Saturday, May 25, 2013

Female pensioner, 85, arrested, handcuffed and taken away in police van after hurling abuse at Muslims outside her local mosque

An 85-year-old woman has this afternoon been arrested and handcuffed by police allegedly for insulting Muslims outside a mosque.

The pensioner was said to have shouted ‘go back to your own country’ as Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at Gillingham Mosque in the Kent town.

She was standing at a bus stop in the street outside the mosque when the incident took place.

According to eyewitnesses, the elderly woman was spoken to by police officers, before being handcuffed and then put in a police van and driven away at wound 1.45pm.
NWN : It's a wonder my old Mum and Dad, both WW2 veterans, haven't been arrested by our 'oh so brave Police'. 

The Police ought to be locked up here, and the key thrown away. 



NWN Admin said...

If she has been charged then we should be there in force to support the old dear.

A bloody disgrace.

Have white British people no free speech anymore ?

Anonymous said...

Look at the state of that dump.

A guy in Preston was told to expect eviction unless he got rid of a smart St George cross on his front door this week.

Then we have this scruffy looking dump.

Talk about pandering to the immigrants.

Ulster veteran said...

'Help for Heroes' is a Government scam using the media for what the Government ought to be paying for.

All they do is buy buildings.

They are crippling all the other ex-forces charities.

HfH only helps those who fought/served AFTER 9/11.

Those who served before, in other conflicts, are exempt from help.

What a load of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Don't support HELP FOR HEROES

help ex-forces groupslike this;


This guy also opposes Help for Heroes;

Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE

Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson 7 (Para) RHA who lost both legs in Afghanistan and was once dubbed the most seriously injured serviceman ever to survive the battlefield. His injuries were so appalling doctors said he would never walk or talk again, however they didn’t take into account the determination of a 26 yr old Yorkshire man who has gone on to inspire others by his achievements including carrying the Olympic torch in his home town of Doncaster.
“I’m very proud to be Patron of the Pilgrim Bandits Charity.
They don’t do sympathy and when they say get up to the top of that hill you get up there as quickly as possible ” said Ben

Anonymous said...

Many people will, I am sure, be surprised at veterans' criticism of the incredibly high profile charity Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes has put millions of pounds into improving rehabilitation facilities for injured servicemen, but this has prompted suggestions that the charity's relationship with the MoD is 'too cosy'.

For those of us who have been involved in the sector, this comes as no shock.
Stately: The the Help for Heroes' flagship recovery centre is Tedworth House, a Grade II-listed building in Tidworth, Wilts., which the charity spent £20 million renovating

Stately: The the Help for Heroes' flagship recovery centre is Tedworth House, a Grade II-listed building in Tidworth, Wilts., which the charity spent £20 million renovating

Set up by Bryn and Emma Parry, best friends of the then Chief of the General Staff’s wife Lady Dannatt, it has raised millions of pounds in the name of helping injured troops.

But as Help for Heroes' relationship with the MoD has grown stronger, other charities have found themselves squeezed out and forgotten. These are charities that have been in existence for years without making tabloid headlines. Their line has always been, generally speaking: ‘we work with Help for Heroes and are very grateful for the work they have done in raising the profile of injured soldiers.’ But in the background, they are fuming.

Working for the Royal British Legion and the Army Benevolent Fund, I've seen how many charities face a continual struggle to get their voices heard and to provide services to injured soldiers and their families. It took years to get permission for an information desk at Selly Oak hospital, informing families of the assistance and care offered by a range of charities. Meanwhile, Help for Heroes was free to distribute care packs with flip flops and t-shirts emblazoned with their logos.

I have even been witness to cases where Help for Heroes have opposed other charities using the word ‘heroes’ in any of their PR or marketing materials.

Indeed, it's easy to get the impression that Help for Heroes enjoys preferential access to and treatment from the MoD. I’ve fought with MoD press officers for the right to have serving soldiers who have been helped by the charities I’ve worked for attend events and assist with press coverage to increase awareness and donations. Yet the same day that one charity were refused permission for a beneficiary to appear on the media, Help for Heroes was able to do a stunt with a serving double amputee on the steps of Downing Street.


Help for Heroes slammed by troops for subsidising building projects rather than helping injured veterans

This close relationship is understandable; the MoD must have wondered at their good fortune at having a charity which helps provide the facilities they should be providing, without the inconvenience of raising taxes or cutting other services. But many veterans argue the money would be better spent on more urgent individual requirements.

Indeed, many people working in armed forces welfare charities feel it is not the job of a charity to fund building programmes which should be undertaken by the government, especially when it is taking money and profile away from the charities who have been doing the unsung, less glamorous work with individuals which the government does not fund.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, while a soldier is serving in the Army he is part of the rehabilitation programme, which means that he gets the best care available and the latest technologies. It’s only when he leaves the armed forces and becomes reliant on the NHS and local community services that the problems tend to start, and the charities step in. In many cases, these charities are the ones being squeezed out by Help for Heroes.

