Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blackburn council given £200k to tackle extremism

BLACKBURN will be given a six-figure windfall to help the area deal with right wing extremism.

The council has been chosen to lead the way with tackling community integration issues following its response to the English Defence League protest last April.

Council leader Kate Hollern welcomed the funding boost to tackle ‘the menace’ of the EDL and far-right organisations.

The high-profile 2011 demo was Lancashire Police’s biggest ever operation, but passed off without major incident.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson was later convicted of headbutting one of his own group during a flashpoint, but violence between rival protesters was minimal, as was damage to the town.

Along with Luton, which has a strong far-right presence, Blackburn with Darwen Council has been allocated more than £200,000 to counter community divisions.

The cash, from the Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government, will be spent on community projects to encourage integration.

It will build on work done by the council, police and partners around the EDL demo, which included events to keep teenagers out of the town centre and involved in positive activity. Community groups looking to start up cohesion projects will be able to bid for money.
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The rise in prominence of far right extremist groups such as the EDL has increased tensions in East Lancashire towns with strong Muslim communities.

It has led to officers running the ground-breaking counter-terrorism programme Channel to redraft guidance to take into account the growing threat.

Parents, teachers, community leaders and police officers are now referring children and young adults who they feel may be at risk of being radicalised by groups such as the English Defence League.

Coun Hollern said: “We are delighted that the Government has asked BwD to lead a national special interest group of councils on integration and cohesion, working closely with Luton Borough Council.

“In particular this reflects our hard work with local people and local partners on tackling the continuing menace of the EDL and other extreme far right groups.

“The country faces many risks on extremism and this project recognises these risks are not just from one community, and that BwD is a leading council in providing solutions on the ground.”

NWN: So the money is not really to fight extremism. But it is to attack any fight back from white British people, who resent the huge influx of foreigners and the enforced and failed multi racial experiment.

Once upon a time, radical right groups and parties were at the forefront of opposition to the Government, but the likes of Nick Griffin and others have ensured the right has been smashed into insignificance.


Anonymous said...

Connie s says:-

But if Griffin is State then the Government are spending our money to fight what they have built themselves also with our money.

THAT is the real scandal!

Anonymous said...

Connie s says:-

But if Griffin is State then the Government are spending our money to fight what they have built themselves also with our money.

THAT is the real scandal!


Errr no !

The state is just ensuring that the new myriad of groups that have mushroomed from the zionist EDL don't get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Errr no , the edl were here first , but as usual some thick white men never fights as one ,because there's a few jews in the edl ,so fucking what,,would you rather the Muslims take over England ? The same thing happened to nick griffin ,thick some thick white men spred shit about him , but where are these thick white men ?( in the pub talking shit ) Blacks and Muslims stick together,but whites just like moaning about EDL AND GRIFFIN AND JEWS and 99% of them are just listening to rumors and havent got a clue

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