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Why are British troops dying in Afghanistan ? Bring them home now !

Six UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan explosion

The news that six UK soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan takes the toll on the British military since 2001 to 404.

Six UK soldiers have been killed in southern Afghanistan when their vehicle was hit by an explosion, taking the British military death toll to 404.

Five from the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment and one from the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment had been on patrol on Tuesday.

The soldiers' families have been told.

This incident is the biggest single loss of UK life at one time in Afghanistan since a Nimrod crash killed 14 service personnel in 2006.

The number of British military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 now stands at 404.

Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a "desperately sad day for our country".

"It is a reminder of the huge price that we are paying for the work we are doing in Afghanistan and the sacrifice that our troops have made and continue to make," he said.

"I do believe it's important work for our national security right here at home, but of course this work will increasingly be carried out by Afghan soldiers and we all want to see that transition take place."

Today's news is a bitter reminder that for the men and women on the ground in Afghanistan, the fighting and the dying are far from over, while British troops are injured in Helmand every week.

This is the worst single loss of life in one incident due to enemy action for British troops in Afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001.

The last time a similar number of UK casualties was caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) was in the summer of 2009, when five British soldiers died in an IED blast.

The device remains the deadliest weapon in the Taliban's arsenal. It is effective on a psychological level, as well as causing deaths and severe injury, and is relatively cheap and simple to manufacture.

The level of suspected casualties suggests a large amount of explosives were used.

Warrior armoured fighting vehicles - the only British tracked infantry vehicle used in Afghanistan - are among the most robust, and many have been newly upgraded with extra armour.

More from Caroline Wyatt

In a statement from the MoD, Lt Col Gordon Mackenzie, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said the six soldiers were on a security patrol in a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle when it was caught in an explosion just over the Helmand border in Kandahar province.

They had been travelling as part of a two Warrior patrol when the vehicle was hit at a junction where a road travelling east from Gereshk meets another heading north to Lashkar Gah, the MoD said.

It is understood British forces believe the explosion was caused by either a roadside bomb laid by insurgents or a legacy mine, left over from the Soviet era.

The BBC's Orla Guerin, in the Afghan capital Kabul, said there must have been a "massive explosion" to damage such a robust and heavily protected vehicle.

The area, she said, was sparsely populated and particularly unstable, according to Afghan officials, and insurgents were known to have planted roadside bombs there.

Meanwhile, the BBC's defence correspondent, Caroline Wyatt, said the six soldiers had been in the country for less than a month, having flown out of the UK on Valentine's Day.

She added that the ongoing operation to recover the bodies would have been slowed down as rescuers would have faced the risk of being injured themselves by further bombs.

News emerged earlier on Wednesday that the six were missing, presumed dead. It is understood the MoD has not formally identified the soldiers yet, but they are dead.

The last British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan was Senior Aircraftman Ryan Tomlin, of 2 Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment, who died from gunshot wounds in Helmand on 13 February.

The UK is due to pull out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014, after 13 years of operations.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the timetable for withdrawal remained on track despite this "cowardly attack".

"This will not shake our resolve to see through the mission - I believe we owe that to all the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives and put themselves at risk over the last few years," he told the BBC.

Earlier, he said the UK and the Afghan National Security Forces were "on course to build an Afghanistan that can stand on its own two feet when UK combat operations cease".

Chief of Defence Staff General Sir David Richards said he was "deeply saddened" by the news.

"This campaign has seen many personal tragedies and we owe it to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to recognise that their courage and skill is visible in the ever more capable Afghan Army and Police," he added.

"Increasingly the Afghans themselves are taking the lead in providing security across Helmand. This transition is allowing Afghans to gain the confidence to reject the Taliban and live normal lives.

"The courage, fortitude and determination of those servicemen and women currently in Helmand is inspirational.

"They have not once wavered but, every day, mix the professionalism of which we are all so proud with deep commitment and determination."

