Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BNP internal corruption and the state of affairs. - or why does it always turn out like this with Nicholas John Griffin ?
Dear Adam
Thanks for your email of 12th August (Appendix 1). It raises a number of points which need to be examined in depth. For the sake of our fellow Executive Council members to whom I am also sending my reply in Report form, I break them down into separate sub-sections.
I dispute – and others who were present do so as well – your inaccurate and self-serving account of what went on at the EC meeting. With regards to the no confidence proposal, when even Geoff, who had been told by his RC to propose such a vote, clearly and repeatedly expressed the view that he would not support it and that it should not go through, it was certainly by no means clear that such a vote would have been passed. Indeed, once I had said that I would be happy to stand down next year, the consensus was that it would not pass.
My further, more radical proposal to stand aside for you straight away came once that was clear, and was partly motivated by a desire to avoid even a rejected 'no confidence' vote, since even that would have been bad for the party. Furthermore, whatever the result - had a vote been taken, it would clearly have been swayed to an extent by the dishonesty with which Clive 'explained' the question of Wigton and the landlord's proposals to shut it (more on this important question of honesty later).
You urge me to adopt “a friendlier approach” I started off very friendly to all concerned, as well you know. If I and others are becoming less so it is purely as a consequence of growing catalogue of bad and insulting decisions and convenient inactions by the people who appear to have been given the run of the party and who, apparently lacking a guiding hand, are making a shocking mess of it.
In the space of four weeks, a catalogue of misguided actions and inactions by your ‘team’ have turned the unity and confidence we enjoyed at the end of the Executive Council meeting into a state of virtual civil war with the National Elections Officer. Alwyn Deacon is a long-standing stalwart of our central operations and to have abused and alienated him in this way is scandalous as well as the height of folly.
From upsetting people with barefaced lies about a non-existent ‘plot’ to shut down the Wigton office, Clive Jefferson has gone to a, first denied, but now open move to shut the Nuneaton office without any EC discussion at all. Do you really think it’s wise or transparent to leave such major changes to people with direct personal financial interest in the decision?
Other long-standing, well-regarded, efficient and utterly dedicated members of staff have been sidelined and persecuted simply because they are members of my family and have stood up to the bullying and abuse that is routine practice against those whose faces don’t fit with Clive Jefferson.
Having for years allowed their credit cards to be used for party business, Jen and Angus are now forced to worry about over £3,000 of party debt outstanding on their cards that Treasury refuses to discuss with them, let alone repay. How can the party expect anyone else ever to front up any of its expenses when dedicated individuals are treated in such a disgusting manner?
The website is in freefall. The comments section, although drastically depleted by the barring of many commentators, is now riddled with a poisonous mixture of praise for Hitler, sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan, crude racism, and neo-con attacks on President Putin. Our Facebook page has regressed drastically. The Online Activist system is dead in the water. Lynne Mozar and Dale Lott, having run the World@8 Radio operation for us for seven years, are so shocked by various decisions and meddling that they have stopped doing it. Whether this temporary or not I do not know.
Financial problems and risks are piling up unaddressed, without members of the Executive even being told about them. The threat from the Bankruptcy Trustee is particularly grave, not least because EC members are potentially jointly and severally liable and could conceivably come under personal attack.
Time and time again, Adam, your response when one of us tries to resolve the issues with you is to put your head in the sand, send belated and evasive emails and pass the buck to one of the members of the clique who, in possession of power they are clearly totally unfit to use, are making the wrong decisions in the first place.
Only the fact that the various people so badly wronged have exercised admirable self-restraint and avoided going down the usual nationalist route of running to create a blog and washing the dirty linen in public, has stopped this already becoming a catastrophe for the BNP.
What do you think the members would make of it all? How do you think the donors and fund-holders would react, to give just one example, over the latest proposal to sack James Mole and transfer his oversight and control of their money to what I heard the other day referred to by a member who as yet knows none of this, as “the Wigton Soviet”?
Adam, I ask you once more to get a grip on this nonsense. You could still be a good leader, provided the powers that you very sensibly are eschewing are vested in the Executive Council as a whole. You need to act to replace the present faceless dictatorship of an unreachable but all-powerful clique with proper governance by an accountable decision-making body. This would leave you free to do the street/human face activism for which you are so well suited.
Don’t worry, I most definitely don’t want to take the job of Acting Chairman off you. I wouldn’t want it back at any price. But neither am I prepared to stay silent while individuals who - despite having good qualities and talents in their own fields – are clearly incapable of running the party and who you are now allowing to ruin it. Neither do I feel any need to mince my words, we’re all big boys and girls and the people to whom this is being copied are all part of the BNP’s leadership. As such they are not merely entitled to know the facts but have an actual duty to act to help put the teething problems of your leadership to rights.
Rome, as you say, wasn’t built in a day. But unfortunately the BNP isn’t being built at all at present. It’s on fire, and you are fiddling while it burns. Everyone on the Executive already knows this is true, but I am asking them all to take the time to read the attached report carefully - so as to get a clear picture of both the problems and the still achievable solutions.
Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin
British National Party 

NWN: We warned about Griffin way back in 2000. No one would listen then, including 2 of those who ran the NF AGM last week.We were very sceptical about this report, when it first appeared over on Stormfront. It now seems to be a legitimate report. The BNP has been driven into the dirt by Griffin.


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Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians.

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There's not a day that goes by that i don't say to myself "what the hell is Griffin up to".
We could have been in the same position as the Front National if it wasn't for him.
He's got to be working for the state, that's the only explanation.
But very important, we must help Adam Walker now, so we have all got to rejoin.

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