Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Germany: Bishop Williamson’s conviction quashed

On February 22, 2012, on the grounds of a procedural error, the German courts revoked the conviction of Bishop Richard Williamson for denial of the Holocaust.

The High Court of Regensburg on July 11, 2011fined Bishop Williamson a reduced on-appeal amount of 6,500 euros for having denied the existence of gas chambers. His comments made in an interview given in Germany in late 2008 were broadcast by Swedish television on January 21, 2009. Yet according to the appellate court in Nuremberg, the incriminating remarks are only punishable in Germany, not in Sweden. The court based its decision on the fact that early in the proceedings, the grounds for indictment specified only that “the contents of the interview were broadcast in Germany, not where or how,” despite the fact that the description of the mode of its broadcast in this country was one of “crucial importance.”

On his personal blog, Williamson gives the following details:

The Appeals Court has decreed in addition that the Bavarian State must pay my trial costs so far. All honour to my defence lawyer, Prof. Dr. Edgar Weiler, whose arguments the judges made their own, to Fr. Franz Schmidberger who introduced me to him and to Bishop Bernard Fellay who approved of him. However, I am not yet free and clear insofar as the Appeal judges made their decision on procedural grounds. Here is their conclusion : “If an indictment describes behaviour of the accused not punishable (as yet), and leaves open what concrete circumstances supposedly render him liable to punishment, then by not listing the inner and outer facts of the case the indictment is failing in its function, laid out above, of defining the action for which the accused is being put on trial. Case dismissed.”

According to AFP, the German prosecutors should soon file a new complaint against Bishop Williamson for the same offense. But the British prelate adds:

So in theory, the Regensburg Prosecutor’s office could correct its procedure and start the prosecution all over again. However, in practice they may well hesitate, because the Appeal judges called on them to specify who exactly came to know of the remarks, by what means they came to know of them, how exactly those remarks were apt to disturb the peace in Germany and finally how I was supposed to have approved of the remarks being made known there. (…) the prosecutors would have real difficulty in proving that I wanted my remarks to be made public in Germany, given that in the last minute of the interview (accessible on YouTube) I expressly wished the contrary. So it is in God’s hands whether the prosecution will continue, or not.

(Sources: AFP / KE – DICI No. 251 of 09/03/12)

Comment by NWN:
In spite of Germany's excuse we at NWN think the quashing of his conviction may have something to do with this new article in the UN Charter...

United Nations CCPR/C/GC/34
Human Rights Committee

102nd session
Geneva, 11-29 July 2011
General comment No. 34
Article 19: Freedoms of opinion and expression
General remarks

49. Laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the Covenant imposes on States parties in relation to the respect for freedom of opinion and expression. The Covenant does not permit general prohibition of expressions of an erroneous opinion or an incorrect interpretation of past events.


Rufus said...

When I was last in Germany, having sampled some of the fine food and drink, I got into conversation about the number of Turks where I was staying. The conversation soon came to the discussion of why the Turks are in Germany, and who is to blame for the declaine of the great nation. Admittedly, we steered clear of the 6 million figure, but it was good to experience first hand that germany is still alive, and still awake to the you-know-whos.

Bishop williamson only spoke the truth. In the Zionised state of Germany, the Truth will not set you free, but quite the opposite. It is to his credit that the gangsterism of the German State didn't silence him. There are plenty more good people who are not cowed by the Berlin kommissars. We all need to make a stand. They can't lock us all up!


Good thing too,how did we get to a situation where saying that you do not believe an alleged historical event occured can see you hauled off to a foreign country to stand trial,your brief can give no help because he will also commit that same offence,leaving you unrepresented and automatically guilty?Personally i think that the entire holobollocks invented "history" is tripe,concocted by slimy jews for thier own financial benefit,and supportedby spineless germans suffering fron a surfeit of illusuory guilt.Good work on the police convictions foi,pure inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The End Of The Jewish Age.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to his Lordship. If only Nationalists could also take heed of what this great man has to say in the way of religious truth.

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Right !

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Anonymous said...

U.N. Policy Paper Outlines 7 Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' Zionist World Government.

Anonymous said...

Just as they denied genocide of Armenians, Zionists deny Communist-perpetrated genocide of Ukrainians, all to advance a Jewish-exceptionalist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Moses Hess .

Ex-prisoners and dissidents share in €333m EU peace cash bonanza 1 Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its...