Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gang of yobs hurled bricks at fire engine causing crew to flee as they tried to tackle blaze in Oldham

Police condemn attack after firefighters were forced to leave the scene and the vehicle has now been taken out of service for repairs

Violent yobs smashed a fire engine with bricks and forced its crew to flee.
A gang of around 20 people hurled the missiles at the vehicle while firefighters tried to put out a blaze in Oldham.
The engine was taken out of service for repairs following the attack, which broke the front window and nearside shutters.
The incident took place when a crew were called to a bonfire off Pitt Street, in Glodwick , at around 10.40pm on Saturday night, October 17.

Police Sergeant Andy Wheeler said: “This is completely unacceptable behaviour that could have seriously injured someone should they have been hit by a brick. The fire engine itself was damaged with a window being smashed and the nearside shutters.
“The crew were unable to deal with the fire and were forced to leave. When they arrived at the station, the fire engine was unable to be used and requires repair.
"It is getting to that time of year when the fire service is called out more and now, due to the actions of these individuals, a valuable resource is off the streets.
“I would ask anyone who may have information as to who was responsible to contact police as soon as possible.”
Anyone with information should phone police at Oldham police station on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


NWN:  The MEN hasn't mentioned the perps descriptions. No surprises there. The area is Glodwick (pronounced Gloddick) and is the main Pakistani area in Oldham. This was the centre of the riots in 2001 in Oldham and a veritable no go zone at times. This would not be the first time the locals have attacked fire engines.


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BBC Trending'Sikh Lives Matter' - says a new global protest movement


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Britain hands out a residence permit every MINUTE in 2014, giving more migrants the right to stay than any EU country

UK gave 560,000 permits given to non-EU nationals last year, says Eurostat
It means that almost a quarter of all permits in the EU were granted in UK
Residence permits allow a foreign national from outside EU to stay legally
Most permits in the UK were given to students and people looking for work

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3281025/Britain-hands-residence-permit-MINUTE-2014-giving-migrants-right-stay-EU-country.html#ixzz3p9eF7Csa
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lawless only the army can stop madness, says mayor

CALAIS migrants have become so lawless French troops should be deployed to deal with them, the town’s mayor has said.


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Ministers order probe into 'unacceptable' Sharia law courts operating in BRITAIN

MINISTERS have ordered a probe into the unlawful use of "discriminatory" Sharia councils as part of the Government's counter-extremism strategy.


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Crazed jihadis returning to UK from Syria will be forced back to SCHOOL in 'soft' plans

JIHADIS fighting in Syria who return to Britain will be forced to attend re-education classes, in plans which have been labelled "pathetic".


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Putin About Cultural Self Preservation of European Tradition, Religion and Race


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Vladimir Putin on White Genocide .


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What the heck is Barbara Spectre's motivation.


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Black Pastor - Speaks the truth about White geNOcide!


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The Endgame - Full White Genocide documentary.


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Multiculturalism in Europe:Who is Behind It? by David Duke.


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Why, of All People, Is Henry Kissinger the Voice of Reason on Syria?


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4 in 10 Danish Muslims want Koran to be used in Denmark’s laws.


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Israelis Demand Guns For All After Spate Of Stabbings

The current spate of violence is prompting many Israelis to turn towards guns in case they're suddenly attacked.


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No Mincing Words.


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Children of Men 2006 Long Take.


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Guess Who is Behind the Islamic State: Israeli IDF Colonel Leading ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Iraq.


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German gang on trial for ‘robbing churches & schools to fund ISIS’


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Gypsies burn cars, block traffic, start riots in French town Moirans/


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Europe in 2029?


Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...