Monday, January 30, 2012

NWN - a new change in direction

We are fed up of supporting those that don't deserve to be supported.

The movement has needed a 'compass point' for years, but the 'state' and the movement idiots have led us 'up the garden path' - again .

Rather a lot of 'behind the scenes' activity has been going on about our role.

Traitors Nick Griffin and Tony 'bomber' Lecomber banned us from the movement.

It seems the National Front are carrying on this ban. Or certain NF officials known to us, have placed their own petty vindictiveness before nationalist unity.

So be it !


Whatsgoingon said...

At very, very long last he dropped out of the BNP ...only to bounce right back into the NF. Why do I get the feeling that what Richard Edmonds is doing is more a way of socialising ?

Anonymous said...

Im afraid the NF is no more than a drinking club. Old members remembering the glory days.The NF are going no where, they have not progressed for over 20 years and never will.I was involved in the NF in the eighties and i could see its decaying state then. I remember Ian Edwards, although a decent man, he still thinks its the mid seventies. Now with Richard back its like an old dinosaur waiting to die. A cosy little club unable to progress in any way.

Anonymous said...

Our previous movements and structures have failed - despite the best efforts and ideas of our people.
We must learn and MOVE ON - the old failed organs must be abandoned.
We need fresh and new ideas.
Anything new is progress.

Anonymous said...

Selling the message is not selling out.

BUT...those who want to sell us out adapt the message and pretend it is only to sell the message.

While those genuinely trying to sell the message by adapting the presentation are often accused of selling out or being 'state'.

The difficulty is in distinguishing btween a genuine and new approach, which also retains core principles, and one that uses the need for change and progress as a mask for undermining core principles.

Too many on nationalist sites engage in mindless name calling.

Anonymous said...

"It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of reason." - Charles Darwin

Anonymous said...

Even before the Morrison/Linden episode, realists knew that the Front was a movement of yesteryear.

Forty five years of "activity" & not so nmuch as a councillor, hardly much of an achievement!!!!

NWN is correct in leaving this little nest of tinpot drunks to their own devices, no-one pays any attention to them.

They are an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

You could of made a post promoting the White-Nationalist North West Infidels demo in Rochdale this Saturday instead of bitching about some long dead party.You are more than welcome to come to our demo!!Bring your flags,if your a National Socialist bring your swastika.


Anonymous said...

I agree ,to much slaging off going on ,untill we all join forces we will never stop the wogs and pakis coming to "soft touch britian" most of the rumors and shit talk is started by the jews ,who are laughing at us white mugs ,,,,,,88

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