Friday, May 24, 2013

Murdered by savages who would not even be here but for the corrupt politicians like PMs David Cameron and Tony Blair  - Lee Rigby    RIP

Lee Rigby murdered by people who should not have even been here in the UK in the first place. Murdered by people that are opposed to the UKs current foreign policy that  is continually supportive of zionism rather than proper UK policy.

People like gay little Willie Haig, Blair and Cameron have followed the zionist jewish line of opposing the regimes in places like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria.

If Israel doesn't like these countries, they should fight their own battles. Not drag our supine and corrupt politicians, to order heroes like Drummer Rigby into foreign wars that are of no concern to Britain or British interests.

Why don't the likes of Tony Blair or David Cameron send their chidren into their wars ?

Lee Rigby is from a working class estate not too far from Rochdale in Lancashire. From a rough edged estate called Langley in Middleton.

Drummer Rigby served with the colours with the 2nd Battallion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers .

The very Regiment that Prime Minister Cameron recently gave the 'thumbs down' for them to be disbanded.

Drummer Rigby was destined for the dole, as ordered by the Zionist Rothschild agent David Cameron.

Cameron had no concern for Lee Rigby, but he will posture for all he is worth and use Drummer Rigby's emotional death for all he can for 'his rulers'.

It's time we got rid of the slimy posh creatures and Bullingdon club parasites like Cameron and that other oaf Boris Johnson. Both of foreign extraction and not 100% British.

These parasites and warmongers will be at the forthcoming Bilderberg conference near Watford in early June 2013.

We weren't asked if we should become a multi racial country. What a democracy !

NWN: We need to stop all immigration and commence a phased method of repatriation. We also need to stop supporting the USA and Israels wars. We should only send our troops into danger  for Britain or British interests.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the 2nd Batt RRF are listed for disbandment under latest Defence cuts.

So theres every chance Fusilier Rigby would have been made redundant.

What a reward.

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