Saturday, May 04, 2013

Golden Dawn fights with the Riot Control Unit,Riot Police, in order to feed poor Greeks

 Early this morning, the corrupt banking regime and the status quo of misery and degradation unleashed their dogs in an effort to prevent another Social Solidarity action. After the efforts of leftist doctors to prevent our blood donations, now we witnessed a coordinated attack of the Riot Control Unit and the Municipality of Athens. The boys in blue attacked, with tear gas, against poor workers and large families, one day after May Day.

 Syntagma Square (Constitution Square), the place where we arranged to carry on with the food distribution was surrounded with hundreds of RCU officers, rendering access impossible. The Militia, the members of the S.S. program and the MPs of the movement managed to push them back to the top part of the Square along with a truck loaded with tons of meat. The comrades proceeded then to unload the food from there...

We then witnessed the cops arresting the truck driver and making an extended use of chemicals against the citizens and the MPs.

Even so, our team remained on the spot and kept giving away food to the civilians that remained, who had already got sprayed with tear gas.

The Greek Police Command and its heads, seeing that their plan was failing, went with plan B. In other parts of Athens, policemen located and stopped the other food-loaded trucks and took in their drivers, thus making the action impossible to complete. After a short council, the Golden Dawn decided to relocate the event to the Central Offices of the Party. After more fights and pressure against the Police, the drivers were free to go. The servants of the Zionists showed their true face once again. Those responsible for today's fiasco will be held accountable, no matter how high their rank is.

 We continued the distribution on our Central Offices, where the attendance of the People brought warmth to our hearts.

Once the S.S. team reached the Central Offices, the MPs made some statements.

Ilias Kasidiaris (Press Representative):
"Those were some sad episodes, we saw policemen attacking the poor and the elderly that were hungry, that is their crime. They stopped Golden Dawn's Solidarity action from taking place. Despite the chemicals and despite the attacks of the RCU officers we remained on Syntagma, our teams remained on Syntagma , and what scheme did the anti-Greek Police of the Memorandum state used? They arrested the truck drivers in various places around Athens. They pulled them out the trucks and took their keys. So we were forced to travel here (Central Offices) to complete this action, and as you can see, thousands Greek compatriots got a helping hand that they desperately needed.
We had announced this event to the Police, we told them where it would take place and we remind you that the Greek Constitution gives Greek the right to gather wherever they want. No state can't deprive us of this right. They will face lawsuits from every direction because those episodes we faced today on Syntagma Square.
Mr. Kaminis (the mayor of Athens) is nothing. This was organized by people higher up on the command chain, Mr. Dendias (Civilian Protection Minister) and Mr. Samaras are behind this.
The action you see here costs tens of thousands of euros. No other party, inside or outside the Parliament, no municipality hasn't organized an event such as this to aid the Greek People that is being tortured by the Memorandums and their policies. Only Golden Dawn organizes this kind of events, and because we are the only party, the whole corrupt authority fights us. We remind you that these last days, we face the insults of every single party within the Parliament.
For now, 10 trucks have passed from here, mostly loaded with meat since (due to the high prices this season) many compatriots didn't have the opportunity to get some for the holidays. Golden Dawn fills this void, and supplies them with additional traditional Easter foods."

The fiasco doesn't end here. Moments later, the Zionist Occupational Government started spewing lies as always. After their insolence, MP George Germenis went to protest against the Mayor. After several lies they fabricated about the event, he stated:

 I make it perfectly clear that my only intention was to protest for what Mr.Kaminis did against the citizens on Syntagma Square. I have this right as an MP and a Greek Citizen. My wish was to defend all those that couldn't secure food for their families these tough days. The Greek People can tell what is truth and what is a lie.
And a lie would be the accusations against me. They went as far as to claim that I hurt a small girl. Related videos clearly prove my innocence. Also, when the security of the mayor ILLEGALLY attacks me, I raise my arms to defend, and not to pull a gun. There were many TV cameras on the spot that recorded the exact events. I call them to release the videos to the public.
Mayor Kaminis and his guards will be sued immediately and we will strive to get them arrested. This case will reach the courts and the sycophants will face the consequences of the Law. We saw no one getting interested for the kids and the elderly that got attacked with chemicals this morning, just because they came to get some food. The only thing this System cares about, is to create fictional stories in order to halt the rise of the Golden Dawn and to delude the citizens.


NWN Admin said...

We have had tenuous links with GOLDEN DAWN since 1993 when Stephan Weisel was visiting the North West.

NWN Admin said...

It is this sort of thing that nationalist groups in the UK should be emulating.

Many people in the UK are being hit with these bankers austerity measures/cuts.

But of course, crooks like 'Porky Griffin' are more interested in getting all the money for himself and his corrupt family than helping poor families.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you about the pig Gri££in.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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GWR said...

It's the 30th Anniversary of the death of old Albert Mariner.

I knew Albert , not well.

But I knew him through people like Derrick Day from Hoxton.

You coud hardly get a word from Albert, but he turned up for everything !

He was quite tall, brylcreemed hair, and usually wore a long overcoat with scarf.

What happened to Albert could happen to each and everyone of us, because the Police won't help us in any way.

In fact, one of the last times I spoke with Albert, the reds had set on him on Bethnal Green High Road, near Brick Lane.

Derrick Day and I jumped out of a passing taxi to help him.

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