Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our controlled Mass Media fails to report huge paedophile Court case at Liverpool Crown Court

From the Rochdale Observer:

Eight men charged after
inquiry into 'grooming' of underage girls for sex in

Eight men were due in court this morning following a police probe
into the alleged grooming of young girls.All of the suspects,
from Rochdale, were charged late last night with conspiracy to commit
penetrative sexual activity with a female under 16 years.

The men are Abdul Rauf, 42, of Darley Road; Liaqat Shah, 40, of Kensington Road; Adil Khan,
41, of Oswald Street; Qamar Shahzad, 29, of Conisborough; Mohammed Sajid, 34, of
Jepheys Street; Mohammed Ikhlaq, 31, of Clover Hall Crescent; Mohammed Amin, 44,
of Failinge Road and Abdul Aziz, 40, of Armstrong Hurst Close.

The men were due before magistrates in Rochdale today.

Eight men charged after inquiry into 'grooming' of
underage girls for sex in Rochdale Rochdale Observer -

And here we see some of the names listed at Liverpool Crown Court;

NWN: In the same week that we are being absolutely hammered by the mass media with the 'Saint' Stephen Lawrence repeat trial and the Indian student gunned down by some low life in Salford. This story seems to have been ignored by the mass media.

We wonder why that is ?

Is it that, of the rumoured 47 defendants, all of them are Pakistani muslims ?

The controlled mass media creatures will tell us any lie in furtherance of their mass immigration policy commenced in 1948 with 'The Empire Windrush'.

The end result of their policy is the genocide of the British people.


Anonymous said...

We are being enriched !

Anonymous said...

The mass media are far too busy bashing white people.

The DAILY MAIL for example led the campaign to hound the 2 that got found guilty after about the third trial to find them guilty.

A load of pakistanis raping little girls is of no consequence.

I would like to know just who was it that told the mass media to not report these cases ?

Has a D notice been placed by the Police ?

A demo MUST be launched when these are next up in February at Liverpool Crown Court.

Henry said...

Anonymous asked:

''I would like to know just who was it that told the mass media to not report these cases?''

Here is part of the answer to that question:

Anonymous said...

Anti-semitism training planned for British MPs.

Anonymous said...

The United Nations is a tool of int

GWR said...

The 'Mass media' are much more interested in some bloke shouting a remark from the terraces at Liverpools Anfield ground about some black player of Oldham FC.

They have some very strange priorities do our controlled mass media.

GWR said...

Apparently, said remark, whatever it was, made a grown man cry in public !

They must be a quiet lot nowadays at Anfield. I can remember the Kop in full voice.

They bought some ham... said...

Where's 'Northern nazi' off VNN ?

That hardline super activist who has done bugger all ?

He was too frightened to even sign nomination papers in Rochdale.

Goes by the name of Matthew Hamill and was a supporter of the pro Griffin CUNTs group of shitbags.They loved dishing it out when Griffin was doing well.

It's 10 years since the BNP 'took off' in Burnley and Oldham, entirely due to the riots and NOT Griffin, and 10 years since Gavin Hopley was murdered by a gang of Asians in Oldam.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I see this is being reported at New Nation News

Pip pip

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