Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Crisis Strikes BNP as Councillor’s Representative Quits Party

By Peter Johnson.

Amber Valley district councillor Lewis Allsebrook, elected as the BNP’s Councillors’ Representative at the poorly-attended November 2011 Annual Conference, has quit the party less than three months after taking up the role.

Writing on his website, Ambervalley, Mr Allsebrook—a former staunch supporter of chief party-wrecker Nick Griffin, described the BNP as “shambolic” and “hampered by the crazy ideological sensitivities . . . who refuse to take inspiration from anywhere but their own shallow pool of members.

“The site no longer supports the local British National Party. I along with a sizable group of local patriots have decided to leave the shambolic local British National Party and search for a new political home,” Mr Allsebrook wrote.

His resignation comes just four months after the previous BNP Councillor’s Representative, Debbie Stafford, also quit the position and the party, saying that she had “seen firsthand how the party is run from the Wigton office. It is conducted in a disreputable manner with dirty tricks being the order of the day. I feel I can no longer support such actions . . . the party is run as a family business with a ‘job for boys’ attitude that will never change.”

In an article published on the main BNP website after his election to the position in November last year, Mr Allsebrook wrote that “Central Party have promised to give me access to their full range of facilities. I intend to take the first opportunity to visit our head office in Wigton to see what’s on offer.” Possibly he too has had a Damascus experience, like Ms Stafford, when he saw how the party was run from the shed in Wigton.

Incredibly, the party leadership still carries on as if nothing is happening at all, despite all indications that a crushing defeat is on the cards for the upcoming London elections.

It is highly likely that Mr Griffin’s ever-dwindling band of supporters will be totally demoralised at the impending electoral disaster—caused exclusively by the leadership’s arrogance and dismissal of all sensible activists—and that this will cause a further fracturing and breakdown in the BNP.

It is a sad end for what was once Britain’s most successful nationalist political force.

There are two important lessons to be learned from the entire debacle, namely

- that Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington, now having successfully wrecked two nationalist political parties, must never again be allowed to play any role in a resurrected movement, and

- secondly, that any new movement must have a constitution which will prevent the sorts of megalomaniac leadership abuse to which the dying BNP has been subjected.


Mike Easter said...

The (reformed) National Front has just such a Constitution. See . The NF is a moderate party, not right or left.

Anonymous said...

The National Front is on the way back of that ive no doubt.

Anonymous said...

So, yet again, Griffin succeeds by driving out sensible people.

Time and again, the 'sensibles' have left, rather than stay on and VOTE!

If every disillusioned member who had a Damascus experience had stayed, kept their noses clean, kept quiet and VOTED at every opportunity - ie every leadership challenge, then Griffin would be out.


Anonymous said...


UK chancellor: London mayor should befriend Israel

Anonymous said...


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Listen to Lord James's expose of mass-fraud/money-laundering, in the Hopuse of Frauds.

Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

Off Topic/ Disgusting

The true face of what David Cameron supported.

Eastend Patriot said...

Those exposed as state plants by JT should be banned. Starting with Mark Coterill.

Anonymous said...

Who is actually left at the BNP apart from Nickolarse and daughter ... the Walker wanks and some pond life?

Anonymous said...

One of the Walkers tried to pass himself off on the phone as a current Royal Military Policeman/SIB.

Naughty naughty!

razors edge fan said...

mark coterill is not a white man, this has been a known fact by most nationalists for 25 years. he is some kind of chinaman who should have never been allowed to gain influence in any patriotic pollitical party

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