Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nick Griffin screws up yet again - pleads for help from EDL


BNP Banned From March In Woolwich, But Nick Griffin Says He Will Go Anyway, And Invites EDL's Tommy Robinson

Concerns over violent disorder at a planned BNP march in Woolwich have left police with no choice but to ban marchers from the area.
Nick Griffin's party had initially applied to hold a march and rally from Woolwich Barracks to the Lewisham Islamic Centre.
But concerns over the number of possible counter protests have prompted Scotland Yard to act.
nick griffin
British National Party leader Nick Griffin arrives to lay flowers close to the scene where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed
Griffin has called on his party's supporters to defy the ban and march through Woolwich, even reaching out to the English Defence League's Tommy Robinson to join.

Nick Griffin MEP

Personal appeal to Tommy Robinson: throw off shackles of Zionist 'advisors' & come get nicked with me opposing Islamism AND neo-con wars.
Unite Against Facism have previously said they would form a human shield to stop BNP marchers getting close to Lewisham Islamic Centre.


Nick Griffin is openly defying the police ban on Bnp Woolwich march, UAF Woolwich demo IS going ahead...No ban on Uaf demo.
Conditions have been imposed under the Public Order Act, meaning the BNP march and rally must take place between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday, and can only be held between Old Palace Yard and the Cenotaph in Whitehall.
Police said the information available to them meant "it was necessary to impose the conditions to prevent the demonstration from resulting in serious disorder, serious damage to property, and/or serious disruption to the life of the community".
Police said they had tried to negotiate with the BNP about the precise details of the rally, but were forced to turn to legislation when talks broke down.
Commander Simon Letchford said he was not involved in the discussions so could not comment on them, but said there were "some real concerns" in the community about the rally passing through Woolwich.
Police also said the tight controls were imposed based on "current community tensions, the current intelligence picture about Saturday and recent marches and protests held by similar groups".
Letchford said: "Intelligence was telling us that if this (rally) took place against the backdrop of this tragedy - there were some real concerns.
"I would not say that anywhere is 'off-limits', it's a set of circumstances that if they (the BNP) had conducted their rally in Greenwich at this time, we had a real fear that it could lead to violence and disorder. There's a real risk of it turning ugly.
"Our responsibility is to keep crime off the streets."
The Met said they believed in free speech, and that the action was "proportionate".
Letchford said police would deal with each incident "on its own merits" if any splinter groups decided to march in Woolwich.
He said: "I think our message is if you want to protest, we would ask that you do so peacefully and work with the police to enable that to go ahead."
The ban came as Nick Clegg warned against "knee-jerk" reactions to the murder of Drummer Rigby as he restated his opposition to the so-called "snooper's charter" and stated he does not believe the BNP and Islamists like Anjem Choudary should be banned from TV screens.
The Deputy Prime Minister said measures in the Communications Data Bill were "disproportionate" and "unworkable", despite claims from Cabinet colleagues that the legislation was necessary to ensure public safety.
He also warned that any measures to ban radicals such as the Islam4UK leader from TV screens would make them heroes to extremist groups.
The brutal murder prompted calls from Home Secretary Theresa May and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond for Communications Data Bill legislation to be resurrected.
The controversial legislation would require internet companies to retain records of emails and social media messages for a year and allow police and security agencies to access the data, but not the content of messages.
But speaking on his regular phone-in show on LBC 97.3 today, Clegg said: "We have got to react in a calm way but also a forensic way in deciding exactly what we can do to stop that kind of radicalisation, extremism taking root in individuals and communities."
He insisted he was not seeking to limit powers available to the police and security services.
"I have never suggested that the very considerable powers that our security services and the police have - far in excess, by the way, of many other forces in other parts of the world - should in any way be rolled back."
Clegg said mainstream Muslim groups were "furious" that Anjem Choudary, former leader of banned Islamic group Al Muhajiroun, was given airtime in the wake of the murder.
The Deputy Prime Minister said the signal had to go out to young Muslim men "who might be susceptible to some of these vile, perverted ideologies" that such views were "not an acceptable or recognised understanding of their faith of Islam, it's a total perversion and corruption of it".
But he said it was "not for politicians to tell broadcasters who they can invite on their programmes".
He added: "If you were to say the Government are going to go after this guy, we are going to stop him appearing on British television shows, guess what would happen in my view? He would become a hero in his own community.
"Far from actually discrediting his appalling ideology you would actually turn him into a figurehead. Is that smart? I don't think it's smart." 