The Prime Minister David Cameron: "It is a desperately sad day"

Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy said it was a "terrible tragedy which will bring profound loss to six families and real hurt to the whole country".

"The professionalism of UK service personnel is unmatched and their bravery is unending," he added.

The Archbishop of York John Sentamu said his heart went out to those affected, particularly the five soldiers from the Yorkshire regiment.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to our brave soldiers who are the best in the world," he said.

NWN: Yet another high price being paid by British troops in a war nothing to do with Britain or Britains interests.

So why are the troops in Afghanistan ?

Some say it's to do with Israel and our subservience to zionist intersts. Others say it's the control of the opium crops.

Don't forget we fought 2 Opium wars with China in the 19th Century for the jewish Sassoon family.

It's all very distasteful.



After a hundred years plus of trying to fight thier way through the khyber pass,the british army really should know better,they could not win then and they can not win now,look at the regimental badges on the walls of the khyber pass,along with thier losses,which show the futility of what the administration are pretending they wish to achieve.For what is the point in "pacifying" afghan,when these same tribesmen are over-running the troops homeland,this war does not make us any safer,just creates more "collonisers"to come and such at the teat of our social resources,and prostitute our women.

Final Conflict said...

Blair and Cameron should be made to serve every single family of every single dead soldier their illegal wars have caused.

Criminal bastards only care about bankers.

Anonymous said...

Then there's the afghan immigration arriving in the UK due to British troops at war with the Taliban.

Or at least that's one reason they use to apply for asylum.

Anonymous said...

"After a hundred years plus of trying to fight thier way through the khyber pass..."

The British army fought 3 wars in Afghanistan...and won 2 of them.

The wars that we won were punitive expeditions, ie get in, beat the crap out of those who had done us wrong and then leave.

The war we lost was when the army stayed behind to prop up a puppet king...resulting in the army retreating and being slaughtered on the way out.

The CIA 'won' the war in Afghanistan immediately after 911 by supporting the anti Taliban forces, such as the Northern Alliance, to beat up the Taliban.

Then...the Bliar government sent in the British army ostensibly to protect the aid and redevelopment projects.

So now we are repeating the same mistake from the past war that we lost and staying.

We should have left the Northern Alliance etc to beat up the Taliban as punishment for harbouring Osama Bin Laden and then left. Just as we did in the 2wars that we won in the past.

Anonymous said...

This country are mugs ,We fight wars that Have got fuck all to do with us and We the taxpayer are funding it ,if the afgans are a fret to us why do We let them in our country ? And why dont We fight a war against the muslim terrorists in are country? We cant afford to spend billions of pounds on this war ,fucking send the mps kids over there i dont mind them dieing ,notice how its only white working-class that are dieing fuck this country letting all these cunts in my country while whites get killed for fuck all ,,,ex army,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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National governments that seek to remain independent, whether to maximize the human potential and well-being of their own people, or to further the ambitions of their own ruling elite, are to be destroyed by US/NATO, the enforcement arm of the Zionist New World Order.

Anonymous said...


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GWR said...

Anonymous said...


Rumour has it that Eddy Butler's blog has been hacked.

10 March 2012 19:19


Does anyone listen to Butler anyway ?

He is just a Griffin mark 2.

Anonymous said...

I heard a brigadier on radio 4 ranting on about homosexuals,having a place in the British army.Why not round those queer fuckers up and send them to Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Some students offended by Louis Farrakhan's UC Berkeley address.

Anonymous said...

Teenager charged over Facebook soldier death commentsA West Yorkshire teenager will appear in court on Friday after allegedly making comments on Facebook about the deaths of six soldiers in Afghanistan.

Azhar Ahmed, 19, of Fir Avenue, Ravensthorpe, faces a racially aggravated public order charge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Some students offended by Louis Farrakhan's UC Berkeley address.

12 March 2012 18:05


That's up for discussion on the NWN forum.

Anonymous said...

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A Russian police officer detains a man dressed in a bridal gown.

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Anonymous said...

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