Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Attempted Murder Part 2 - Nick Griffin try's to blame everyone else yet again !

Have a look at his latest 'blame- athon '.

He did this in the late 1980's when he trashed the NF.

His Attempted Murder Part 1 is a howl of laughter but incredibly long and long winded...........just like Nick Griffin. And just like the above diatribe Attempted Murder part 2 on the link.

"It wasn't my fault everyone" - Nick Griffin.

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Anonymous said...

Has it been a real Coup d'état against the one eyed slug, if so its been along time coming.
What news of the other Peckerhead Simon Darby will he come out and denounce Gri££in for all his sin's and give Nationalists a well earned spit roast of the porky slug Gri££in.

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