NWN: Griffin wrecked the BNP, so why has he 'organised' a march by all the BNPs
 six  members ?

They should allow the march , and make Griffin publically 'show his backside' to the public by showing them just how low the BNP have been reduced to under Griffins 'leadership' .

A once great movement wrecked by a traitor. 

Before Griffin hijacked the BNP, the BNP could turn out 1,000+ for a march in London.


Anonymous said...

Gri££in ever the opportunist for ever looking for the main chance.Go f---k himself.


Anonymous said...

Gri££in ran off and left his wife to face a red mob in Oldham in 1993.

Theres pics of this on the web.

He is a shithouse.

Anonymous said...

sorry 2003

Anonymous said...

Join our 'Hate Preachers Out' march
Justice for Lee Rigby

Trust the British National Party to force the ConDem Government coalition to act against Islamic Hate Preachers.

After the horrific murder in Woolwich the British public demand stern and decisive action against the enemy within.

==> View leaflet here <==

The BNP demand that those who preach violence and hatred against our people and values are silenced and removed from our land with immediate effect!

That’s why I will be leading a demonstration in Woolwich this Saturday.

I will be in Woolwich at 13.00 hrs at the junction between Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane, opposite the Barracks – view map here.

Will you stand with me against the Islamic haters and extremists?

Will you help me bring pressure to bear on the Establishment to take action against them?

I intend to lead a march and motorcade from the barracks which will terminate at the Lewisham Islamic Centre.

The centre is said to have had one of the suspected murderers amongst its congregation.

The centre also supplies martial arts training to Muslim ‘brothers’
and ‘sisters’.

The martial arts style taught at the centre can include weapons training with knives like those used in the Woolwich murder.

The BNP are marching to demand that the political class take action and kick Muslim Hate Preachers Out of Britain NOW!

Here is what I want you to do:

• Plan to attend and ask your friends to come with you.

• Car share or pick up people on your route – the postcode
for your SatNav is SE18 6XN.

• Download and print the Hate Preachers Out leaflet here.

• Tell people that you are attending on our
Facebook 'Hate Preachers Out' Event Page and send
out invitations to likeminded friends from that page.

• Sign up and become an official BNP Online Activist now and start
spreading the word and earning points to win prizes.

• BNP Branches should ring round their membership
and fill cars and mini-buses for the demo.

• Send the following text to your friends: Hate Preachers Out march!

Saturday 1st June, 1pm at the junction between
Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane, Woolwich SE18 6XN.

Ignore reports of bans. All patriots welcome.

Dress smartly, as if for a funeral or in red, white and blue.

Bring flags, and Branch banners. Alternatively wear
a ‘Help for Heroes’ T-shirt

Ignore news of bans in the controlled media – even if we are unable to march we will hold a static demonstration.

If you live in Scotland attend the Scottish Defence League protest outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh at 13.30 hrs on Saturday 1st June.

The SDL maintain good relations with the BNP.

I’ll be there, in Woolwich, this Saturday to show the Islamic haters and spineless politicians that the British people demand action NOW and that we will continue to protest untill we get it!

Join me in Woolwich and show the World that the British people are strong, defiant and proud.

Lee Rigby gave his life for our country, can you give a day of your time?

Anonymous said...

Gri££in still following the zionist line of only opposing the muslims.

Anonymous said...

I hope Gri££in gets a kicking.

But he wont as the state protects their own.

Vernon said...

This is cool!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...