Thursday, July 07, 2011

A priority for Nick Griffin ?

Nick Griffin Opposes Death Sentence for KLF Activist

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 14:00 News Team

By Patrick Harrington – Nick Griffin MEP has spoken out against the imposition of the death penalty on Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) activist Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar.

Bhullar was sentenced to death in 2001 for plotting terror attacks on Punjab SSP Sumedh Singh Saini and the then Youth Congress President M.S. Bitta in 1993, leading to several deaths in New Delhi.

Following the assassination attempt on the SSP of Chandigarh, in August 1991, with which police alleged Bhullar was involved, his father and his maternal uncle were arrested, tortured and killed. Balwant Singh Multani, a friend of Bhullar, was also killed in police custody.

Prof. Bhullar was sentenced to death by a trial court in Delhi on 25th August 2001 under the draconian Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (TADA) act. Dissidents and Separatists claim this has been consistently used as a tool of the Indian state and its ruling parties to harass activists. Even after the act has been scrapped, verdicts passed under it are still being upheld.

A review mercy petition, filed by a Chandigarh-based organisation, Lawyers for Human Rights International, questioned the application of different yardsticks for the accused in the same case. Apart from Bhullar, Daya Singh Lahoria and two other persons were named in the 1993 case.

"Bhullar was convicted on the sole basis of his confession before the police, which was admissible as evidence under the then special Terrorist & Disruptive Activities Prevention Act (TADA) law, whereas his co-accused, Lahoria, was acquitted by the trial court," states the review petition.

"Lahoria was acquitted for the lack of evidence, since the confessional statement could not be read against him, since he was extradited to United States and the authorities there at that time had obtained an undertaking from India that he would not be tried under TADA," the petition pointed out.

It is extremely surprising that Lahoria was tried only under the offences mentioned in the Indian Penal Code, under which the confession made before the police is not admissible under law. "So, Lahoria was acquitted on the same charges, in the same trial, whereas Bhullar was convicted," the petition stated.

President Pratibha Patil rejected this mercy petition on 25th May, clearing the decks for his execution.

Nick Griffin said:

“I have concerns about this case. We believe that the Sikhs have a right to establish a separate State in Khalistan. I am concerned that the conviction of Prof. Bhullar was on the basis of a forced confession extracted under duress while he was in police custody.

“Additionally, the accused in the case appear to have been treated very differently, and Prof. Bhullar was the sole person convicted for conspiracy. When all other accused persons have been acquitted, how could have Bhullar created a conspiracy on his own?

“In these circumstances, where there is substantial doubt about the guilt of the accused and the judicial process, the imposition of the death penalty is deeply flawed.”

NWN: Have the British people no issues or problems for Mr Griffin to get involved with ? The good people of the North West of England who voted Griffin to be their Euro MP did not vote for stuff like this. The NHS is in a mess. Unemployement is rising. Constantly rising food and fuel prices. But Mr.Griffin is more interested in someone from half way around the planet.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with Griffins mate Rajinder Singh and the monies given by him ?

Gannow lad said...

There aren't many sikhs in the North West.

Maybe Mr.Griffin would be so kind as to feck off to somewhere like Wolverhampton to stand for his stupid ideas/policies ?

Or better still have a nasty accident and do us all a favour ?

Anonymous said...

Well he did want non-whites in the BNP from 1999.

And he really pushed for it in 2004 till the members pushed him back.

Then he connived with the State to allow them in a couple of years back.

Nick Griffin is a traitor !

Anonymous said...

Creeping round the sikhs in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Griffin probably thought it was 'KFC activist' !

Loves his food does fatty Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin the sikh member for the North West of England.

Anonymous said...


'Race hate' gang in Temple Bar orgy of violence.

Anonymous said...

This is just Griffin and Harrington trashing what's left of the BNP for the State.

It will piss off a few more BNP activists so that they leave.

Anyone remember the late 1980's when these two did the same to the National Front ?

Anonymous said...

griffin is raghead lover. and loves the jews.

Anonymous said...

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