Friday, October 02, 2015

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This is Purple Aki.


Bodybuilder banned from touching men's muscles guilty of breaching order by feeling boy's bicep on train

Arobieke complained that he was called 'Purple Aki' in court papers,  which he regards as a racist term

Akinwale Arobieke

A bodybuilder banned from touching men's muscles has been found guilty of breaching an order banning him from doing so.
Akinwale Arobieke has been convicted of breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) by allegedly touching a young man's bicep on a train travelling to North Wales from Manchester .
Arobieke, 54, of Devonshire Road, Liverpool, denied the offence and told a jury at Mold Crown Court that he was being set up by British Transport Police because of his notoriety.
He represented himself in court but the jury returned and unanimously found him guilty.

Judge Nicolas Parry has bailed him until 2pm.
Prosecuting barrister Karl Scholtz said that the terms of the SOPO specified that the defending must not “touch, feel or measure” the muscles or muscle areas of any person in any public place or in any private place where the public had access.
He said on October 11, 2013, a young student from the Llandudno area travelled from Manchester Piccadilly to Colwyn Bay and was asked to flex his muscles, his bicep and then he asked to touch it.

Mark Waugh Manchester Piccadilly
Manchester Piccadilly
The defendant asked him if he could measure it and produced a tape measure and did so.
The young man, in his early 20s, thought it was a bit strange but thought nothing more of it.
About a month later, the complainant read an article on Facebook from The Liverpool Echo about him.
He then did an internet search and read a lot about him on Wikipedia.
The young man and the police denied that he had been encouraged to make the complaint.
The youth said that it had happened and he thought it was a bit weird at the time.
The jury heard how the defendant had a number of previous convictions for breaching the order but had also been cleared several times.


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Obama gives $12 million to “Holocaust survivors”

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CBS: “Oregon Gunman was English Negro” – Very sad. There is a disproportionately high incidence of schizophrenia among Black Caribbeans, who have become “British” but not English.

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SHOCK: LA Times Labels Black Oregon Shooter as White Supremacist!!!

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Senator Warren volunteers to be white spokesman for Black Lives Matters.

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Man who sexually assaulted 19-year-old student who was waiting for a taxi on Hanover Street jailed for four years

"Ali, a Libyan national, is seeking asylum in the UK and may be deported as a result of the case."

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Teenager raped near Tranmere Rovers' football ground after night out

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Actor dressed as Hitler on the streets of Germany tells how people begged him to bring back labour camps and posed for selfies with him as right-wing extremism surges in the country

Oliver Masucci was playing murderous dictator for a new film, 'He's Back'
Included unscripted, documentary-style scenes filmed on German streets
Film cast uncomfortable light on tensions and growing support for right-wing extremism in Germany

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