Monday, September 22, 2014

Ed Balls: Labour will cap child benefit rises and scrap fuel allowance for rich pensioners

Shadow chancellor tells Labour conference in Manchester that there will be more cuts if party wins election

More tough cuts will be on the way if Labour takes power, Ed Balls will tell the party conference in Manchester - insisting the party WILL balance the nation's books.
He will lay out plans to slash ministerial pay, cap child benefit rises and scrap fuel allowances for the richest pensioners in his final conference address before the election.
In a push to present the party as financially responsible, shadow chancellor Mr Balls will say: “Working people have had to balance their own books. And they are clear that the government needs to balance its books too.
“So Labour will balance the books in the next parliament. These will be our tough fiscal rules.
"We will get the current budget into surplus and the national debt falling as soon as possible in the next parliament.
"George Osborne will have failed to balance the nation's books as promised by 2025, he will say, blaming that on 'three years of lost growth' at the start of this parliament.

That will make the ask of governing 'hugely difficult', he will say. Mr Balls will unveil proposals to abolish the winter fuel allowance for the richest five per cent of pensioners. He will also cap child benefit increases to one per cent for the first two years of parliament, saving £400m.
And ministerial pay will be cut by five per cent - then frozen every year until the books are balanced. But an economic plan must do more than just slash the deficit, he will say.“We also need to change the way our economy works," he will say.
"Because while our economy is growing again most working people are still not seeing any benefit from the recovery.
“This is our task: not to flinch from the tough decisions we must make and to show the country that there is a better way forward.
“Labour's plan for Britain's future: to build an economy that works for the many, and not just a few - for all working people in every part of our United Kingdom.”

NWN: Would these continuations of the austerity policies being pushed by Bilderberger Ed Balls be Labour policy or Bilderberg policy ? Balls was videoed at the last Bilderberg conference with the masses of paperwork he carried on show, as the idiot forgot his VIP pass ! Why do the idiots think Labour and Tory are actually opposite parties ?


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