrest all occupants in a situation that they found it extremely uncomfortable ... Do you want to explain what really happened and how was the arrest?
The father of the first family that hosted the Social Home, which at first had an important role in the home, was suffering from schizophrenia, because of this, he suffered an attack of rage which ended in several damage to property, the next morning he protested his attitude, because it was incompatible with living in the building, which triggered another episode of anger, which was seized by the national police to break into the building, violently, register it completely and stop all building occupants present at that time, accusing all threats, coercion and brawl, 24 hours remaining in dungeons, and later released without charge, since, according to the Judge, the arrests were made without any evidence or complaint.
Is it true that the police watched from the moment your activities?
Yes, and shows the desire that we had police authority, is instantly presented CNP UPR and started hitting the door with clubs and comments we heard from the police, it is that everything was ready
After being released without charge after checking the turmoil brought about by the media, and child behavior who caused the incident ... How do you value this experience? What will you do now, you will continue with the initiative? As self or from your political movement?
Except for the arrests, still keeping in mind that arrive, they were not expecting such a vile and despicable way, except this has been a productive experience, as we have shown, that the occupation is nothing exclusively sectors far left that high forever misuse it and end up being drug dens and various vices. We are sure that as long as the problem of housing, we can not stand idly by watching the drama of so many families, so if not in this building, look for another to take forward the project. Our intention is to open all fellow project that has social concerns, but without forgetting who we are and where we come from. Thanks for the interview and we hope that our project is the first of many throughout the country, as the housing problem is a problem that can affect us all, from the richest to the poorest.
Zerolo criticizes the 'passivity' of Delegation to the neo-Nazi 'squatting' Tetuan
movientos Socialist secretary of Social considers this group "only aims to create social tension '
EUROPA PRESS Madrid 02/09/2014
Socialist secretary of Social Movements, Pedro Zerolo, has demanded this Tuesday in a statement that discriminate "do not leave free," which led him to criticize the "passivity" of the Government Delegation, the Community and the City to the 'squatting' of a building in the district of Tetuan, who have called Home Social Ramiro Ledesma.
Zerolo has warned of racist and xenophobic messages released by this group after more than a thousand residents of this Madrid district demonstrated on Saturday against those 'okupan' the building 'for Spanish only. "
The socialist expressed his outrage at the "passivity" of the Government Delegation in Madrid, the Community and City Council to this occupation, "only it aims to create social tension in a neighborhood where 17% of its neighbors are migrants and where, until now, there has not been any problems of coexistence. "
According to the socialist, this group "trying to promote a racist and xenophobic discourse, as has been done in Greece Golden Dawn". In this sense, Zerolo has claimed that "this organization camouflaged under the name of social home belies its true intent, which is simply to discriminate against people because of their origin, as is clear from the statements of its spokesmen."
Pedro Zerolo said "racism and xenophobia can have no place in society" and pointed out that "it is the responsibility of local, regional and state government prevent this from happening." "We are all equal and it's amazing that we still claim that you can not discriminate against anyone because of their place of origin or skin color," he remarked.
"Since PSOE we continue to work for a law of equal treatment, opportunities and non-discrimination, which now makes more necessary than ever to discriminate does not come free," he has ruled.

Italian neofascist events held in Castellon, Barcelona and Seville. Casa Pound tries to export its model in Spain

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