Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Will St George ever slay the (Great Red) Dragon, rampant in effigy at the entrances to the City?

ex-gratia the UK Column - whereof, some oddities: a thumbnail.

22 April 2015 UKC News: interviewing a representative of the National Health Federation.
Discussion suggests Codex Alimentarius is helpfully maintaining global food / supplements standards.
"The NHF is the only such organization with recognized observer-delegate status at Codex meetings."

But in 2007 their associate Ian R. Crane was delivering a lecture about the dangers of Codex Alimentarius limiting natural remedies and vitamins/minerals:

Codex, good, Codex bad. So which is it UKC??

23 April 2015 UKC News: saying Greece turning to "extreme Right" Golden Dawn party but UKC go on and quote "Nazis in Ukraine" without mentioning Victoria "Nuland" and the US$5 billion the "USA" has applied for promoting "democracy" in Ukraine

Next UKC meetup at a pub not a hundred miles from London's Kingsway? (which street still remains closed for repairs as a result of "subterranean power cables" fire, LOL). Handy for Great Queen Street too though.

Neocons Have Been Destroying Sovereign Nations for 20 Years An excellent article from one of our favorite Russia authors...