Saturday, July 09, 2011

'A report on the mismanagement of the BNP '

Seems a mailshot has been sent out to the armchair BNP members. It doesn't describe a happy BNP ship. In fact it is rather shocking. Certainly it will be shocking to those BNP members not 'keeping up to speed' with the BNP or not in the loop.

We at NorthWestNationalists(NWN) can see nothing new in this document. But we pride ourselves in keeping our 'finger on the nationalist pulse'.

It is hardly likely to affect the BNP leadership contest. In fact it is probably likely to make a fair few people walk away from the BNP.Would we have lost them anyway ? Probably. As these armchair supporters usually just join for the one year anyway. However Nick Griffin has cynically used their voting bloc to keep himself in power.

We have no idea who has produced this document that has seemingly been posted out to all BNP members.

The Augean stables need cleaning out . Nick Griffin has reduced the BNP to a nepotistic and corrupt and obscene sham of a political party. He has to go and go now !

Here is the document posted out this morning;


Anonymous said...

An excellent insight into the corruption and greed at the heart of Gri££in's Court. I wonder if we can expect to see a rash of publicity for Gri££in in the media as they attempt to rescue their darling who has done so much damage to Nationalism in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Theres nothing we haven't seen from the corrupt Griffin in there.

Thing is the Griffinites are squealing. Why ? It's all true.

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe some people are so blind and still cant see through Griffin ! Whole branches and groups wiped out,smears,dodgy accounts,lost councillors,resigned councillors,dedicated activists leaving in droves the list is bloody endless yet they still give their cash to Nick Griffin plc(formerly known as the BNP)???

Anonymous said...

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Anonymous said...

A Bishop, a Pope, and a Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Source of terror threat is in UK Government, says a police Principal Intelligence Analyst.

Anonymous said...

Its a pity this so called smear campaighn booklet wasnt sent out over a year back. Good on those who sent this as its rewardng to see Nick Griffin being exposed for the scum he is. Aparently he is raged about it.. but as they say the truth hurts and i hope its killing him... long overdue.