Last year I worked with a veteran and his young family trying to get him council accommodation on the ground floor because his injuries made walking up flights of stairs difficult. In the end it was Haig Homes who came to his rescue. Not the local authority and not Help for Heroes.
'It's a waste': Diane Dernie (right), the mother of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, a double amputee who recently carried the Olympic torch in Doncaster, said she couldn't understand why the money was being wasted on buildings

'It's a waste': Diane Dernie (right), the mother of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, a double amputee who recently carried the Olympic torch in Doncaster, said she couldn't understand why the money was being wasted on buildings

I’ve known a triple amputee who had to rely on grants to have ramps provided in his mother’s home to enable him to visit his family when he gets leave, and another who needed doors widening and access provisions so he could spend the weekends with his fiancee. That money did not come from Help for Heroes.

Many soldiers have been injured from Iraq and Afghanistan but most of the money these days is still spent on assistance such as rent payments, white goods, training programmes or building adjustments. It’s far less glamorous than a shiny, new building with brave soldiers - and my goodness they are brave and determined - pictured outside cheering.

Personally, I raise money for a little known charity called Pilgrim Bandits. I was told about it by Ben Parkinson, one of Britain’s most seriously injured soldiers, who is one of their patrons. I asked him why he is so involved in this charity rather than one of the more well -known ones to which he replied: 'Everyone thought I’d never do physical stuff again because I needed a carer and didn’t think I could, but Pilgrim Bandits say everyone can do everything that they can and all they do is let you make it happen.'

I’d never tell people which charity to give or raise money for, but in the case of the Armed Forces, I’d advise people to look for the charities where the injured soldiers are most involved.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Is it illegal now to say 'go back to your own country ?'


Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Those Police officers should be so proud.

Henry said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Reducing This Society To Rubble

Anonymous said...

Now they have finally gone too far.

Anonymous said...

The only way to save the world is to destroy Islam. If we allow Muslims to continue to live, they will conquer and destroy the world as we know it. We in America are really lucky. Europe is under attack from the Muslim hordes. The muslims are openly talking about how they will Turn all Europe Muslim, they are raping White European women at an alarming rate, they openly claim that they will turn all Europe black by rape. The Muslims reproduce 10 times faster than the native Euro population. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, 76 violent rape attacks in the first 91 days of 2012 all by muslims (mostly African)trying to turn Sweden's population black. They boast about this openly yet the governments and people of Europe are to chicken shit to stop it. Their first mistake was outlawing guns. The people have no way to protect themselves. in 20 years the US will be the only western nation standing because almost everyone of us own guns. Our government will not protect us we have to take it into our own hands. Islam wants to destroy Western culture and rape and kill all whites around the world. The only solution is to kill every muslim and outlaw this evil bastard religion of rape before White people cease to exist. If we allow islam to continue there will be no whites left in the world 50 years from now.

Anonymous said...

A HATE-FILLED prisoner sparked fury when he was caught gloating about soldier Lee Rigby’s horrific murder.

Nigerian Karel Ishola used a jail phone to crow to a fellow fanatic that one of Our Boys had been hacked to death.

But guards at Swaleside prison in Sheerness, Kent, listened in to the call and quickly moved in.

They grabbed the phone, ­handcuffed Muslim Ishola and marched him to the segregation block.

He now faces a probe and could be moved to another jail.

It is not known whether Ishola was talking to an extremist ­connected to the horror in ­Woolwich, south-east London but prison bosses are investigating.

The Daily Star Sunday can ­reveal Ishola was ­already ­being watched after he was banned from Muslim prayer sessions for making ­inflammatory comments A source said: “He has been banned since April. He used to sit at the back and rant hate.

“He is known to the prison guards as someone who has ­extremist views and has been watched.”

We can also reveal some ­prisoners celebrated in the jail as news of tragic Lee’s shocking death filtered through.

In a show of strength, Islam ­converts and a violent mob known as the “Black Muslims” cheered, sparking ugly scenes. Extremist lags were in the gym doing weights when the shock ­story broke on ­television.

Anonymous said...

I hope some English lad sticks a blade in that monkey cunts neck ,to many Muslim peados in our jails getting a easy ride ,I hope white lads in jail start giving these scum a good bashing,,,and these scum police that nicked that old lady ,I hope you die of cancer you cunts ,and hope your family get cancer ,aswell ,COME ON YOU ENGLISH WAKE UP AND GET ANGRY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JIMMY MILLWALL

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...