Monday, January 09, 2012

ANTI- RACIST is a codeword for ANTI-WHITE !


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Migrants do not affect jobless levels, say researchersNational Institute of Economic and Social Research.

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When they take whites jobs they affect all white kids they even crowd up hospitals,dentists,doctors and all I see ie new flats being built even on green belt land ,its ok for the elite they have got private schools ,private hospitals,private dentists,lovely houses in lovely areas,while we are crowed with non whites its a joke,,, big les

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What If elections are simply means of social control and what “public opinion” actually tells us about what free people think.

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I love the song.Download this song at

Open up your eyes. Then you'll realise they want Genocide.
Tell em' once again. No-ones trying to blend out the Africans.

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians,
White countries for Everyone.

There's no place in modern Europe.. no chance for ethnic purity.
No-one ever says this, bout' African or Asian countries.
There is no justification.

Open up your eyes, then you'll realize they want genocide.
Anti-racist is a code-word for Anti-white.
Tell em' once again, no-ones trying to blend out the Africans.

Anti-racist is a code-word for Anti-white.

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I tried to make a play about racism and ended up being called a racist.


Fifty years ago,all that we heard was "white man go home"what they failed to add was "we are comming with you"

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The people hiding behind the curtain.

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HP Computers Are Racist.

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Six Principles of Global Manipulation.

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