Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marine Le Pen speaks in English on the BBC

While NWN has very serious reservations about Ms Le Pen, what do you, our readers, think of this performance on the BBC ?

Do you compare this performance, with the BNP leaders inept shambles on QUESTION TIME, which made even our political opponents squirm because it was so embarassing ?


Anonymous said...

The usual predictable BBC Interviewer, always something wrong with Nationalism.


Magnificent!she expertly controlled the interview and got her points across,can we have one?

Anonymous said...

She won that debate!

Anonymous said...

I think she was great ,talks a lot of sense , but nick griffin had hundreds of white scum against him ( who have fucked my country up) and he was being questioned by dimbeljew ,remember its white scum that let these wogs into are country (have a look at the white cunt on the Richard everit thread). Loylist blackneck

Anonymous said...

She was just blatantly attacked but won easily. Her message is,like ours the truth - this should make our job easy.

This lady is a great example of the kind of leadership we need - perhaps her success will trigger a pan-European awakening.

Maybe we should go over at French election time and help FN activists?

A Euro-nationalist brigade!

Anonymous said...

Menace Of Multiculturalism In
Creating National Disunity

Anonymous said...


Two vicars ‘conducted hundreds of sham marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain’

Read more:

Any nationalists, patriots and loyalists in London and South East want to shout Booooooooooo?